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Lies My President Told Me

First Lady watches Obama.  Anyone seen Michelle in the past few months?  I haven't.  She seems to have "disappeared".

First Lady watches Obama. Anyone seen Michelle in the past few months? I haven’t. She seems to have “disappeared”.

Barack Obama is a persistent, accomplished, narcissistic, shameless, and pathological liar.

I watched the collection of lies on the following video, looking for instances when I might be able to tell from Obama’s facial expressions, body language or demeanor that he’s lying.  In almost every instance, I have to admit that he’s too slick for me.  The man is equally convincing if he tells the truth or if he tells lies.

I can’t tell when he’s lying.

I wonder if he can tell when he’s lying.

I knew a woman once who was the best “salesperson” I’ve ever seen.  She really could sell ice to Eskimos and sand to beach bums.    I knew her pretty well.  I eventually realized she was such a superb salesperson because she had absolutely no concept of the difference between truth and lies. I tried to explain the difference and she gazed at me with her head cocked, like the old RCA Victor dog, trying to understand but totally incapable of doing so.  For her, truth was whatever worked.  Whatever the potential purchaser wanted to hear, that’s what she told him.  If she was caught in a lie, she smiled broadly and moved quickly and shamelessly to another lie.  She never displayed the least sign of guilt or even awareness that she was lying.

Obama reminds me of her.

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Burning Bridges to Obama

Change even Obama can believe in.

A former Obama supporter changes her mind.

In and of itself, this video is not profound. Some of it is almost silly.  But as a leaf in the breeze, the video offers a clue as to which way the political wind is blowing among American youth.  If this video is representative of the political perspective of America’s youth, Democrats are headed for a lot of trouble in next November’s election. So is big government.

I think the tide’s beginning to turn. I think America has had just about enough of the treasonous whores in the cat-house on the Potomac and just about enough of the police state where cops can kill with impunity. I think that unless “big government” can somehow install and maintain an overt dictatorship within the next two years, the election of A.D. 2016 may mark the end of the line for “big government”. A.D. 2016 may even present an opportunity for the creation of a new, third party dedicated to the fundamental, spiritual principles (like Liberty) on which this nation was founded.

video   00:04:01


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Actor Steven Seagal Speaks on Obama’s Impeachment

Actor Steven Seagal recently spoke at the Western Conservative Conference.  He warned that America was in deep trouble and touched on the possibility of President Obama’s impeachment.  Judging by the seemingly mild audience response, either the Conference, itself, was not too large–or even the “Conservatives” were taken aback by the extent of Seagal’s “political incorrectness”.

The content of Segal’s speech wasn’t profound.  We all know the facts that he referred to.  But Seagal’s speech was still another important “leaf in the breeze” that tells us which way the political wind is beginning to blow in this country.  There are Americans who are furious about the path Obama has chosen for this nation.  Those Americans tend to give Obama a pass in that he’s still entitled to some “affirmative action”–and no one wants risk accusing Obama of treason and wind up being accused of racism.

Still, I believe there’s a fury out there that animates 20% of the American people–maybe more.  This fury is unseen and unstated, but it’s there, waiting silently for some candidate or some political party who will call a spade a spade and fight to push this country back onto the right path.

I’m not talking about conservatives fighting for big business or liberals fighting for big government. I’m talking about candidates who will fight against big business, big labor and big government and fight, instead, for the Liberty of each individual man and woman. There’s a fury out there that’s waiting to support a candidate who will fight for the small American rather than the big institution.

video   00:04:16


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Barack Hussein Soebarkah?

Here’s a video that advances a conspiracy theory about President Obama’s “real” name and possible link to a Muslim cult.  The video offers allegations and inferences that are fascinating, intriguing, unsettling–and possibly based only on coincidence (albeit very strange coincidence).  This is the sort of story you’d expect to see featured in one of tabloids we see in the grocery store check-out lanes.

Responsible journalists shouldn’t write or publish stories like this one.  But they do.

Why?  Because President Obama has not yet provided evidence of his birth and early years.  If Obama provided such evidence, “conspiracy theories” of the sort seen in this video would disappear.

Show us a birth certificate, Barry, that isn’t forged and we’ll believe you and all of these conspiracy theories will disappear.   But until you produce a real birth certificate, the conspiracy theories will proliferate.

Point?  The reason for conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birth is because Obama won’t tell us the truth.  Thus, Obama, himself, is not the victim of conspiracy theories about his birth–he is the cause.

video    00:06:06


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Can Obama . . . Or Can He Not . . . Unilaterally Declare War on Syria?

