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Global Free Trade = Increased US Unemployment

Last week, in “A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste,” I wrote that despite our current unemployment crisis, neither Obama, nor the Democrat Party, nor the Republican Party could or would “create more jobs”. My rationale was fairly simple:

“There will be no legitimate ‘job creation’ in this country until we restore tariffs and thereby cause manufacturers who left the USA for Mexico, China and India to return their factories to the USA.

“So long as we have global free trade, real jobs will continue to flow out of the USA and into third world countries.  So long as we have global free trade, the only ‘job creation’ gov-co will be capable of providing will be even more government employment.  Such gov-co ‘employment’ is really just a glorified form of welfare in that our new gov-co ‘employees’ make no productive contribution to society.

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“A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

Last week, Republican Scott Brown won the Senate seat held by Teddy Kennedy for over 40 years.   Massachusetts Democrats—who should’ve been able to elect a candidate deader than Teddy—lost.   Given that Massachusetts is the “bluest” state and had been under the nearly exclusive control of Democrats for most of the last half-century, Brown’s victory sent shockwaves through the political system.  Various news media reported:

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Ain’t That America!

American wedding procession:

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Chicken a la Carte

In 2008, 3,600 cinematographers from around the world were asked to submit prize winning material as a video on the theme, “Food, Flavor, and Hunger.”

After viewing all of these, 32 were selected as being the cream of the crop.  This following short video (6 minutes) was considered the winner by the judges of the event.  This video is surprising, shocking, powerful.


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I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the “key points” alleged in the attached 11-minute video concerning the Democrat’s proposed health care plan (H.R. 3200).  But if these “key points” are correct, the health care plan  is far worse than I’d previously supposed.  H.R. 3200 is not intended to provide health care; it’s intended to accomplish a political revolution to finally subject the American people of overt collectivism.  H.R. 3200 is about treason.

The video is infuriating:

The bastards in Washington who promoted and even supported this health care plan are even more infuriating.  They are engaged in treason.


Conspiracy Theory, Game Theory or Both?

I’m not anti-Israel.  In fact, my Protestant faith inclines me to be pro-Israel–but not blindly so.  I believe we’re witnessing the prophesied  reemergence of Israel in End Times and I am not about to cross our Father YHWH Elohiym’s will in this matter.  If He wants Israel, it’s fine with me.

But I also recognize that Zionists can be a royal pain in the ass who can’t be trusted because they have loyalty to no one other than themselves.  (Witness Israel’s A.D. 1967 sinking of the USS Liberty.)

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Which Came First—The Manipulation or the Crash?

For the past 20 years, rumors have persisted and grown that government, Federal Reserve and other “governmental” entities have intentionally conspired to manipulate the “free markets” for stocks, bonds and commodities like gold.  Such rumors were generally ridiculed or ignored by the mainstream media.

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