Lame Duck or Walking Dead Man?

05 Sep

Barack Obama

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The video link below explains how a Military Judge has ruled to deny the right of an honorable military Officer to discover if Barack “Obummer” is in fact eligible to be President of the United States.   The video is POWERFUL and illustrates the efforts that Obummer and/or the gov-co will go to protect the Kenyan in The White House Inc.

The video is just one more illustration of the growing weight of evidence that Barack Obummer is a foreign national participating in one of the most extraordinary acts of treason the world has even seen.

One way or another, the weight of evidence against Obummer will soon become undeniable and so politically powerful that the Kenyan may be far beyond being a “lame duck President”–but may instead be a “walking dead man”.  And the Democrat party could be mortally wounded if Obummer is publicly proven to be ineligible.

I don’t expect any effort to impeach Obummer before this year’s November election.  If Obummer were impeached now, the Democratic party’s losses this November might be unbearable.   In fact, the Obummer ineligibility issue may be sufficiently devastating as to virtually destroy the Democrat party.

However, even if the Republicans win big this November, I don’t necessarily expect Obummer to be impeached in A.D. 2011–unless the public really screams for impeachment.  More than likely, the Republicans will do what’s best for the Republican Party and stall any impeachment until A.D. 2012 so as to insure maximum devastation on the Democrats in that year’s election.  In the end, the Republican leadership is just as big a pack of whores as are the Democrats.  Neither party wants to do what’s best for the American people.

Ironically, the Democrats should be more interested in losing Obummer quickly in A.D. 2011 while the Republicans work to keep him in office (but impotent) until the first half of A.D. 2012.

But who can say?  Obummer might be impeached fairly quickly by a new Congress in A.D. 2011.  Or he might be shot by someone who is dedicated to the Democrat party-or even to the collectivist legislation that Obummer has already rammed through Congress.

Think about it.  If Obummer lived long enough to be impeached and were proven in public to be ineligible to hold office, it’s likely that every law (including Universal Health Care) and every appointment (including Sotomayor’s and Kagen’s appointments to the Supreme Court) that Obummer signed would probably be VOID.  If Obummer is ineligible, it might be as if every legislative act, every treaty, every appointment signed by Obummer never even happened.  I’m not sure that convictions for federal crimes by US prosecutors would withstand appeal.  If Obummer’s not eligible, our current Attorney General is unauthorized and all of his prosecutors are probably acting without authority, too.

Therefore, from a political perspective, if the leftists want to keep whatever legislation Obummer has signed, it would be better if Obummer died before he was shown to be ineligible and we never “found out for sure” that he was born in Kenya.

In fact, ideally, Obummer might die with a couple hundred people on Air Force One or some such in an explosion caused by “Muslim terrorists”  or even “right-wing radicals”.   Then, the gov-co might be able to resurrect Obummer’s image and make a hero out of him.  But only if he dies.

If he lives long enough to be impeached and shown to be a foreign national, the devastation to the Democrat party and socialist agenda will enormous.

In fact, even if some “lone gunman” whacks Obummer before it’s proved that he was never eligible to be President–his legislative “legacy” might survive–provided there was no future investigation.   (Perhaps investigations might be stopped “out of respect for Michelle and Obummer’s daughters” or some such–much like autopsy evidence in the JFK assassination was suppressed out of “respect for the Kennedy family”.).

I wouldn’t want to be Obummer.  His own party and the leftists now have a powerful incentive to impeach (or better yet, kill) him–and remove him quickly from public office so his memory will do minimum damage in the A.D. 2012 elections.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but unless Obummer produces proof of his nationality, I don’t believe for one minute that he’ll still be President when the A.D. 2012 general election takes place.  Whether he’s a “lame duck” or a “walking dead man” remains to be seen.  But the Obummer administration is just about finished.

3:33 minute video.  Well done.  Powerful.–XdoZ0ZI


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4 responses to “Lame Duck or Walking Dead Man?

  1. tracy

    September 21, 2010 at 4:45 PM

    I hadn’t even thought of that before—the powers that be are going to do something and soon. I hope he (ovomit) is not deified by the leftists if that occurs. I don’t think I could stand it.

    • adask

      September 21, 2010 at 8:04 PM

      Ahh, I’m sure you could stand it.

  2. tdr

    October 9, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    very true indeed. they always eat their own.


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