The Nobel Peace Prize winner . . . with his own Death List.  [courtesy Google Images]

The Nobel Peace Prize winner . . . with his own Death List. [courtesy Google Images]

President Obama has declared that, under the Constitution, he has the unilateral power to declare war on Syria.  But Obama has also declared that he’s going to wait on a vote from Congress to authorize his attack on Syria.  These statements are contradictory.  At least one of the statements is false and arguably treasonous.

If, under the Constitution, the President has the unilateral power to declare war, but he nevertheless waits for “authorization” from Congress, the President is surrendering constitutional power from the Executive Branch to the Legislative branch. That surrender of powers is arguably treason to the Constitution.

If, under the Constitution, only Congress has the authority to declare war, then President Obama’s claim that he can unilaterally declare war is a lie, and more, an unconstitutional attempt by the President to usurp powers intended only for Congress. That usurpation of powers is arguably treason to the Constitution.

Whether or not our government attacks Syria is an interesting question.  But whether Obama has the unilateral power to declare war without congressional authorization is a vital question of constitutional law.

Over the next few days or weeks, we’ll hear a media hullabaloo about whether the US. government should or should not, will or will not, attack Syria. But the real issue won’t be the attack on Syria so much as the attack on the Constitution. We’re going to learn if Congress will permit Obama to act unilaterally and in violation of the war-making power granted by the Constitution–or if Congress will put Obama “in his place” as subject to the Constitution and not allow him to become an overt dictator.

If Obama can’t or won’t unilaterally declare war on Syria, he will probably set a precedent to prevent him from unilaterally declaring war on other countries–including Iran.

Here’s a short video on the issue:

video   00:04:30


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Neither Would Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton

Race hustlers of the world UNITE!  You have nothing to lose but your personal dignity!

Received by email:



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Not Taking Any Chances

Marines march at President Obama’s inauguration.  As Marines go, some of these guys are sloppy.

More importantly, the bolts have been removed from all their rifles rendering them inoperable.  Apparently, el Presidente is so paranoid that he won’t even trust the American military to come within firing range.

Makes me wince.     video  00:02:00


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Obama’s Eligibility and 3 USC 19

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama (Photo credit: acaben)

As I explained previously (“Obama’s Eligibility and the 20th Amendment”), the 20th Amendment (ratified A.D. 1933) to The Constitution of the United States includes three references to a presidential “qualification” process.

This qualification process apparently takes place between the time when a presidential candidate is elected (last November 6th) and becomes “President elect” and the date when he is inaugurated (next January 21st) and becomes the President.

The purpose of the qualification procedure is to determine if the man who won the November election is actually qualified and therefore eligible to become the President in January.  If the qualification procedure determines the President elect is not qualified to become President, the Vice President will be appointed to take over.

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Israel Bombs Obama?

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minis...

The “Odd Couple”.  President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver a press conference.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following email describes warnings from an unnamed American minister in Israel.  The email is alarming but unverifiable.  It might be a hoax.  

Even so, the email caused me to ask an intriguing question:  What do you suppose Israel fears more–a nuclear-armed Iran–or a US president who is openly supportive of Muslims?  

This question inspired a fascinating hypothesis.  Could Israel bomb Iran, in part, for the purpose of  causing Obama to lose this November’s election?

I’ll explain that hypothesis in a moment, but first, here’s the email, as written:

“Something is coming.

“I don’t know if you follow such things but…

“My brother and his family live in Jerusalem – he is a minister – and a former Navy SEAL – his office is close to one of Israel’s largest underground military bases.

“He called to tell me that he is sending his family back to the US immediately due to what he is seeing happen within the last week and what he is being told by his military contacts in both the Israel and US military.

“He said he is seeing with his own eyes military movements the likes of which he has never seen in his 20+ years in Israel.

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Changing Times


I remember back in A.D. 1960, when John F. Kennedy was running for the presidency, there was some some genuine concern that, being a Catholic, JFK might take orders from the Pope rather than the US Constitution and/or the American people.  In retrospect, that concern seems silly.

Still, it was a “sign of the times” that America’s Protestant majority had some serious doubts about electing a Catholic (OMG!) to the presidency.

This November, voters will have a chance to choose between electing a Mormon fascist and a Muslim communist.  Unlike A.D. 1960, no one seems particularly concerned.  But, is that indifference a welcome sign that we’ve become a religiously tolerant people–or does it signal just how far America has strayed from God?

Whatever this year’s election signals, it surely shows that this country has changed dramatically, almost inconceivably, in the last 50 years.  Who could’ve imagined this election just ten years ago?

We’ve come a wrong way, baby!


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