Japan is Dying

31 Mar

Japanese women playing go.

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Here’s a 3 minute video which reports that at least one of the Japanese nuclear reactor damaged by the tsunami has suffered an actual “breach“.  A “breach” indicates that radiation is escaping uncontrollably into the atmosphere.

More, the breach involves plutonium–the most poisonous substance known to man.  1 millionth of a gram of plutonium is allegedly sufficient to cause cancer. It’s been estimated that a mass of plutonium about the size of a baseball, equally divided among all the people on earth, might be enough to wipe out our species.

The nuclear reactor in Japan includes some unknown but significant mass of plutonium.   Some of that plutonium is now escaping into the atmosphere.

It’s likely that the “breach” will cause workers who are currently pumping water onto the hot, radioactive core to flee.  If so, there’ll be no more cooling for three nuclear reactors, full-blown meltdowns are likely to follow, and God only knows what will happen then.

It’s possible that an entire region of Japan may be declared to be a “dead zone” and have to be evacuated for a generation or more. Plutonium poisoning of the atmosphere will probably affect the entire world.  (If you’re not taking an iodine supplement, now might be a good time to start.)

Japan, having already suffered thru the “lost decade” of recession, will almost certainly suffer further national and economic degradation.

I doubt that Japan will ever truly recover.   I believe Japan is dying.  Over the course of the next generation or two, Japan will not disappear, but it will degrade back towards a third-world status.  Once the No. 2 economy in the world, Japan has seen its best days.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Japan invaded and conquered by China within the next 20 years.

Most people would dismiss my notion that Japan is “dying” as absurd.  Of course, Japan has sufficient technical expertise and work ethic to overcome its technological problems.  But Japan’s problems go far deeper than mere technology.  In its stunning economic growth after WWII, Japan gained great wealth and power, but lost something human.  Japan became an economy rather than a nation and the Japanese people began to wither much like animals kept in cages in a zoo.  Yes, they’re being fed.  And, Yes, they’re being clothed.  But, Yes, there is something about the prison-like, artificial structure of an economy and attendant system of economic values that saps the human will to live.  We “live” in a nation; we “exist” in an economy.

For me, the most telling indicator of Japan’s future is a report that 75% of Japan’s women aren’t married.  Japanese women tend to be self-sufficient, liberated feminists.  Promiscuous sluts.  Not all of them.  But a lot.

If 75% aren’t married, that pretty much means that 75% of Japanese women aren’t having children.  They are little more fertile than homosexuals.  The Japanese population is therefore aging and diminishing in size.  The Japanese economy will therefore tend to implode, Japanese power and wealth will tend to  decline.  A nation without children is a dying nation.

Japan may be capable of dealing with its nuclear disaster, but how will it survive its promiscuous, infertile feminists?  As an economy, the Japanese have lost their will to live.  They may be screwing like Asian rabbits, but they are not reproducing.  They will therefore decline and tend towards national death.

Of course, Japan could “come back”–but not until it’s gone through some sort of national “hell” that causes its feminists to abandon birth control and live as natural, reproductive women.

The US is not so unlike Japan.  Thanks to the “modern miracles” of high taxes, birth control and abortion, American women are increasingly independent and infertile.  High taxes make it difficult to afford to raise children.  Birth control and abortion provide easy alternatives to pregnancy.

The invasion of America by 20 million illegal aliens has been to some extent precipitated by the legalized murder (abortion) of 60 million American babies by their mothers.  Those “missing” 60 million babies would’ve grown up to be the kids who harvested our crops, mowed our lawns, and baby sat our next crop of infants.  In the absence of 60 million of our own children, we now need 20 million Mexican kids to fill their roles.

Result? Much like Japan, America has also been degraded from a nation into an economy.  Like Japan, America is accepting a system of values that may be great for screwing and making money (for somebody), but are terrible for making babies and are certain to lead towards national suicide.

Most nations can survive their technological problems.  No nation can survive infertility.

Here’s the video on the Japanese nuclear reactor.  About 3 minutes.  It’s the least of their problems.

Here’s another recent video indicating that the Fukushima reactor problem is far worse than previously reported by Japanese officials.  Rising levels of radiation have already been detected on the West Coast of the USA.  Radiation levels in Tokyo may become dangerous.  3 million Japanese may have to relocate.  Northern Japan may be lost.  The world’s nuclear industry is probably finished.



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7 responses to “Japan is Dying

  1. mint chocolate chipmunk

    April 2, 2011 at 6:01 PM


    • Adask

      April 2, 2011 at 7:14 PM

      As for the “S-word,” if the diaphragm fits, wear it.
      Note also that my description was intended to apply to some women of Japan–not all Japanese women.
      Nevertheless, let’s scratch the “S-word” from my article and instead use the “N-word” (Nun). Maybe these young women of Japan are dedicated to the self-indulgence of promiscuity (“S-word”); or maybe they’re dedicated to the sexual abstention that flows from being a Nun (“N-word”). Whichever word we’re trying not to use, the fact remains that the young women of Japan are not bearing enough live young to propagate their race and nation.
      I am fascinated to see that “mint chocolate chipmunk” is more interested in criticizing my use of the “S-word” to apply to some women in Japan than the possibility that the Japanese nation is tending towards self-destruction.
      Clearly, the “chipmunk’s” system of values and priorities is different from my own. “Chipmunk” is enraged by the use of a politically-incorrect term but seemingly unconcerned about the possibility of a nation’s demise.
      Sticks and stones, “Chipmunk”.
      Sticks and stones . . . .

  2. Dan

    April 3, 2011 at 11:35 PM

    I already knew the story but I read the article just to see what the “s-word” is.

    No surprises here. The diaphragm does NOT fit me.

    (“Mint chocolate chipmunk?” Where DO they get these names from?)

  3. Juan

    September 14, 2011 at 8:40 AM

    You are right. I am a Mexican brought over by my parents who came to work. Question for you, do you prefer brown people to come, muslims, or neither?

    • Adask

      September 14, 2011 at 3:39 PM

      If I had my druthers, I would not bring any more Muslims into this country. Although I don’t agree with the Muslim faith, I have great respect for the passion that seems to characterize their faith. I wish most Christians were as serious about their faith as the Muslims are about theres. However, the Muslims haven’t truly mixed with the Christians or Jews for several centuries. I don’t expect they ever will. Bringing more Muslims into this country will inevitably spark internal conflicts.

      As for “brown people,” my complaint is not with Mexicans, or even “illegal immigrants”. My complaint is with the Congress and White House that refuse to enforce existing laws and prevent illegal aliens from entering. I don’t blame the illegals for coming, I blame the treasonous whores in DC for not merely allowing them to come, but encouraging them to come. We have more to fear from our own government’s predisposition to commit crimes against the American people than we do from the illegal aliens.


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