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The Rube Goldberg Health Care Plan

Yesterday, I received an email about “Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi” (the Speaker of the House of Representatives).  The email declared in part, “The release and dispersion of the attached diagram ( which is a display of the administrative nightmare that the “Health Care Bill” is designed to unleash on the fewer and fewer remaining American taxpayers ) is being fought against viscously by the Ice Age Queen and her minions.”

Allegedly, Madame Pelosi didn’t want the attached PDF file to be released to the public.  That seemed unlikely to me, but I opened the attachment anyway.

When I first saw the attached chart, it was so complex, I instantly thought it was one of those old “Rube Goldberg” drawings that described some fantastically complex but absurd machine.  I laughed.  The email and the attached chart had to be a spoof.

Then I magnified the chart and realized—nope—this chart is apparently for real and there’s nothing funny about it.

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The Undefined Dollar, Part II

Take a paper $50 bill in your left hand and a one-ounce “Gold Eagle” in your right hand.  Both are defined in law as legal tender.  Both are defined as being worth $50 dollars.  But it currently takes about twenty of the paper “FIFTY DOLLAR” bills to purchase one “50 DOLLAR” gold coin.

So, again, here’s the $50 question:  What, exactly, is a “dollar”?

Answer:  No one really knows because the modern fiat dollar is undefined.

And therein lies the foundation for our current economic predicament.

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The Prosecutor Grimaced

A friend of mine (Robert Fox) has been charged with possession of a “controlled substance”.  The charges were politically motivated and stupid besides.  The confrontation and litigation has been going on for over a year.  Last year, I told Fox that my “man or other animals” defense would probably make the drug charges against him disappear.

Fox ignored my recommendations.  I suspect that he didn’t even look at my strategy.  I take no offense.  Anyone who litigates becomes so intensely focused on and even obsessed with whatever strategy he thinks will work that he becomes blind to anything else.  Nobody has time to read every fool strategy that well-meaning friends recommend.

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Stop Mandatory Health Care

The following email exchange explains how it may be possible to stop the Obama administration’s mandatory health care plan.  The explanation suggests another application on the “man or other animals” strategy that’s I’ve already presented on this blog.

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Obama’s Eligibility

Here’s another email exchange. This one is on the issue of whether Obama was eligible to be elected President or if he was—as some allege—born in Kenya and therefore ineligible.

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“Unalienable” vs. “Inalienable”

The following is an email exchange between myself and one who listens to my be radio shows.  The listener was concerned that I regularly “mispronunciate” (as former President Bush would say) the word “unalienable”.  I explained that the “mispronunciation” is done intentionally to absolutely distinguish between the words “unalienable” (which implicates our Father YHWH Elohiym and is non-commercial) and “inalienable” (whose power is comparatively trivial).

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