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The Snowball Effect

Anyone who’s ever skied in the mountains has some appreciation for the dangers of avalanche. Everyone knows that one little snowball can sometimes release an avalanche of pent-up energy whose magnitude can be sudden, astonishing and dangerous.

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“Global Systemic Geopolitical Dislocation”?

“GEAB” is a European think-tank that’s followed the U.S. and global economic crises for some time, and offered analyses that are credible and, so far, accurate. On February 24th, GEAB published “Global Systemic Geopolitical Dislocation” which, of course, inspired my comments:

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Notice & the Right of Inquiry

As I’ve written previously, procedural due process is the minimum due process that the courts and administrative agencies must provide whenever they seek to charge a defendant. Procedural due process consists of 1) Notice and 2) Opportunity to be heard.

First, note that an “Opportunity to be heard” is not necessarily an opportunity to enter evidence. An “opportunity to be heard” is merely an opportunity to speak and perhaps argue or even persuade. This “opportunity to be heard” corresponds to the modern “judicial” (actually, administrative) process wherein “argument hearings” predominate and “evidentiary hearings” are not only uncommon but “disfavored”.

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