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Conspiracy Nuts

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Those of you who lament being labeled “conspiracy nuts” (or perhaps just “wackos”–or the ever-popular “extremist”) should not despair.  You’re in good company.

Here’s a video that includes quotes from some of America’s most famous and illustrious “conspiracy nuts”:




P.S.  Here’s a conspiracy theory from The Daily Bell (a Swiss publication) that explores the possibility of a “false flag nuclear event” in the USA.


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The Truth Hurts (Really)

Iraq War soldiers and bombing

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I was on 60 Minutes two weeks ago for being an extremist.  However, compared to the video below, my behavior is well within the bell curve for “normal”.

In fact, this video is so well assembled and “in your face,” that is it truly painful to watch.  The speaker is so bold and brazen in her statements, that I am embarrassed to live a life that is so (by comparison) “politically correct”.

I don’t agree with the some of the video’s statements.  The author blames the problems on “whites”.  I would blame those problems on anyone of any race who is, at heart, a “corporatist,” a “fascist” or driven by the love of money.  I have a few other quibbles.  Nevertheless, assuming the facts cited in the video are essentially true, the video makes me ashamed to be an American.

Even if the video’s facts are not precisely true, the video’s content is horrific.  In this case, the truth really does hurt.

If the numbers in this video are correct, we are killing several hundred Iraqi and Afghan children for every American serviceman who dies.  I don’t care how you justify the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars, you can’t kill that many children and still claim to be the “good guys”.

video  00:03:56


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The Organic Laws of The United States of America

Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer

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Today, most people have never heard of the Articles of Confederation or the Northwest Territorial Ordinance.  Although virtually everyone has heard of the “Declaration of Independence,” virtually no one realizes it is not merely an interesting historical document but is, in fact, as much the law as The Constitution of the United States.

Instead, virtually everyone presupposes that The Constitution of the United States is not only the “supreme law of the land” (as per Article 6 Section 2 of the Constitution), but is the only “law of the land”.  As a result, people presume that in order to understand the “law of the land,” we need go no further back in time than to the Constitution.

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War Power Abuses may Destroy The USA

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Congressman Ron Paul.



Sobering.  The end may be near.


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A Slow Moving Train Wreck

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Watching the US and global economies is somewhat like watching the collision of several, slow-moving trains.  The wreck is not happening suddenly, but the sheer mass and momentum involved and the number of “boxcars” that are slowly colliding, falling off the tracks, and piling up like logs is so fascinating—and horrific—that you can’t turn away.

• For example, we see evidence of these collisions in the recent Supreme Court ruling that will cause California to release over 30,000 convicts.  According to the NYTimes,

“The ruling on has also already inspired a fresh round of political recriminations, with some law enforcement officials and Republicans echoing the Supreme Court’s dissenters by saying the release will result in more violence as released inmates, unable to find jobs, return to their former way of life. . . . It could create real havoc.”


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A “Declaration of Independence” Speech

United States Declaration of Independence

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Here are two links to a speech I gave to the San Antonio Tea Party in A.D. 2009.  This speech offers a good summary of my opinions and argument concerning the significance of the “Declaration of Independence”.  The first segment is about 10 minutes; the second is about 7 minutes.
It’s one of my better speeches.  In fact, I hadn’t seen the video in 18 months or more.  I’d forgotten it.  But on seeing it again I was surprised and I had to admit:  Dayahm!  That guy is gooood!
No notes.  Not even a teleprompter.  Doin’ it “old school”.  Speaking exclusively from the heart and mind.  Pretty good.
Once I got a little ways into that speech, I found myself cheering with the crowd–for me.  Maybe my egotism and vanity know no limits, or maybe it really is a pretty good speech.
Given that the 4th of July is only about seven weeks away, it might be a good idea for you folks to use these videos to “brush up” on what we’re really celebrating on the 4th: our God-given, unalienable Rights.
The original document may be somewhat faded, but the ideas it contains are as brilliant as ever.
See also, part 2 at:

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Dennis Craig’s Documents–#1

Sovereignty or Secession Rally in Austin, TX. ...

Dennis Craig has been a regular guest on my radio show over the past six or eight weeks.  We’ve talked about a number of subjects, but the central theme has been a series of documents that Dennis drafted and ultimately filed with the national government.

Dennis claims that as a result of his process, when his name comes up on government computer data bases, the government files now include a “DO NOT HOLD” notice.  As a result, Dennis claims to have had a number of confrontations with the police or other “authorities” who, upon checking Dennis in their federal data base, simply release him and avoid further contact.

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