Radley Balko on the 3 Worst Cases of Police Abuse in 2011

30 Mar

Two innocents shot and killed.  One forfeiture case.

Thanks to the public’s ability to make videos of police abuse, the problem may be diminishing.  Or maybe not.

video  00:05:36


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One response to “Radley Balko on the 3 Worst Cases of Police Abuse in 2011

  1. Dan

    April 2, 2011 at 12:35 AM

    When i was a youth, police officers were well respected and protected the members of their community. Rare was the “bad apple” and they were fired if they were caught abusing their power.

    Today, rare is the righteous and honest officer. The vast majority of police officers are nothing more than terrorists, punks who want to harass and intimidate people yet are too cowardly to do it to anyone who might shoot back.

    The ONLY defense that police officers put up for their murderous and cowardly behavior is that they “risk their lives every day.” This remark is a load of crap because:

    1. They chose this job and they choose to go do it every single day whereas they could quit instantly if they were concerned about their safety.

    2. If police were anything like decent human beings rather than murderous terrorists then the community at large would assist them in fighting crime thus providing the police officers a margin of safety.

    As it is, when police, such as the Oklahoma City Police Department Gang Unit, nothing but a terrorist gang themselves posing as an “elite” police unit composed of military veterans returned from the Middle East with PTSD, go around town entering businesses insulting both employees and customers then physically pushing them around and then slamming them down on the floor and arresting them, all the while outnumbering them, being fully armed, and wearing bullet-proof vests, they make it obvious why they wear bullet-proof vests.


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