$936/ounce Silver? $56,000/ounce Gold?

23 Sep

American Gold Eagle

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Yes, the possibility that silver (currently $21/ounce) could rise in my lifetime to $936/ounce seems absurd.  Likewise, the possibility that gold (currently $1,293/ounce) might rise to $56,000 per ounce seems laughable.

But the linked video (below) makes a very credible case that–because of current manipulation of the gold and silver commodities markets–$936 silver is not merely conceivable, but nearly inevitable.  And gold, for the same reasons, could reach $56,000 per ounce.  When these increases might occur is unknown, but soon (within the next five years) is not impossible.

The video’s producers offer reasons why the current prices of gold and silver could–and should–be multiplied by 45.  I don’t expect to ever see such high prices for gold or silver.  If I do, it will probably be only in the context of a complete collapse of the US and global economies.

However, the arguments presented in this video are solid and, if gold and silver will not rise by a factor of 45, those same arguments suggest that a rise of 5 or 10 times–and not so long from now–is possible and even likely.

Will we see $56,000 gold?  I doubt it.  Will we see $3,000 gold?  Bet on it.  Will we see $6,000 gold?  Probably.  Could we see $12,000 gold?  Maybe.

If you’re investing in gold/silver or considering such investment, this video is for you.  The implications are awesome.

6 minutes


2 responses to “$936/ounce Silver? $56,000/ounce Gold?

  1. Dan

    September 28, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    I have been watching precious metals since the late 1970s. Back then, there were predictions that gold might hit $3200/oz if the entire world economy were monetized with specie currency and silver might hit $120/oz.

    The first time I heard the prediction in this article (on your broadcast), I was very skeptical. However, as the IMF intends to purposely hyper-inflate the Federal Reserve Note out of existence at some point, this prediction comes into the realm of possibility, even likelihood.

    After watching this video, coupled with the fact that silver, at the time I write this, is approaching $22/oz and gold is has closed over $1,300/oz, I am in total agreement with this prediction.


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