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Gestapo Raid Raw-Food Store

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

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Homeland!  Homeland!  Uber alles!

To hell with this G.D. government.

The sonsabitches raid a store with guns drawn.

It’s hard to know if these cops are just a bunch of dumb, effing Nazis–or if they used the guns intentionally to generate publicity to try to also intimidate others who want to eat raw food.  My bet is that the cops are just a bunch of dumb, effinc Nazis.  Either way, to hell with this G.D. government.

We have illegal aliens pouring over unprotected borders while our gov-co is drawing guns on lawful Americans to control what they eat.

If they’re willing to use guns to force us to eat “politically correct” food, what activities remain that might be still be construed as “free”?

To hell with this G.D. government.

Video.  00:06:47


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Christmas Shoppers Trampled at Target Store

Stampede of the Wild Horses

Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr

‘Tis the season, to spend money–Tra la la, la la, tra la, la la.”

Note the number of obese Americans in this consumer stampede.  I’ll bet these folks don’t move this fast on their jobs.  I.e., they probably move pretty slow when it comes to making money but move pretty fast when it comes to spending it.

Imagine their underlying desperation to somehow buy something for Christmas

These people may be ideal consumers for the “consumer economy”–but they seem very different from the producers needed for a healthy economy.

If these Christmas shoppers are the “future of America,” we’re in deep do-do.

On the other hand, judging from the stampede, this year’s Christmas may be a great, commercial success.

Video  00:01:29

P.S.  Here’s another video on the same subject that’s even better.  00:04:00


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Christmas Food Court Flash Mob

Screenshot of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in ...

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It’s like a scene from a Frank Capra movie.  These people make me proud to be one of mankind.  They offer something so much more, so much purer, than anything we find in our politicians and “leaders”.  They offer a very special kind of hope.





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Anti-Fed Fever

Sorcerer Hat

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There’ve been serious, persistent criticisms of the Federal Reserve for most of the past century. But that criticism was always muted because the Fed: 1) was too rich to attack; 2) could buy off most of its critics; and 3) routinely performed the single most astonishing and crowd-pleasing sorcery of our age: it not only “spun” money “out of thin air,” it gave some of that money to us.

Human nature precludes us from criticizing those who give us “something for nothing”—especially if that “something” is “free money”.

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Football Trick Play

High School football

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27 seconds

Too bizarre.

Too funny.

I think I see a future politician, Wall St. broker–or maybe a lawyer.

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Actor Placed on Terror Watch List for Promoting Documentary

Mark Ruffalo

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The government’s gone mad. . . . or maybe they’re just off their meds.  Hard to say.


I’ve worked diligently to overthrow the existing government (especially the judicial branch) for 28 years, and has anyone put me on a terror watch list?


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Quantitative Easing Explained

Official portrait of Federal Reserve Chairman ...

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Animated video.

Once you accept the lie that paper, fiat currency is money, the logical consequences inevitably lead to confusion, contradictions, corruption, comedy, tragedy and then collapse.  Economics grows increasingly absurd and economist sound increasingly like TV evangelists.



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