Corporate Sovereigns

08 Mar

To understand what kind of government you’re living under, you must first ask Who or What is deemed sovereign?

For example, in a theocracy, God is deemed to be the only sovereign.

In a monarchy, one man (the king) is the one and only (‘mono”) earthly sovereign.  He has ultimate power to declare the law.  He—as law-giver—is above the law.  All else are subjects in that they are “subject” to do just about anything the “monarch”/sovereign orders them to do.

For most of western history, the king was sovereign because he alone received his “rights” (divine right of kings) directly from God.  The king was at least God’s “chosen one” and in some people’s minds, he was “god on earth”.  Ultimately, all sovereignty in the western political thought flows from the God of the Bible.

The king received his office in a church coronation rather than a public election or civil ceremony.  The king wore a crown intended to replicate the “corona” seen around the heads of the Christ and disciples in medieval paintings.   The king was sovereign because he received his rights directly from God.  All else were deemed “subjects” because they received only those rights which the king wished to grant them, and received no rights directly from God.

In a western aristocracy, a handful of “aristocrats” (elitists) were the “sovereigns” who were deemed to be endowed with rights directly from God and above the law.  All else were subjects because they did not receive their rights directly from God.

•  Article 4 Section 4 of The Constitution of the United States declares in part, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government . . . .”   What is “Republican Form of Government”?  It’s not a monarchy.  It’s not an aristocracy.  It’s not a pure theocracy.  It’s an unprecedented and revolutionary lawform based on the first and second principles of our “Declaration of Independence”.

The Declaration’s first principle is that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  By declaring that every man (not just a single king or a handful of aristocrats) had been directly and equally endowed by his Creator with God-given, unalienable Rights, the Declaration elevated each man, woman and even unborn child to the status of an individual “sovereign”.

Our status as individual sovereigns was recognized in the A.D. 1783 case of Chisholm v. Georgia where the Supreme Court of the United States declared that each of the people of The United States of America were “sovereigns without subjects”.  So long as all ordinary Americans were deemed “sovereigns,” government was our public servant rather than our master.

Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution has never been repealed or amended.  So—do we currently enjoy a “Republican Form of Government”?

Heck, no.  Today’s government finds it “inconvenient” to recognize We the People as individual sovereigns and to therefore serve us as our public servant.  Government much prefers to be our “public master” and cause us to serve it.  Therefore, today we allegedly have a “democracy” (even though the word “democracy” does not appear in the federal and virtually all state constitutions).

What is a “democracy”?  It’s a collectivist form of government (identical to communism and socialism) wherein the people are still recognized as “sovereign”—but only as a group or collective, never in the capacity as individuals.  The “collective” is presumed to be democracy’s “sovereign” and any time over 51% of the voters vote one way or another, the result of their vote is presumed to represent the “will of the collective-sovereign”.

There’s an old joke definition for “democracy”:  Two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.  We know the two wolves will “vote” to eat the one sheep.  We assume this vote is a simple matter of mathematics (2 is greater than 1).  But the foundation for democratic cannibalism is more spiritual than mathematical.  The legality of two wolves voting to eat the one sheep is premised on the idea that no citizen of the democracy is an individual sovereign.  The wolves can eat the sheep not because 2 are greater than 1 but because the sheep (as member of a democracy) has no God-given, unalienable Right to Life.  Without those God-given rights, we are not sovereigns.  Without individual sovereignty, we have no right to resist the will of the democracy’s sovereign-collective.   Whenever a majority of those who vote, vote to take a citizen’s or minority group’s money, property, children or even lives—the victims—being a mere subjects have no right to resist.

•  The idea of democracy (that everyone gets to vote) is seductive and hard to resist.  But few recognize the danger and real purpose of democracy (like all collectivist governments):  To reduce all men to the status of subjects; to deny that any man is a “sovereign” and thereby subject all men to duties of obedience to the “state” that claims to represent the “collective” (sovereign).

