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Ron Paul’s “Imminent Revolution”

Ron Paul at a rally in the Nashville War Memor...

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It is their right, it is their duty . . . .




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Ron Paul: What’s the Definition of a Dollar?

Free Money Collection in Cash

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Congressman Paul asks a witness (perhaps from the Treasury Department) to define what, exactly, is a dollar.  It’s funny to see the witness hem, haw and squirm for a few seconds and finally BS his way out of actually defining the “dollar”.   Curiously, Congressman Paul lets him off the hook.  Nevertheless, it appears that government has no current definition for “dollars”.

But definitions are the “law” of the Law.  You cannot know what a “law” means unless you know the definitions of the words used to express that law.  How can anyone know the the meaning of a law that employs a word that is not defined?

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The Debt Ceiling Is Falling! II

"Barry, what's a debt ceiling?"

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The gov-co alleges that if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by August 2nd (or someday soon), the US will (gasp!) default on its debts!  So-So Security checks might not go out!

OMG!  OMG!  Say it isn’t so!

In fact, as I’d previously pointed out in “The Debt Ceiling Is Falling!  The Debt Ceiling Is Falling!,” the government has routinely and persistently defaulted on its debts for decades.  Default is what gov-co does.  Default is what gov-co intends to do.  The “debt ceiling crisis” is just a little dance they have to do to make the yokels believe that the very idea of default is horrific to government; that the gov-co’s word is its bond; that gov-co is an honorable institution.

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Gold: Independent Money & Limited Government

American Gold Eagle

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Here’s a nice, animated explanation of why We the People should want a monetary system based on gold–and why big government and the New World Order wants a fiat monetary system.




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Are You People Completely Crazy?

Howard Beale delivering his famous "I'm a...

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An average man makes a lot of sense with observations and questions directed to government.

We’re mad as Hell . . . and we’re not gonna take it anymore!




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State of the Union

A folded American flag held by a United States...

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video by Steve Vaus



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Dr. Edwin Vieira on Banking as a Criminal Enterprise

Reaction to Irish banking and financial crises...

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Transferring wealth from society to the “creators of money”.  Tyranny.

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