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Alex’s Best?

The first 4:25 of this video might be the best on-air work Alex Jones has ever done.

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Alex Jones: Boston Bombings–The Biggest Thing, Ever

Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing (Photo credit: hahatango)

If Alex Jones is right, videos of the Boston bombings offer evidence suggesting that:

1) the Boston bombings were a false flag operation, possibly perpetrated by US Navy Seals; and if so,

2) the damn-fool perpetrators didn’t have brains enough to commit a terrorist act without “uniforms” that identified them as Seals.

I find the first suggestion to be possible.

I find the second suggestion to be improbable–but still possible.  Could a group of Seals really be dumb enough to perpetrate a terrorist act while dressed in a common “uniform”?


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My Recent Interview on Alex Jones

August 28th, A.D. 2012   Alex Jones




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Prescription Drugs Cause More Deaths than Illegal Drugs

English: Alex Jones outside Bilderberg meeting...

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Alex Jones

Makes perfect sense.




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Radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones

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Alex Jones claims that World War III may  begin in September or October.  The alleged purpose for this war is to divert public attention from  a coming financial collapse.

Endless war for endless peace?




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Vice President Joe Biden L'68

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President Obama (our 44th President) recently spoke at the graduation ceremony for Miami-Dade College.  The Miami Herald provided videos and a report on his speech at

Curiously, at the bottom of that article, the Miami Herald quoted President Obama as follows:

I’m only going to be president a little bit longer,” Obama said. “You are going to be leaders for many years to come.

Hmph.  “I’m only going to be president a little bit longer“? How freakin’ odd.

Is that simply a misstatement?  (Did somebody turn off the teleprompter and allow Obama to start ad-libbing again?) Was Obama speaking from an historical perspective where he presumes he’ll be reelected in A.D. 2012 but still regarded serving “only” until A.D 2016 to be “only a little bit longer”?

Or, when Obama said that he expected to serve “only a little bit longer”–did he really mean that he expected to be removed from office in the next several months?

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Talk Radio as Psycho-Therapy

Radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones

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If you care about this country, our G.D. “government” can drive you nuts.

I usually host 4 hours of live talk radio a week.  Sometimes I have a guest.  Mostly I do monologues.

For years, I’ve said jokingly (at least half-jokingly) that I do talk radio because I can’t afford a shrink.  I get to try to tell the truth for 4 hours every week.  It’s somewhat like laying on a couch in the shrink’s office and talking while the shrink listens–but in my case he doesn’t charge me to listen.

No one tells me what to say on my programs.  I say what I want.  My sponsor doesn’t bother trying to control me.  I have free rein to try to tell whatever truth grabs me.  I’m grateful.

My talk-radio “freedom of speech” is truly therapeutic–not necessarily for my audience, but absolutely for me.  In a world based on fictions and outright lies, four hours a week of unfettered attempts to tell the truth–and having a few thousand people actually listen and sometimes respond–is a great blessing.  I mean it.  A blessing.  I am grateful for every man and woman who listens to my radio shows or reads my blog.  Grateful.

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Lindsey Williams Warns: Dollar Dies by End of A.D. 2012


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Chaplain Lindsey Williams claims to be closely associated with a couple of unidentified “global elitists”.  Over the past several years, these “elitists” have allegedly revealed to Chaplain Williams their plans to control and perhaps collapse the US & global economies.  Williams has shared his knowledge and predictions for several years in books and radio interviews.

I find his claims to be both credible and hard to believe.  They seem credible because they sound logical and plausible and he presents chains of logic that I have independently deduced on my own over the past several years.

On the other hand, Chaplain Williams’ claims are hard to believe because the “elitists” who are behind these various conspiracy theories have allowed Chaplain Williams to continue to expose their plans. Unless the “elitists” have an ulterior motive for allowing their plans to be exposed to the “great unwashed,” I’d expect the elitists to have (one way or another) silenced Chaplain Williams (or the couple of elitists who are spilling the beans) long before now. Assuming the “elitists'” plans depend on secrecy, and assuming that Williams has persistently exposed their “secrets” for several years, why hasn’t anyone whacked the good Chaplain?

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Economist Marc Faber has Bad News and Good News

Components of the liability side of the Federa...

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On February 21st, Alex Jones interviewed economist Marc Faber concerning the current state of the US and global economies and where we’re headed.  That interview is recorded in two videos at YouTube under the headline:

Marc Faber:  The Total Financial Collapse of America is Here! – Alex Jones Tv 1/2”.

In fact, that headline is disingenuous.  It might be a misstatement.  It might be an exaggeration.  It might be fear-mongering.

In fact, Mr. Faber did not expressly say the “collapse” is here—as in “right now” or nearly “right now”.

Faber did say that we are in the “end game” right now.  And he implied that an economic collapse is inevitable. But he repeatedly implied that the US and global economic systems could hold together for another three to seven years.

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