We were first seduced into the treasonous idea of democracy in the 1930s by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his “New Deal”.  Seventy-odd years later, do we therefore have a “democracy” today wherein everyone gets to vote?

Heck, no.  Today, 70% of the American people are against President Obama’s proposed universal health care bill.  Nevertheless, President Obama and the Democrats (who presumably favor “democracy”) are trying to force the health care bill down the America’s throat.  Where’s the Democrats’ “democracy” in supporting a bill that the overwhelming majority of American people reject?

Clearly, we don’t have a “democracy”.   Instead, we have a “representative democracy” wherein Whee duh Peepul can vote to elect our legislators, presidents and state judges, but only the handful of legislators (535 in our federal Congress and smaller numbers in each of the state legislatures) actually get to vote on our laws.  By consenting to participate in an unconstitutional democracy, Whee duh Peepul have gained virtually nothing while we’ve surrendered our God-given, unalienable Rights and degraded ourselves from the status of sovereigns to that of subjects.

With that degradation, the US has slowly begun to decline from glory to impotence, from prosperity to poverty, and ultimately towards national destruction.

Why did Whee agree to trade the “Republican Form” (that recognizes every man as an individual sovereign) for a democracy (that recognizes every man as a subject)?  First, because we foolishly trusted government to “secure” our God-given, unalienable Rights.  Second, because we failed to understand and value those “unalienable Rights”.  Having lost our understanding and even memory of our God-given, unalienable Rights, we failed to recognize government’s treason when it imposed a democracy/collective upon us that denied the very existence of those rights.

So, do we even have a “representative  democracy” today?

Again, heck, no.  What we actually have is a corporate form of government where our government officials are mere “businessmen” doing their level best to enrich themselves by plundering the Peepul.  Congressmen have prepared a “golden-parachute” retirement fund for themselves that makes So-So Security look like chump change.  If the People’s rights as sovereigns were still “secured” by our legislators (as mandated by our “Declaration of Independence”), the People’s retirement packages would be at least as generous as those of our “public servants”.

If the People were still deemed individual sovereigns, the Rand Institute and others would not have concluded that government employees are, on average, currently paid about twice what they would earn doing the same job in the private sector.  If We the People were still sovereigns, why would we pay our servants to live more luxuriously than ourselves?  Excess government pay is simply another evidence that government deems itself to be sovereign or at least to represent some sovereigns other than the People.  Today, Whee duh Peepul are deemed to be subjects.  We are not served.  Instead, we are compelled to serve.  Who do you suppose will pay for the billion dollar “bail-outs” of Wall St. financial institutions of 2009—the sovereigns or the subjects?  The taxpayer-subjects will ultimately pay.  That’s just another proof that Whee are no longer deemed “sovereigns”.

•  America’s first shooting Revolution was animated by the battle cry of, “No Taxation Without Representation!”  Today, it’s common knowledge that our “representatives” in Congress don’t even bother to read the bills that they vote for or against.  How, pray tell, can congressmen elected by Whee Duh Peepul to enact new legislation and taxes, truly “represent” Duh Peepul if the congressmen don’t even bother to read the bills they vote for or against?

Clearly, our elected “representatives” do not truly “represent” us.  (But, if we are no longer the sovereigns, why should they?)  Thus, today, insofar as the People aren’t even represented in Congress, we don’t even have a “representative democracy”.

So, if we don’t have a theocracy, monarchy, aristocracy, republican form, democracy or even representative democracy, what’ve we got?  The answer will be found in discerning who our alleged “representatives” truly represent.  Whoever they represent are the real “sovereigns”—and as I said at the outset, the nature of every government is discovered by identifying Who or What is deemed “sovereign”.

Q:  Whose interests (other than their own, of course) do our legislators truly serve?

A: Political campaign contributors; big money.

Q:  Who are the primary political campaign contributors?

A:  Big business, big banks, big corporations.

