Meet Your Strawman

05 Jul

The attached is a high-quality, animated video that explains the nature of your “strawman”–the legal entity identified with an all-upper-case name like “ALFRED N ADASK”.  I don’t absolutely agree with every contention, but I agree with at least 95%.   The video is excellent because it shows how these insights are beginning to penetrate into the body politic.    5 minutes.


5 responses to “Meet Your Strawman

  1. Drew

    July 6, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    Great find. must watch.

  2. Dan Glasho

    November 6, 2010 at 1:14 PM

    Lets talk about the “Straw Man”.

    The theory that our Birth Certificates have somehow been hijacked by the government, and that our names have been altered (via the use of all capital letters) in order to create some kind of fictional corporation, or fiction in law, is most likely laughable to judges and prosecutors. Lets look at this all capital lettered names issue logically.

    In America there are thousands of people who share the same first, middle, and last name. By law, corporations cannot share the exact same corporate name. Therefore, every John E. Doe out there can’t be the same “JOHN E. DOE”.

    I feel that the only reason why people’s names are written in all upper case letters is simply because, they make it easier for utility employees, government employees, and yes even judges and prosecutors, to read a person’s name.

    All government forms (and most of the utility bills) have been formatted to print the customer’s name (and most addresses) in all upper case letters. In addition… most of those same forms only allow space for 2 letters (both capital) to indicate the State where the customer resides. Granted, the two letter abbreviation for a State is “legal”, but it is not “lawful”. Lawful States are represented by 3 or 4 letters, e.g. Ark., Mich., Mont., Okla., etc., all of which use both upper and lower case letters and end with a period. That, however, is another issue all together different than the name issue. Judges do not consider the “upper or lower case letters”, because they are a moot point. No defendant has ever won a case on such a silly argument.

    When you get caught speeding in your vehicle, it was not some imaginary “straw man” who was driving your car, it was YOU! Yes, you, the flesh and blood person who violated the terms and conditions of the contract (i.e. Drivers License). The courts don’t need any type of straw man to charge the crime to, and they surely don’t need you to act as the fiduciary for some fictional character. As the old saying goes “You did the crime, you do the time”.

    Lets be honest. When we applied for our DL, we knowing and voluntarily agreed to obey all the traffic rules within our States, or else pay a fine if we were caught violating them. When we signed the DL, that was our acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract. If we breach the contract, we must appear in a court and explain why we violated the rules. Most people admit they were in violation, and pay the penalty. Others, however, try to use some frivolous argument based on the“straw man” theory, to keep from meeting their contract obligations (to pay a fine) . How does that appear to the chancellor? Do you really believe they are going to let the defendant off because they used some frivolous argument? If we do, then we all need to go live in OZ, along with the Tin man, the cowardly Lion, and yes… the brainless straw man.

    • Ed

      May 16, 2011 at 11:40 PM

      So, how come, when I received my concealed Carry permit in the mail, my name on the envelope was in upper and lower case? This is the only document I have ever received from a gov. agency to be so addressed. Things to make you say “hmmm”…

      • Adask

        May 17, 2011 at 2:25 AM

        Hmmmm . . . ?

  3. Douglas of Avalon

    August 5, 2015 at 12:54 AM


    Everything that has been created in commerce is fiction and I mean EVERYTHING. Because commerce is fictional, nothing within that commercial world can be real, including the statutes. To operate my business entity lawfully in commerce, I must use a “legal entity/legal name” that has been registered properly with the government entity that created that commercial fiction in the first place. The law requires everyone do this, not just I. Very few if any do however and it is all due to ignorance of the law.

    The law created in each and every state in the “United States” require this legal name registration and in California, it can be found in Section 17900 of the Business and Professions Code (Fictitious Business Name Statement). The government agency that generally registers all legal names in this state (in the United States) is the Secretary of State (SOS) but in California the County Clerk handles that duty under the auspice and authority of the SOS. The document that I filed to register my legal name is called an “Assumed Name Certificate” (ANC) and I filed it with the SOS of Minnesota. This document is official and valid evidence proving that my business entity is properly registered with the SOS as the state requires to operate lawfully in commerce.

