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BP’s Current Drilling Strategy

This is a very clear explanation of what BP is trying to do to seal the Deepwater Horizon well.  It contains good, technical graphics to illustrate the plan and current progress.  The theory seems sound.  I hope they succeed.

My gut feeling is that BP will screw it up.  If they do, end of story; the red crude, methane and hydrogen sulfide may continue to “spill” out for years.  But, as I said, I hope they succeed.

6 minutes:

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Brewer:Obama giving twice the money to Mexico than Arizona for Nat. Guard

4 minutes.  Obama sends more money to Mexico than to Arizona.  More Obama crapola, delay, BS.

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“Gee, What A Coincidence!”? . . . Or, “Those Who Won’t Learn From History . . . .”?

George Santayana famously observed that, “Those who won’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”  This article is intended to present some recent history from which some of us might—or might not—learn.

Wikipedia published an article entitled “History of the Soviet Union (1985–1991) which described the causes and events surrounding the A.D. 1991 collapse of the former USSR.  The article is remarkable in that so many of the events and causes for the Soviet collapse seem to be occurring again, right here, in the USA.

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Secure our Borders, you Kenyan SOB!

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Obama’s Unconstitutional Presidency

5 minutes

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The Real Father of Modern Economics (Who’s Yo’ Daddy?!)

When asked “Who is the ‘father’ of modern economics?” most economists answer Adam Smith (A.D. 1723-1790). Smith was a Scottish “moral philosopher,” pioneer of political economics, and author of The Theory of Moral Sentiments and An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (A.D. 1776)—the first modern work of economics.  (Note Smith’s fixation on “morality”.  He was a “moral philosopher” and his first book involved “Moral Sentiments”.)

Smith was the quintessential “absent minded professor”.  He was fumbling, forgetful and inoffensive—but highly intellectual.  Alan Greenspan described The Wealth of Nations as “one of the great achievements in human intellectual history”.

Although Smith is widely cited as the “father of modern economics,” I suspect that someone far less “moral” is the true “father” of modern economics.  Smith may be the “father of economics”.  He is certainly the “father of classical economics”.   But, as you’ll read,  the true “father of modern (monetary) economics” is someone far less moral than Smith.

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BP Deepwater Horizon – Inside Job/ False Flag Event

Alex Jones:  10 minutes

See also: It’s less conspiracy but more science.  10 minutes.  The problem is of biblical proportions.  It’s hard to see the potential without wondering about “End Times”.

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