The big corporations have become our government’s “sovereigns”.  Today, corporations no longer compete among themselves in the free market to see who can best serve the People-sovereigns by marking the most innovative, efficient, and least costly products.  Instead, today’s big corporations compete in Congress by sending lobbyists to bribe congressmen to enact legislation that unjustly enriches a particular corporation or industry by shielding that corporation or industry from competition in the People’s free market.  The big corporations compete for legislative power to plunder the Peepul-subjects rather than serve the People-sovereigns.  Corporate competition in Congress generally consists of lobbyists handing congressmen pre-written legislation that will either 1) reduce corporate taxes; 2) reduce free market competition by preventing other corporations from entering particular markets; or 3) compelling the Peepul to buy the corporation’s products or services.

If the lobbyists attach enough money to their proposed legislation, a congressman will “represent” the corporation (not the People)—without ever even reading the proposed legislation.  Our Congress has become a commercial market populated by “brokers” rather than “legislators”.  Our laws have become commodities rather than moral statements of right and wrong.

Once, we had “government of the People, by the People, and for the People.”  Today, we have government of the Peepul, by the treasonous whores in the cathouse on the Potomac, and for the Corporations.  That’s corporate sovereignty.  That’s fascism.

•  So long as our government’s primary purpose was to “secure” each man’s God-given, unalienable Rights, this nation rose to prosperity, power and glory.  Today, government’s primary purpose is plundering the Peepul on behalf of the corporate sovereigns.  Result?  Our nation is grinding towards an economic, political and spiritual collapse.

The economic problems we face today are far more than “economic”.  These problems can’t and won’t be resolved by tinkering with economic factors like interest rates, money supply, or the US Dollar Index.  The problems won’t be solved by hiring more government employees, cash for clunkers, or even “change you can believe in”.

Although many would disagree, today’s fundamental problems are not economic or political—they are spiritual.  Unless and until the Peepul begin to recall, understand and demand their God-given, unalienable Rights (and government’s correlative duty to “secure” such rights), this nation will continue down the same road that destroyed the former “super-power” Soviet Union.

The reason for this decline is that People and corporations live according to very different systems of values.  Once the corporations became apparent sovereign, our nation’s system of values evolved to serve corporations rather than People.  Corporations live and die by their bottom line.  Money is the corporations’ life’s blood.  Because all corporate existence is ultimately measured in money, the value system of every successful corporation is necessarily devoted to grabbing mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

People aren’t built that way.  We all like money well enough, but we also love our families, our leisure, the confidence that our rights are secured—and many of us love God.  As a result, men and woman have a system of “natural” values that go far beyond the corporations’ maniacal love of money.  Our “natural” values are not easily ignored or displaced.  For us, these natural values are like oxygen or water.  If we are deprived of our natural/spiritual values for too long, we sicken and even die.   When a government abandons the people’s natural values and instead imposes corporate values (mo’ money, etc.), the people ultimately sicken and refuse to participate as an act of self-preservation.

Arguably, an “economic” depression is simply a time when the people are finally so sickened by a “politically correct” but inhuman system of values that they simply refuse to buy or work.  At bottom, an economic depression is not about economics.  It’s about a people who’ve been so artificially “stimulated” and addicted to low interest rates and “easy credit” to purchase gadgets, cars and homes they don’t really need, that they must finally quit their addiction or die.  An economic depression is caused by using the same “economic stimulants” designed to motivate corporations to instead motivate people.

In the end, economics is never about individual People; it’s about collectives and corporations.  Using the same economic “stimulants” designed to motivate corporations to motivate people is somewhat like giving a horse tranquilizer to a rambunctious two-year old.  In the short term, the horse tranquilizer may calm the child.  In the long run, the child may be so disabled that he may simply cease to function.

An economic depression causes a purging where a People finally vomit up all of the toxic corporate and collective stimulants they’ve ingested.  If another American depression is coming, we will vomit up all the corporate toxins we’ve ingested since the New Deal gave us a “national democracy” and seemingly stripped us of our status as sovereigns.  This future purging won’t be a pretty.  It won’t be fun.  And it’s going to be as painful for America as the withdrawal pains of a heroin addict trying to quit “cold turkey”.