    So then, what “legal name” used in commerce is everyone required to file? The legal name/legal entity found within the creation of the “Certificate of Live Birth” which of course is also issued by the Secretary of State. By properly filing the ANC with the SOS, this provides my registered business entity a status of “Active and In Good Standing”. This means my business entity can defend itself in court as well as sue other entities with standing. In essence, the ANC is the “game piece” that I use allowing me to conduct business lawfully in commerce while demonstrating that I am the living man that exists outside of that fictional world of commerce. It also allows me to establish the fact that I do not own anything and that my business entity holds all property held in that registered name. I am the registered “Nameholder”, having total control all property held in my registered business entity name. I do not own anything, my business entity owns everything. This distinction becomes self-evident with that business filing.

    Within the “commercial” realm of the United States, only entities can operate and exist and those entities MUST be registered entities that are active and in good standing. So what is the penalty for NOT filing that legal name properly? It is not a fine or jail time but there IS a penalty that is far more reaching than either one of those things. The penalty for not complying with this mandated law to file with the SOS and register the legal name/legal entity properly is that the “legal name/legal entity” is unable to defend itself or sue any other party in court. In other words, it has no standing in court and therefore has no way of protecting itself or its assets. You become a sitting duck. That law is in place for very good reason but there MUST be a way to comply with that law for it to be considered good law. I realize the government employee has no obligation to educate me about anything, but when I have already educated myself and complied with a law they know nothing about, it can easily get confusing to them, not to me though.

    Why is this so important? Because, we have been misled (intentionally or not) in to thinking and actually believing that we are an entity by using that legal name as if it were our own name. An entity is a thing, an object. It has no heartbeat and it is not breathing; ergo it is not living. I am a living man that has a heartbeat and I am breathing as well ergo I can’t be an entity as that would be quite impossible. The answer to that problem of mistaken “identity” then shifts to proving that I am NOT that legal name/legal entity.

    This is the function of the Assumed Name Certificate. It was created for THIS purpose so that I have the ability to comply with the law.

    I do not function in fiction but most people do without knowing what it is they are doing. Who are you? But the even more important question is, who aren’t you? It does not help “us” to know this, it helps YOU. First you must KNOW who you are not and then be able to prove it in court. I am not embracing anything here except the information that allows me to “see” the truth. If you do not see what I see it is because you see yourself as that legal entity. Your mind may not open up to seeing anything other than what you have been taught to believe because most people have no clue what they are doing. The information I am sharing did not come from any book or from an internet website. It is the culmination of 20 years of study and immersing myself in something that most people want nothing to do with; law. Anyone can tap in to this source of knowledge I am showing you but you must first be willing to accept something that flies in the face of what we were all taught in school and by our friends and family as the truth.

    Although I may not be able to teach you how to open your mind, this material is actually very easy to understand once you are able to “see” what filing that ANC really does. I am just a man but the difference is I am acting like a man as well, not an entity, a thing. I don’t mean that in the ego sense, but rather, in the sense of the world. Your possible inability to grasp the importance of what I have done is not abnormal; in fact, unfortunately, it IS the norm. I am doing the best I can to make this easy to understand though so your questions/critique are welcome. Now let’s delve a little deeper…

    Do you control everything in your life? You can, but first you must let go of what you can’t control…that is, everything that exists outside of reality and is in the commercial world that you have no control over. That fictional world of commerce you need to use to live but have no control over may ONLY control you and your property when you have not filed the legal name properly. You did not create any of it but it controls you because you are not aware of the most important rule. If it controls you, it controls your mind.

    Your mindset must be in the proper place and you must open your mind to what the world of commerce REALLY is. It is ALL an illusion, a fiction, a game. That COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) is a very big part of that fictional world of commerce and the game being played, but how can one prove that he or she is not a “part” of it? STOP partaking. Give back what is NOT yours’ and then you will be able to get back what really IS yours’. That is, you stop functioning within the commercial world as a thing knowing that fictional world of commerce that you think is real is not real at all. Give back that driver’s license and cancel all other registrations you have filed…such as “voter registration”. People who register the legal name to vote are actually committing voter fraud because remember that the legal name is an entity and entities can’t vote. I have no problem with those who DO register to vote or have a driver’s license though, it is none of MY business.

