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Fraudclosure Affidavits

housing bubble..if i pop, you're screwed!! ......

NYTimes October 14th:

Mortgage Mess May Cost Big Banks Billions. After scratching their heads for weeks over how much the foreclosure mess will hurt banks’ bottom lines, investors calculated the potential costs—and sent bank stocks plunging. . . .The share price of Bank of America fell 5.2 percent . . . JPMorgan Chase sank almost 2.8 percent.”

Apparently, the foreclosure problem is not a “crisis” or a “scandal” or even a “racketeering enterprise”—it’s merely a “mess,” hmm?

But, OMG!, the banks’ stocks fell a whopping 5.2% and 2.8%? Whatever will we do? Gee, if the foreclosure “mess” starts to hurt the banks’ “bottom lines,” it almost sounds serious.

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American Hero


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This video is a promo for a movie scheduled to be released in November.  I don’t know anything about the movie.  I don’t recommend or condemn it.

But this 3:40 promo is very good.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the last 30 seconds when we find out that the first 3 minutes are a commercial.  By themselves, those first 3 minutes offer a very moving and inspiring idea:  that’s it’s time for you to become an American Hero.

I couldn’t agree more.


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Suicide Bankers = Suicide Bombers


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Very nice insight on the Max Keiser Report.

The banks that are “too big to fail” are “wired to blow up” the entire financial system and domestic economy if we don’t give them more money.  In this regard they are fundamentally indistinguishable from “terrorists” who strap explosives to their bodies and try to intimidate the public into doing their will.

The comparison between banks and terrorists is not just an analogy or a metaphor, but illustrates a fact.  The banks that are “too big to fail” threaten that, unless we give them “free money” and more power, they will self-destruct and thereby cause enormous harm to the people.  In essence, if the banks don’t get their way, some people may die, and most people will become impoverished.  In this regard, the threats of the “too big to fail” banks are terroristic.

00:01:40 video:

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Favre is Finished Screenshot Featuring Brett Favre -...

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Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is currently implicated in a scandal wherein he allegedly photographed his private parts and sent copies of the photo’s to one or more females (other than his wife) that he wanted to seduce.

The whole thing is such a stupid story.  It’s like a Greek tragedy about a nearly perfect hero finally destroyed by a single, fatal flaw.  Favre, one of the most extraordinary quarterbacks to ever play the game–and a shoo-in for the Football Hall of Fame–has essentially trashed his life, reputation and future prospects by stupidly photographing his own penis and sending out one or more copies by email.  What the freak was Favre thinking? Apparently, Favre took too many shots to helmet and suffered some permanent brain damage.

Since this scandal developed, I’d wondered, even hoped, that the NFL and media could somehow keep a lid on Favre’s phallic faux pas.  In the end, he seems to be just a good ol’ boy who doesn’t deserve this abuse.

However, the following 1 minute video from Saturday Night Live tells me that Favre’s career is over.  I won’t be surprised if he resigns from the Vikings (or manages to suffer a career-ending injury) before this season ends.

Up ’til now, Favre might’ve escaped the public’s wrath as a tragically-flawed Greek super-hero.  Now, thanks in part to SNL, Favre’s been reduced to the status of a Greek cartoon character.   He’s become the NFL’s Pee Wee Herman.   Public figures can survive tragedy, but not ridicule.  Favre is finished.

1 minute.


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Virtually All US Presidents Have a Single Common Ancestor?


John of England signs Magna Carta. Image from ...

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If you like conspiracy theories, you’re going to love this.  According to a TV news report that sounds legitimate, a 12-year old girl has traced the genealogies of all US Presidents to a single English king: King John Plantegenet.

Reportedly, King Plantegenet was the English monarch who signed the Magna Charta. (see image)  It’s interesting that King Plantegent reportedly signed that document at the point of a sword.  (I.e., he was threatened with death by a group of barons if he refused to sign.)

I can’t help wondering if his descendants are still pissed, still trying to repeal the fundamental precepts of the Magna Charta and regain their “rightful place” as our monarchs.  Similarly, I can’t help wondering if–since the only way to compel King Plantegenet to recognize the liberties of ordinary men was at the point of a sword–then perhaps our modern government will likewise recognize our liberties only at the “point of s sword”.

The idea that a 12-year old girl could’ve done this research seems too fantastic to be believed.  But if this is a hoax, someone went to a lot of trouble.  The girl’s allegation sound fantastic–but plausible.

Kid power, hmm?



Mainstream Media (MSNBC) Video on Rising Public Awareness of “Fraudclosure”


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MSNBC:  “This crisis is all about fraud . . . .  There were millions of acts of fraud. . . . this corrupt banking system . . . .”

Fraud is criminal.

The Fraudclosure scandal involves the institutionalized theft of millions of American homes and the injury and/or destruction of millions of American families.

When “fraudclosure” is fully understood.  Banks will fail.  The federal government and the Federal Reserve will be implicated, tainted, and discredited.  Given that Ron Paul has already moved to “End the Fed,” the coming revelations concerning “fraudclosure” may be sufficient to finally precipitate the Federal Reserve’s demise.

This is a bigger scandal than the JFK assassination.  Bigger than Viet Nam.  During the old Savings & Loan scandal, over 1,000 individuals were prosecuted for fraud and/or criminal activity.  Fraudclosure will dwarf the S&L scandal.  When “fraudclosure” is fully understood, heads will roll.  Lots of ’em.

13 minutes:


Capitis Diminutio–more on the All-Upper-Case Name


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Here’s a well done video from someone else who’s also persuaded that the all-upper-case name identifies some entity or capacity other than that of a living man made in our Father YHWH Elohiym’s image and endowed by his Creator with “certain unalienable Rights”.

I don’t absolutely agree with everything in this video.  I’m sure that the video’s author doesn’t absolutely agree with everything I believe, either.  At least one of us–and probably both of us–have more to learn.  But for the moment, we both agree that the all-upper-case name “may be hazardous to your (political) health.”

The point is that the all-upper-case name theory is being increasingly explored and advocated by other people.  The “lunatic fringe” (of which I’m a card-carrying member) is growing thicker every day.  And sometimes, the “lunatic fringe” becomes the “cutting edge”.

7 minutes: