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He Who Hesitates . . . ?

The price of gold has jumped about $150 per ounce (about 14%) during the past 30 days.   This increase has been remarkable, persistent and almost unstoppable.  Almost every day, gold goes up a little or sometimes a lot.  If it falls, the fall is temporary, and quickly overcome by another day of rising prices.

If you had $50,000 worth of gold bullion 30 days ago, today, that same gold would be valued at nearly $57,000.  If you had $50,000 in numismatic gold, the price of your coins over the past 30 days might’ve risen closer to $65,000.

As a result of the past month’s price increases, those who have gold are practically giddy in the expectation of seeing a comparable (greater?!) price increase over the next month.

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Tungsten

In April of A.D. 2004, the Rothschild Banks left the gold commodity market.  Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action committee (GATA) speculated:  “Why is Rothschild leaving the gold business at this time?  . . . something is amiss.  They know a big gold scandal is coming and they want no part of it.”

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The End of the “Multiplier Effect”?

Legendary investor/speculator George Soros had a fairly simple investment strategy:  Find the investment “story” whose premise is false . . . and bet against it.  In other words, if the business model (“story”) for a particular energy company were based on the premise that “global warming” is real—when, in fact, “global warming” was false—then bet against that company’s success.  Sell short.  Soros’ idea was that the “truth will out” and, when that truth was recognized, the value of the stock of a company based on some fundamental lie would drop like a stone.

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How To Make a Nigger Slave–Fact or Fiction?

In A.D. 1712, a West Indies slave owner named Willie Lynch allegedly came to Virginia to explain a new theory about how to control slaves.  In a letter, Mr. Lynch claimed that once his theory was implemented, the slaves themselves would provide the energy to keep it working.  More, once initiated, his technology would be “self-perpetuating” for “at least 300 years . . . maybe thousands”.

When I first saw Lynch’s claims of “300 years” and “self-perpetuating,” I almost stopped reading.  The idea was laughable, absurd . . . impossible.   Nobody can set up a system of slavery that would be self-perpetuating for 300 years.

About two-thirds through the Lynch letter, I couldn’t believe the letter was real.  Lynch used levels of psychological insight that I couldn’t imagine had been available 300 years ago.  So I Googled the Lynch letter and found 64,000 hits.  I skimmed a series of websites run by African-Americans and they all seemed to think the Lynch letter was legitimate, so I accepted it as fantastic, but real.

As a result, by the time I’d finished reading Lynch’s letter, I was convinced that I’d just read one of the most insightful, astonishing and frightening letters I’ve ever seen.  The damn thing was spooky to the point of being supernatural.

Lynch’s theory not only seemed right, his 300 year prediction was accurate.  American Negroes (and now Whites) are pretty much conditioning themselves to be slaves.

You can download a pristine copy of Willie Lynch’s 4-page letter at:!.pdf

And you can download a copy of Lynch’s letter with another 20+ pages of my own comments at:  091108 How to Make a Nigger Slave.

But, a couple days after I first published this letter on this blog, I also received an email containing the following link: which alleges that the Lynch letter is a HOAX.  And then I received another email pointing to which also alleges that the Lynch letter is a hoax.

I suspect that the allegations of “hoax” are probably correct and that I mistakenly accepted the Lynch letter as legitimate.  But I also suspect that, hoax or not, the Lynch letter expresses fundamental psychological principles on how to permanently oppress a people that are profound and true.   It may be that “Willie Lynch” never existed.  It may be that the Lynch letter was written in the 1900’s rather than the 1700’s.  Nevertheless, the principles advanced in the letter may still be true.

Consider the letter and my commentary, and then you decide.


Banks Set Price of Gold at $1,275?

For over a decade, people at the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) have claimed that the gold commodity markets were being manipulated.  This manipulation was alleged to at least partially involve the selling of non-existent “paper” gold.

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“Man or other Animals” Drug Laws–a Jewish Conspiracy?

As I’ve reported here for the past two years, in A.D. 2005 I was sued by the Texas Attorney General’s office for participating in the manufacture and distribution and sale of a “controlled substance”.  That “controlled substance” was colloidal silver–an inexpensive antibiotic that consists of distilled water and silver ions.  The AG’s office wanted to fine me (and each three other living defendants, two corporations and one trust)  $25,000 per day.  That’s a $9 million fine per year for each defendant.

I read the relevant Texas and US drug laws and was shocked to discover 26 separate instances of “man or other animals” drug laws (some Texas, some federal) that were premised on the presumption that all men are “animals”.  I knew instantly that this presumption was a violation of the Christian faith in that Genesis 1:26-28 declares that on the 6th day God created man in His image and gave man dominion over the animals.  Thus, the government cannot define me or any other man made in God’s image as an “animal” without violating my right to freedom of religion.

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