    Written law requires that you register ANY name that you are using in commerce for a profit in this state by filing with the Secretary of State or a state agency that is charged with registering dba names. For Minnesota, section “333” of the Revised Minnesota Statutes is the place you will find this legislation. So now stop and think, is that COLB legal name a name I am using in commerce? YES, of course it is! Most people use that name every single day in commerce but don’t realize it. You use it as if it were “identifying” YOU, the man or the woman. The problem is, it was never intended to identify a man, the legal name was created by the state to identify an entity. More specifically, a business entity that operates in commerce “lawfully” for that man or woman for whom it was created. Filing the ANC accomplishes this task and the SSN that is assigned to that COLB has a specific purpose as well; that is, to associate a 9 digit ID to the specific business entity that has been filed with the SOS. This is important because there could easily be more people filing that same exact legal name but there are never 2 identical SSN’s. The ANC guidelines clearly point out that filing with the SOS does not copyright or trademark THAT name, it registers it so that it can be verified by anyone that wishes to evidence that name is indeed properly registered and has a status of “Active and In Good Standing”. This is the same sort of status that a licensed “corporation” has when it has properly filed and registered with the SOS and provided it is following the rules of the game.
    There exists one MAJOR difference; that is, the ANC is NOT a license, it is merely a “dba” (Doing Business As) and that is a significant difference. Why? Because any license is a license to break the law. If you have a driver’s license for example, all a law enforcement officer has to do is accuse you of breaking a law and the burden of proof is on YOU to prove otherwise. Why? Because you are claiming to be a fictional entity, not a living man. How does one prove they are a man and not a fictional entity? The ANC does that and THAT my friend is the sole purpose of that filing with the SOS. Now you do not need a license or “permit” to drive, or to build a home, or to buy a car…or to do anything else you desire. Your registered business entity operates in commerce FOR you which proves that the COLB legal name can’t possibly be YOU. So this comes back to that first understanding of who we really are, and more importantly, who we are NOT. You are NOT that legal name on the COLB but you must be able to prove this to anyone that inquires because there exists a “presupposition” that EVERY ONE is that “person” (entity) that is known as a “legal name” and most people step right in to the trap of going down to the County or to the SOS where that COLB was created and pays to get a “certified” copy of the COLB. Then they unknowingly hurt themselves by using that legal name/COLB (which was VOLUNTARILY paid for) and go down to the DMV to obtain a “driver’s license”. This requires that an image of that man or woman be superimposed on a card called a driver’s license right next to a “First Middle Last” name that is NOT their name. So a driver’s license is nothing more than a fictional entity/thing created by the state for a man or woman to use in commerce but it is fraudulent and you are breaking the law that requires THAT name be filed with the SOS! When you operate as a fictional character in their world of commerce (thinking of course that the COLB legal name IS you), you are violating the law without even knowing it! This explains why having a driver’s license is a license to break the law. It also evidences that you have not filed that COLB name with the SOS as the law clearly requires.

    Remember that old maxim, ignorance of the “law” is no excuse? That goes both ways now. Once you “comply” with the law by filing the ANC with the SOS registering that legal name, you are now fully compliant and can prove that COLB legal name is NOT YOU! The “presupposition” that you are that legal name/legal entity is immediately put to rest and the tables turn 180 degrees in YOUR favor. That legal name now works FOR you instead of against you. By the way, state employees are not told what I have just shown you to be the truth in this paper. If you are damaged in any way, your entity has “standing” in court provided you are able to evidence that your “legal name” on that COLB has been properly filed with the SOS and has a status of “Active and In Good Standing”. Now you know why a judge has total “discretion” in deciding your “case” if you have NOT filed properly because you are providing him or her with that discretion by failing to have any “standing” in their court. You can’t defend your business entity or sue anyone else. Your registered business entity evidences that you as CEO have standing in ANY court and therefore any and all discretion that judge may have assumed to have does not exist. You are now able to evidence that your legal name has standing so you can defend yourself and if need be, sue ANY corporation or person (including the United States, Inc.) and win. Also, there is a form of restitution for people like us that are in compliance and have been damaged by poorly trained government employees. This form of restitution known as “Unjust Enrichment” shifts the burden of proof to the government/defendant to prove that it did NOT unjustly enrich itself. Only an “entity” may have “standing” in a court. A living man or woman won’t be recognized in a court. Remember, the FIRST thing any judge asks in court is “State YOUR name”. Once you “identify” yourself as that “legal name”, you have just cooked your own goose. This is the “voluntary” nature of everything in commerce; it’s ALL in that legal name.

