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Intentional Food Contamination


Alex Jones; Food: The Ultimate Secret.

10 minutes:

5 minutes:

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I Am America

song.  3:27.  3.5 stars out of five.

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Former Congressman Calls for Obummer’s Impeachment


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Pension Ponzi Schemes (pPs)

Two years ago, I realized that the total American debt was too great to ever be repaid in full, so I wrote a series of article that belabored the obvious:    What can’t be paid, won’t be paid.

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“One Wetback, SIX Votes”; Affirmative Action Has Degenerated Into Madness

After the Obama administration ordered that no charges be filed against the New Black Panthers for intimidating white voters at polling places, and after a black bureaucrat was forced to resign after allegedly making racist remarks 25 years ago, and after all the damned La Raza crap about taking over the Southwestern US for the “Mexican race,” you might think that people in government would be reluctant to dabble further in race relations.  You’d be wrong.

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Foreclosure Fraud by Gov-Co & Banks

This one is bit complex at times, but it’ll make your blood boil.  The feds and Wall Street bankers/financiers have combined to pass laws that not merely foreclose on people who can no longer make their mortgage payments, but to profit handsomely from the foreclosure at the taxpayers expense.  They’ve devised a scheme (law) whereby the bankers/financiers can buy foreclosed homes for a fraction of their original price, sell the homes for less than their purchase price, but are still guaranteed to make a fat profit.  This is government as gangsters.   5 minutes.


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A Soldier’s Perspective on Terrorists


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