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The Moral Obligation of Tax Resistance

I received an email from Alabama attorney, Larry Becraft which pointed to an article on “Bill of Exchange Indictments”. The purpose of that article was to show how many income tax “guru’s” had been recently indicted by the IRS and also to expose some of their tax resistance strategies as invalid. Larry’s entire document is posted at

I’ve taken part of Larry’s document and added my comments. My purpose it so explore the possibility that no matter how many frauds may pass themselves off as tax resistance “guru’s” and no matter how incompetent some tax resistance strategies may be, tax resistance is both a moral obligation and a practical necessity.

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Returning from the Irredeemable to the Redeemable

No debt is extinguished until it’s paid. No debt is paid until the seller receives payment in lawful money (gold or silver coin). Through most U.S. history, our government issued gold and silver certificates (paper money) that could be redeemed in gold or silver coin. Because these gold and silver certificates could be redeemed in lawful money (gold or silver coin), the gold and silver certificates were treated as if they were lawful money and competent to actually “pay” debts.

Legal tender (such as our modern U.S. currency) is not lawful money. Legal tender is, at best, a promise to pay—and I.O.U. of sorts—but not (yet) an actual “payment”. Legal tender is a means of discharging—but not paying—our debts. Legal tender and the discharge (rather than payment) of debt has been historically employed by governments that are at least insolvent and probably bankrupt.

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Where Silver Eagles Fly

The Wall Street Journal reports that people are accumulating all the silver eagles that the U.S. Mint can make: “The coins, each containing about an ounce of silver, have become so popular among investors seeking alternatives to stocks and real estate that the U.S. Mint can’t make them fast enough.” But, “In March, the mint stopped taking orders for the bullion coins. Late last month it began limiting how many coins its 13 authorized buyers worldwide are allowed to purchase.”

How many ounces of silver are people wanting to buy? According to one dealer, “customers are demanding twice as many as they did last year. I’d like to buy 500,000 a week. But the mint will sell me only around 100,000.”

Richard Daughty (“The Mogambo Guru”) claims, “This year, the mint has sold 6.8 million” silver eagles, “representing more than twice last year’s pace. In March, sales of silver eagles surged more than ninefold from the previous month, to 1.85 million. Ninefold! In one month! Wow!

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“Man or Other Animals” #3–GENOCIDE

Mannatech Inc. is a Dallas-area corporation that manufacturers and distributes vitamins and other “nutraceuticals”. I’ve eaten (not used) their products since about A.D. 1995 and regard them highly.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office initiated a lawsuit against Mannatech based, ultimately, on the “man or other animals” drug laws under which I (and now Mannatech) have been sued for $25,000 per day. I brought my strategy for dealing with the “man or other animals” laws to the attention of one of Mannatech’s VPs in January A.D. 2008. That VP told me that Mannatech was not looking for a strategy to stop the AG’s suit; they merely wanted to reach an amicable settlement, pay a fine, and get on with the business of making money. The VP thanked me for my time, showed me to the door, and though he never actually said so, implicitly invited me to take my silly-assed theories down the road.

That created a problem.

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“Man or Other Animals” #1

I am one of seven defendants being sued by the Attorney General of Texas for $25,000 per day. Each. That’s $750,000 per month and over $9 million per year for EACH alleged defendant. The issue centers on the manufacture and distribution of colloidal silver, which the government declares to be a “drug”.

This case started with an investigation in A.D. 2001 against the original three defendants: a husband, his wife and their corporation. They reportedly spent $160,000 on attorneys, went broke, filed for divorce and left the state of Texas.

Three more defendants (a man, his business and his trust) were joined to the case in January of A.D. 2005. I volunteered to be fiduciary for his trust in spring of A.D. 2006 and was soon added as the seventh defendant.

The Attorney General’s office admits that after seven years of investigation and hearings (estimated to have cost “this state” nearly $500,000), they haven’t found a single person who’s been injured or damaged by the defendants’ colloidal silver products, nor have they found a single customer or supplier who’s been defrauded out of a dime’s worth of payments or products. Nevertheless, the STATE is suing all seven defendants for over $9 million per year, each.

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The Social Trust Concept

You can sometimes learn more about our legal system by reading foreign publications than by reading domestic court cases. What is hidden in this country can be common knowledge overseas. What follows is an excerpt (plus my inserted comments) from a graduate paper written in A.D. 2005 by Mwiza Jo Nkhata Jr.–a Ugandan law student.

You might wonder what possessed me to read a Ugandan law student’s graduation paper. On one level I also wonder. But there’s really only one answer. It’ll sound nutty to most folks. But there’s not a doubt in my mind that the Good LORD brings such documents to me (or me to them). The Good LORD essentially says to me, “Hey, dummy, read this!”

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“Man or other animals” Laws #2


Texas and Federal DRUG LAWS (copies attached below), WAR ON DRUGS and the resulting police state and “prison-industrial complex” are based on multiple laws and definitions that expressly presume man to be an “animal. Read the rest of this entry »