Dr Helen Caldicott – Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

22 Apr

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

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Dr. Helen Caldicott is a doctor, political activist, dissident and internationally-recognized author and public speaker.  Dr. Caldicott recently made a chilling presentation on the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Dr. Caldicott’s presentation is especially disturbing because she, being a genteel Australian woman, is disinclined to rant, rave and pound her fist on a table (as her report might require).  Instead, she reports the Fukushima catastrophe with smiles and eccentricity that somehow make her warning doubly-impossible to ignore or forget.

It’s ironic and humbling for the Japanese (who are presumed to be so highly intelligent) to see that those damn fools built six nuclear reactors on an earthquake fault line.  Thanks to Japanese hubris, the Japanese have effectively “nuked” Japan and caused more radioactivity damage than was first inflicted by the US atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII.

The Japanese have (nearly) “killed” Japan.

The Fukushima catastrophe is of biblical proportions.  The disaster doesn’t merely indict a corporation, government or technology–it indicts mankind.

As Dr. Caldicott explains, the Fukushima nuclear problem is not confined to Japan.  It’s spreading globally on the wind and is likely to adversely affect most grass-eating animals (from which we get beef, etc.) and most leafy vegetables.  Dr. Caldicott warns that you should not eat radiation-contaminated foods until the problem abates–and that the problem should clear up within 600 years.

Nuclear energy is proving to be a global disaster for mankind.  The nuclear energy industry will continue until a few more reactors burst into flames, and then it will be discarded.  But, by the time we discard nuclear energy, we may have first rendered the globe too “hot” to support civilization and perhaps even life.

The truth is that nuclear energy is a technology man never had enough brains and character to safely implement.  The Fukushima nuclear disaster is not merely an indictment of Japanese stupidity–it’s an indictment of mankind’s astonishing and self-destructive hubris.

Everyone is afraid to use nuclear weapons.  But the “peaceful use” of nuclear technology has been extolled as harmless and of enormous benefit to mankind.  It’s beginning to look as if the world has at least as much to fear from the “peaceful” use of nuclear energy as it has to fear from thermonuclear war.  We may never suffer from thermonuclear war.  But we may never escape the adverse consequences of “peaceful” nuclear technology.

I can’t contemplate the Fukushima disaster without thinking of End Times.  The Fukushima event appears to be so damning that, if Dr. Caldicott is correct, Fukushima might be one of the first plagues (as seen in Revelation) released by God upon the People.

video  00:09:54

Here’s another video also discussing this incredible, ecological catastrophe:

video  00:16:05


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7 responses to “Dr Helen Caldicott – Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

  1. Luke

    April 22, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    HAARP Magnetometer data shows Japan earthquake was induced –

  2. Dominick Mastroserio not (DOMINICK MASTROSERIO)

    June 5, 2011 at 5:24 PM

    With studied poise, Dr. Helen Caldicott tells us we’re all being slowly irradiated into extinction by “peaceful” nuclear emissions from every existing reactor.

    She’s the only one that’s telling us these things.

    So either she or the nuclear industry and our sleazy politicians are lying.

    I’ve never heard Dr. Caldicott but I’ve sure heard enough of all the nuclear industry publicity and the politicians’ nuclear “rah-rah”.

    And the latter have been lying to us all our lives…they have an impeccable record of lying…

    I’ve come to expect nothing but lies from them.

    Dr. Caldicott has nothing to gain by revealing all the revolting and horrifying facts we don’t hear about from nuclear publicists and politicians.

    She sure as heck won’t win anybody’s love with all that nuclear grim reaper talk.

    She talks straight and simpatico about spookily science-indicting stiff stuff like we rarely hear.

    I sure wish I could believe the nuclear publicists, their scientists and engineers and the politicians this time…

  3. Adam Ellison

    April 29, 2012 at 10:42 PM

    Some people will believe anyone with a British or Australian accent, who tells a good story, and who has a doctorate degree. Even if there is no “good story”, there are plenty of fools who will mistake for truth Caldicott’s pure fiction spiced with gory descriptions and misused bits of science.


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