    So then, this explains why the government tells everyone the income tax is “voluntary” because until you properly file that legal name on the COLB with the proper authority known as the SOS, you have no way of proving that you are NOT that legal name. That “presupposition” exists and always will exist because your mother “acted” as an informant by telling the government she produced a “product”. Why are you considered a “product”? Look up “live birth” in Black’s Law or Bouvier’s and you will find the answer to that question. You see, ignorance of the law is no excuse, but if you KNOW the law, you know the “rules” of their game. Government created the fictional world of commerce so they made the rules. If you know the rules as I do, your business entity operates in commerce FOR you and you avert any problems with law enforcement. You have stopped “volunteering” to partake in that fictional world of commerce (unlawfully I might add) and instead, operate lawfully through the use of the ANC and the business entity that YOU created as a means of complying with the law. So now YOU are compliant and almost everyone else is not complying. No wonder everything is upside down and so difficult to figure out, right? I simply figured out the rules and KNOW them better than most people, therefore I win the game everytime I play. I can’t lose. The best analogy I am able to provide is the popular game of ‘Monopoly’. The “United States, Inc.” created the game of “Commerce” and they are providing you with a “game piece” known as a COLB (the legal name). When you “play” the game like you do just about every single day and use that legal name in commerce (yes you do…EVERYONE does), you are violating the “golden rule”. You know, the rule that states ANY name that is used in commerce MUST be filed with the SOS. B-I-N-G-O. Do you “see” it now? Do you “see” how every one is doing this to themselves by voluntarily stating that legal name is “them”? How can a man or woman be a legal entity? They can’t which is exactly why the government can do ANYTHING they wish to you until you comply with that golden rule. You give that judge total discretion to throw you in jail, fine you whatever he or she wishes and you have no say in the matter. Even written laws don’t matter because you have failed to understand that you are “acting” out of line by stating that you are a fictional entity and of course, court IS commerce. You are pointing a gun at your own head…then pulling the trigger. This is simply an analogy but you get my drift that when we STOP volunteering, we stop partaking in that game of commerce and are able to prove/evidence we are a living man (or woman). How? By presenting the evidence. What evidence? The properly filed ANC demonstrating you are in compliance with the law and your business entity is active and in good standing. Remember, no one is forcing you to admit that the legal name on that COLB is you, you submit to that voluntarily without realizing it.

    So now, how do you know who you REALLY are if that “legal name” is NOT you? I will ask you, “where did you come from?” and the answer is of course your mother and father. That would be your “family”. So you came from your family and the “family name”, aka “surname” identifies that family, right? So if that is where you came from, why would you put your “Family name” LAST? That would be ludicrous to put your family last! Family ALWAYS comes first so that is what your signature should reflect; then of course comes your “Given Name” because that is the name your mother and father “gave” to you. The given name is the name you are called and/or “known by” but it still does not “identify” you. Why? Because, a name is just a name…Shakespeare wrote about it in fact; read it here now in Act 2, Scene 2 of Romeo & Juliet.

    Jul. O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
    Deny thy father, and refuse thy name;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
    And I’ll no longer be a Capulet. 40
    Rom. [Aside.] Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?
    Jul. ’Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
    Thou art thyself though, not a Montague.
    What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
    Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part 45
    Belonging to a man. O! be some other name:
    What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;
    So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
    Retain that dear perfection which he owes 50
    Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name;
    And for that name, which is no part of thee,
    Take all myself.

    Shakespeare was a 33rd degree mason and THIS my friends is exactly what freemasonry is all about. Creating an illusion and then putting the truth right under your nose that would expose that illusion to you. It’s right under your nose but you do not “see” it. I am exposing the illusion and in the process, pulling back that curtain demonstrating that the “almighty Oz” is just a man with a cape and a pointy hat. I have broken that “curse spell” and made myself free from the bondage of my own doing. That spell has been eternally broken now, all that is left is for you to “act” on it. Your actions are what define and identify you as a good man or a good woman. We all have good instilled within us for God created us to be good. Our Creator wants us to be good but for good to exist, so must the bad (evil). Good cop, bad cop. Light and dark. Happiness and sadness. Freedom and bondage. Yin and yang.

    We are doing all of this to ourselves. All of the pain and suffering in the world shall end when we stop partaking in what is causing our own pain. Waking up and seeing the light is the beginning of that process. I am simply pointing you in the proper direction, that’s all. The rest is up to YOU.

    Peace, Love and Light to everyone that reads this, for you are now on the right spiritual path and know what you need to do.

    Authored by,

    Herich, Douglas Joseph
    Chief Executive Officer
    Business entity ID# 824736000029
    Minnesota Secretary of State
    Filed: 30 April, 2015


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