Most importantly, the forthcoming purging won’t happen overnight.  We will remain in a depression until the People remember America’s spiritual foundation and compel government to perform its duty to “secure” our God-given, unalienable Rights.

In practical terms, what’s all this spiritual and philosophical mumbo-jumbo mean to you?

It means that no amount of additional economic “stimulants” (designed to motivate corporate sovereigns) will save the People from our current “over-dose” condition.  It means that our government’s attempts to serve the corporate sovereigns with “bail-outs” at the People’s expense are bound to be counter-productive.  The People, seeing ever more evidence that they’re being treated as subjects rather than sovereigns, will simply lose confidence in the government, stop working and cause the corporate “sovereigns” to go bankrupt.

President Obama promises that America is about the enjoy an “economy recovery,” but America really needs a “spiritual recovery” of the fundamental principles that 1) All men are equally endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; and 2) government’s primary duty is to “secure” those God-given, unalienable rights and each man’s standing as a sovereign.  This need will not be quickly met.  The extended time required to re-educate the People to recognize, value, demand and even fight for their unalienable Rights, will cause this country to suffer a long-term decline (at least five years and probably more) that may be catastrophic.

So, in practical matters, these observations on political philosophy and spirituality mean that if you’re only prepared to weather a few weeks or months of coming economic turmoil, you’re not prepared for what’s likely coming.  You need to think about, recognize and possess whatever you and your family will need to survive several years of one of the most painful periods in American history.

There is trouble coming unlike anything Americans have seen since the Civil War.   Y’all best buckle up.

As always, I remain at arm’s length and within The United States of America,

Alfred Adask


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7 responses to “Corporate Sovereigns

  1. Charles Torello

    March 9, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    Al, you had some very remarkable quotes herein. Your explanation of the process by which Congressmen serve was very clear, and powerful. Keep on keepin’ on.

  2. adask

    March 9, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    Thanks Charles. Good LORD willing, I will indeed “keep on keeping on”. I can do no other.

  3. Don Wolff

    August 30, 2010 at 7:25 PM

    When did we become servants and the government took over the title sovereign ?

    Was it when the 14th Amendment was allegedly passed ? With the 14th Amendment the government gave rights to classes of “the people”. Could this possible be when the flip flop occurred ?

    Also see

    • adask

      August 30, 2010 at 11:49 PM

      The “flip-flop” didn’t occur with the suddenness of flipping a light switch. They didn’t pass the 14th Amendment in A.D. 1868 and we all lost our sovereignty the following day. But so far as I can see, the 14th Amendment was the first, and perhaps most crucial, step in a series of steps that include authorizing the Federal Reserve (A.D. 1914?) the national emergency of A.D. 1933 (that persists to this day), the creation of an alternative set of “states” in A.D. 1948 (see 28 USC 81-131), and the final loss of all gold/silver backing for the US dollar in A.D. 1971. Each of these “steps” (and others I’ve yet to learn about) contributed to our presumed slide from sovereigns to subjects. The process has been slowly proceeding for over a century and continues to this day. The process will continue until the People recognize the problem and make it stop.


    August 3, 2011 at 5:05 PM

    All the above should be carved in stone!. It is exactly what I’ve preached to any one who’d listen and there aren’t many. As for ANYBODY making it stop, don’t hold your breath.

    BUT there is a way: Mass voluntary poverty. Just don’t produce or possess wealth. Poor subjects
    can’t be exploited. DO have a gun for when they come to make you a slave. THAT activity should be VERY dangerous…

  5. brad

    October 16, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    all this information makes me weary. i can not read another word. i have been reading for years and i understand nothing. i get it but i do not get it if you know what i men.

  6. Cody

    March 29, 2015 at 11:21 PM

    This case explains a few big steps that occurred before the 14th Amendment.


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