Michelle Obummer Admits Barack from Kenya

02 Sep

Map of Kenya

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Mrs. Obummer expressly refers to Mr. Obummer’s  “home country in Kenya”.   This video has been available since at least April of A.D. 2010–so it’s not exactly “news”.  But it’s virtually impossible that Mrs Obummer made this remark by accident.  Her admission is so important that I wanted to post it in my blog despite its age.


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9 responses to “Michelle Obummer Admits Barack from Kenya

  1. PatriotOne

    September 2, 2010 at 11:38 PM

    I think I get it now. It isn’t those NWO’ers, IT’S THE KENYANS!
    Who’da thunk those south of the equator Kenyan’s could mastermind the take over of America? 49 years in the making, Kenya takes over the world superpower… Watch out China, Kenya has planted one in you too.

    • adask

      September 3, 2010 at 9:13 AM

      Don’t be stupid. It’s not the Kenyans, it’s the globalists.
      Bear in mind that the evidence of Obama’s nationality was first publicized by an attorney in April of A.D. 2008–before the Democratic Primary. The attorney who published that information was a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President and thus Obummer’s adversary.
      It’s hard to imagine anyone who wanted to be President more than Hillary. It’s hard to imagine anyone who is a more aggressive, even violent, politician than Bill Clinton.
      Nevertheless, neither Bill nor Hillary, nor any of her supporters, nor the Democratic Party suggested for one moment that Barack Obummer might not be eligible to be President.
      Why? It’s inconceivable that Hillary, Bill and the Democratic Party’s leaders didn’t know that Obummer’s nationality was at least questionable. If that issue had been raised by Hillary or people working secretly for Hillary, she would quite probably have become the Democratic nominee for President.
      Why didn’t any of the Democrats raise the issue of Obummer’s eligibility before the Democratic primary?
      I can imagine only one reason: Someone with great power ordered them not to do so. And that power must’ve been enormous for Hillary to “voluntarily” abandon her quest for the White House.
      Result? Obummer was nominated by the Dems.
      Later, the Republican Party nominated John McCain and Sarah Palin at their national convention. Although questions about Obummer’s eligibility were widely known, did McCain, Palin or the leaders of the Republican Party even hint that Obummer might not be eligible to be President? No.
      Were there any “rogue” Republican groups that hinted at Obummer’s ineligibility? No.
      Why did the Republican candidates and leaders fail to raise the eligibility question? Even if the eligibility issue turned out to be mistaken, are we to believe that no one in the Republican party believes in “dirty tricks” as a device to gain enough political traction to possibly win the White House for the Republicans? If the Republicans had raised the eligibility issue, McCain and Palin might be sitting in the White House today.
      It is inconceivable that John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Republican Party failed to play the “eligibility card” in A.D. 2008–unless someone with great power ordered them to accept defeat.
      Whoever ordered the Clintons, Democrats, McCain and the Republicans to keep quiet about Obummer’s nationality is the real force behind the throne in our current gov-co. Who that is, is unknown to me. But their existence and influence can be inferred from the bizarre facts behind Obummer’s nomination and election.
      I contend that the real “powers” behind both the leadership of the Democrat and Republican parties are the “globalists”. I contend that the leadership of both parties have been captured by globalists bent on destroying The United States of America and subjecting this country to the authority of a New World Order.
      If those contentions seem absurd to some, those contentions are nevertheless supported by Mrs. Obummer (who referred to Barack’s home country of “Kenya”) and even moreso by President Obummer–who could’ve nipped this entire “conspiracy theory” in the bud in A.D. 2008 by simply producing his birth certificate. Instead–despite growing suspicions that he’s ineligible at the same time his popularity ratings are falling–Obummer has refused to produce evidence of his place of birth.
      What would any other politician do if faced with a similar, nagging (now 2-year old) issue? They’d produce their birth certificate.
      Obummer’s refusal to produce evidence of his birthplace is, in itself, evidence that Obummer is ineligible to be President. In the end, who is more responsible for the continuation of Obummer’s elgibility “conspiracy theory” than Obummer, himself?
      I don’t care if Obummer is Kenyan, Chinese or Canadian. Obummer’s eligibility is not the real issue. Obummer’s nationality is not the real issue. The real issue is who or what has captured the leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties? Who has captured the mainstream media so as to keep a lid on the eligibility issue? Who has captured our courts so as to defeat most of the attempts to date to compel Obummer to put up or shut up?
      Obummer’s election and continuation in office are evidence of a conspiracy of massive and treasonous proportions. That’s the freaking issue. Obummer is just the “patsy” (much like Lee Harvey Oswald) who will be saddled with the blame if his presidency implodes.

  2. PatriotOne

    September 3, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    I apologize Alfred. I was being sarcastic (“not the NWO’s…”, it is the New World Order thing) not serious.
    Like you I wonder just who/how has shut up congress, the senate, the SCOTUS, the Governor’s, the legislature’s, the Sheriff’s.
    ‘You’ would think there would be one Sheriff out there that has issued a warrant for the arrest of Berry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama.
    ‘You’ would think that the “team” would want to get rid of the bad apple?

    Is it that, like most people, our elected don’t want to admit they have been duped? That they will sell their children to the devil to keep their privileged powers? That if they expose Berry’s crime their crimes will be exposed? Or has something put a gun to all of their heads, telling them all to shut up?

    • adask

      September 4, 2010 at 6:12 PM

      No apology necessary. I mistook your sarcasm as criticism.

      As for being “duped,” I don’t doubt that some politicians (when they are newly elected) may be “duped”. But I can’t imagine that any politician who’s been elected three or more times to national office is ignorant or innocent. The “pro’s” aren’t duped. They just don’t give a damn about the People of The United States of America. The professional politicians (and professional bureaucrats) are in it for the money, personal power and opportunity to screw their pages. They haven’t been “duped,” they’ve been bribed; they’ve been bought and paid for just like any other common whore. The difference is that, unlike common whores who sell their bodies, our professional politicians profit from the sale of TREASON.

  3. PatriotOne

    September 3, 2010 at 8:22 PM

    I forgot to mention…
    Congress has somewhat claimed for years that the INCOME TAX is lawfully confiscated from the fruits of the labor of human beings.
    Seeing how Gov Co has done this for decades, it’s no suprise Gov Co will take silent notice concerning Berry. Why Berry? Why now?

    • adask

      September 4, 2010 at 6:37 PM

      I assume you mean “Barry” (instead of “Berry”)–as in “Barry Sotero”.

  4. Brian

    September 4, 2010 at 1:32 AM

    “”The real issue is who or what has captured the leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties? Who has captured the mainstream media so as to keep a lid on the eligibility issue? Who has captured our courts so as to defeat most of the attempts to date to compel Obummer to put up or shut up?””

    Answer?: The international money trusts/banksters
    Who else has enough wealth to buy up and/or buy off GovCo, the media, and the Big Corps?

  5. gary russell

    December 20, 2010 at 6:05 PM

    Mr. Adask,
    At one point I had come across (and, of course, now cannot “re-find” it) a copy of Obummer’s college applicationa as a “foriegn exchange student”, applying for financial aid, listing his country of birth as Kenya. Apparently he would not have had access to that aid as a US-born citizen, only as a foreign-born student. I suppose such documents probbaly “magically” disappear?

    • adask

      December 21, 2010 at 1:25 AM

      Indeed. History is not only being “made” as we speak, it’s also being re-made, fabricated and made to disappear.


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