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We’re Looking For a Few Especially Good Men

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When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual; then it became optional. I’m getting out before Obama makes it mandatory.”
—-Gunnery Sgt Harry Berres, USMC

Here’s a video of a proposed Marine recruitment ad.  It’s a satire that implies that the military may not be well-served by the loss of “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

The times, they are a-changin’.  We may soon see the Silver Star replaced by the Silver Boa.

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When You’re Holdin’ a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

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After writing this song and sending out on an e-mail list a Tennessee middle school football coach was terminated for alleged political incorrectness.  I think he has a bigger career as song writer.”  Russ Steele

This song was released last August.  I just heard it.  It’s solid.  This “hammer” swings.  You’re gonna like it.

It was written for the A.D. 2010 election, but could be easily updated to apply to A.D. 2012.

video/ song 00:03:09

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“Incredible News for New Jersey Foreclosure Victims”

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The attached 2-page PDF file reports that on December 21st, the New Jersey Supreme Court adopted an emergency rule concerning foreclosure proceedings.

That new rule will apparently compel the plaintiff’s (bank’s) attorney and/or the plaintiff’s (bank’s) employees to verify under oath that the plaintiff actually has ownership and possession of the fundamental documents (note and mortgage) required to be the real party in interest and thus have standing to foreclose.

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State Budgets: Day of Reckoning

60 Minutes

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60 Minutes investigated the growing inability of many state and local governments to pay their bills.  The resulting video focuses on facts that point to: 1) these state/local governmental entities (quasi “sovereigns”) have been borrowing and spending irrationally to provide seemingly “free” benefits, “entitlements” and pensions for over a decade; 2) much of the public has become dependent on these seemingly “free” (actually borrowed, debt-based) benefits; 3) the state and local governments’ ability to continue borrowing is ending; 4) these governmental entities’ ability to continue to supply the benefits, “entitlements” and pensions previously promised is ending; and 5) there will be a national catastrophe when those who depend on gov-co handouts are suddenly deprived of their primary means of support.

This is no joke.  We may see Americans begging for food or housing.  We will almost certainly see riots and political upheaval.

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It’s a Wonderful Life

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Just in time for the holidays.  Saturday Night Live’s version of It’s a Wonderful Life.

It’s not exactly in the Christmas spirit, but it’s pretty much the way I feel about government, so it has a lot of holiday appeal.



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European Riots

Riot Control

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The governments of the western world have: 1) adopted “democracy” (a word that doesn’t even appear in our federal Constitution); 2) pushed to destroy the nation-states in order to usher in a New World Order; and 3) bribed the people with “free” benefits to cooperate with “democracy” and the New World Order.

The people, of course, have delighted in the promise of “free benefits” (something for nothing) and swarmed to support, or at least tolerate, the push towards democracy (collectivism) and the New World Order (fascism).

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Global Free Trade & Detroit In Ruins


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The attached video (“Detroit in Ruins”) offers a number of opinions as to why the city of Detroit is a largely wasteland.   This ruin is particularly poignant since “in the day,” Detroit had the highest median income in the USA.  Today, Detroit’s median income is #68.

The video blames Detroit’s liberal government, teachers’ union, and labor unions as the principle causes for the city’s collapse.

All of those accusation may be true, but I want to stress that Detroit has collapsed because: 1) INDUSTRY is the primary source of most urban wealth; and 2) the primary Detroit industry (auto manufacturing) has effectively fled Detroit.

Point:  If you lose your industrial base, you’re headed for poverty and social collapse.

Detroit’s collapse offers a tangible evidence of what’s likely to happen to the entire USA thanks to “global free trade”.

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