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Cognovit Study Guide

Sign Of The Times - Foreclosure

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The subject of “cognovits” is important because 1) they are declared illegal in most states; and 2) nevertheless, they seem to be commonly used in the foreclosure industry.

I have no evidence, but it’s conceivable that “cognovits” might even be included in bank signature cards, and applications for drivers licenses, so-so security cards, etc.

The attached 10,400 word document (below) is not “finished” in the sense that it has a beginning, evidence and a conclusion.  The document is only a collection of notes and observations on the subject of “cognovits”.

I “shoot from the hip” when I insert my comment among the Supreme Court cases (below).  I write whatever seems likely to me at the moment I read a particular text on cognovits.  But later, after I’d read and learned more, I might’ve written something new that contradicted some of my earlier observations.

The linked document is not an expression of what I know so much as an expression of what I’m learning that might be true.  Take all of my comments with salt.  The document is intended for your consideration, not belief.

I don’t expect many people to read this document, but those who make that effort may, like me, learn something.  You can download from this link:  100818 Findlaw search USSC for COGNOVIT final


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Newt Gingrich: Victory or Death

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spea...

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Newt Gingrich promised to do some great things for this country (Contract with America) but but failed to deliver.  Maybe that failure could not be attributed to Newt; maybe Newt succumbed to politics and was willing to compromise on the Contract.   I don’t necessarily trust the man.  But I don’t trust any politician.   Nevertheless, wherever Newt’s heart is, his mind and words offer much common sense.  This is a very strong, even powerful, video.


Obummer & Incumbents Fight FOR Illegal Aliens

Blue Red States

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Do something about it.    Vote ’em out.

Two more months until the November election.  If we don’t work to get the treasonous whores out of office, we DESERVE the resulting oppression and loss of rights.

7:00 minute video.


Currency Wars

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The U.S. dollar lost its gold backing domestically (within the U.S.) in A.D. 1933.  It lost its domestic silver backing in A.D. 1968.  It lost its international gold backing in A.D. 1971.  Depending on your perspective, the dollar became a pure fiat currency in A.D. 1968 (domestically) or in A.D. 1971 (internationally/globally).  As a result, the fiat dollar should’ve inflated into oblivion at least 25 to 30 years ago.

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President Obummer Sides With Mexican Drug Cartels and Against Arizona

Millions of illegal aliens in the United State...

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5:20 video.  The federales are supporting the Mexican drug cartels rather than the people of The State of Arizona–and the people of The United States of America.  President Obummer is sworn to see that the law of the United States are “faithfully executed”.  He’s absolutely and expressly refusing to perform that obligation.  This is certainly grounds for impeachment, and arguable evidence of TREASON.

Worse, Obummer’s indifference to the obviously criminal nature of his actions is cause for concern.   He’s not even trying to conceal his crime.  That implies the man is either unbalanced–or that he expects the US to somehow self-destruct and lose the ability to enforce its own laws BEFORE OBUMMER CAN BE TRIED–or perhaps even CHARGED.  This suggests that Obummer might be expecting something catastrophic and even revolutionary to strike The United States States of America in the very near future.  That, in turn, suggests that you and I ought to be prepared NOW for the possible catastrophe.


War is a Racket

Smedley Butler

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Here’s a 9 minute video that’s a modern replication of a speech given by Marine General Smedley Butler in the 1930s.  I’ve read part of the speech before.  This video presentation offers more than I’d read and appears to be solid.  General Butler exposed the racket in the 1930s.  80 years later, nothing’s changed.  This video is full of two-fisted, common sense.  It’s impressive.


What a Difference a Generation Makes

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

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In A.D. 1982, President Ronald Reagan dedicated a Columbia space shuttle flight to the freedom fighters of Afghanistan.  Those Afghans were fighting against invasion by the Soviet Union.  The Soviet troops were subsequently defeated by the Afghanis, and later the Soviet Union collapsed.

Today, we are invading Afghanistan and deals are being negotiated by the US gov-co to bring the Russians back into Afghanistan to assist in our “nation-building”–or invasion–or whatever else you want to call it.

36 seconds: