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Blueberry Fraud


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You might find your thrill on Blueberry Hill, but you’re not likely to find many (or even any) blueberries in a host of products (like Blueberry Muffin Mix) that are routinely advertised to include blueberries but where, in fact, there are none.  This fraud is reportedly perpetrated against the American people by Kelloggs, Betty Crocker, General Mills and Target. This fraud couldn’t take place without thethe complicity of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the treasonous whores in the cathouse on the Potomac who (for a bribe that’s excused as a “political campaign contribution”) pass laws that allow major corporations to defraud the American people.

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Notes on “Territory” and “People”

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It appears to me (and others) that the States of the Union (“The States”) may have been rendered insolvent and non-functional when the federal government removed gold (A.D. 1933) and silver (A.D. 1968) from domestic circulation.

Article 1.10.1 of The Constitution of the United States declares that “No State [of the Union] shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”  Note that this prohibition applies only to States of the Union–not to territories and/or the federal government.  How can the governments of the States of the Union continue to function constitutionally if there’s no gold or silver in circulation with which to pay debts or collect fines and fess?

Thus, it appears possible that the governments of the States of the Union could have been virtually destroyed by simply removing gold and silver coin from domestic circulation.  Which is exactly what the federal government has done.

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Could Internet Games Spawn Political Revolutions?

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The world invests 3 billion hours per week playing internet games.  The 2-minute video below suggests that the reason for spending so much time on games is that too many people are inadequately stressed in our daily lives.  I.e., our daily lives have become so organized and “tame” that they’ve become meaningless, so we’re seeking more “action” in an imaginary world of hi-tech, internet games.

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Cultural Jihad; Counter-Cultural Jihad

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A Muslim turns to Christ.

The struggle for values–spiritual warfare–continues.



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Ain’t That America!


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According to the National Rifle Association, in February, President Obama is planning to announce a new push for gun control.

On the one hand, I don’t doubt that Obama et al dream of using the Tuscon murders and wounding of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as pretext for more gun control.

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A.D. 1999 AntiShyster Articles


For those of you with a taste for legal reform “ancient history,” I’ve just published “Volume 9” of the AntiShyster News Magazine on this blog.  PDF.  163 pages.  All the article published in the AntiShyster in A.D. 1999.

The book can be downloaded for free under the “A.D. 1999” heading at the “Books” tab (above) on this blog.

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Dugway Bio-weapons Base Under Lockdown

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“Dugway Proving Ground, a massive Army base in Utah along the border with Nevada, has been under lockdown for many hours now because of some kind of “national terror alert” to “resolve security issues.” Dugway is a bioweapons lab and supposedly home to secret military aerial projects. More than 6,300 sheep died near the proving ground in 1968 when a cloud of “nerve agent” hit the livestock herds in Skull Valley.”

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