Japan is Dying II

30 Aug

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On March 31st, I posted “Japan Is Dying” on this blog.  That article was largely a response the the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdowns, but also dealt with fundamental demographic problems:  1) Japan’s economy has been moribund during its “Lost Decade”; and 2) 75% of Japan’s women are unmarried and therefore unlikely to reproduce.

Japan is aging, it’s population is falling, it’s economy is depressed, and the Fukushima radiation may ultimately cause Japan to lose Tokyo and much of northern Japan to a “dead zone”.

Unless at least two or three of those problems are resolved, I doubt that Japan will recover in my lifetime. I wouldn’t be surprised to China invade Japan within the next ten years.

On August 17th, I published another article entitled “Fukushima Disaster Continues” which explored the global impact of the Fukushima meltdowns, whether the problem might be of “Biblical” proportions, and why each nuclear power plant is potentially one of the world’s biggest “dirty bombs” and far more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

Here’s another video that explains the continuing disaster at Fukushima.  It illustrates that this catastrophe is far from over, and that the U.S. and Canada are being affected.

The Japanese are preparing to start burning their radioactive waste and pumping the resulting smoke up through a high smokestack into the atmosphere. Some significant proportion of that airborne, radioactive waste will come down in North America in general, and the Pacific Northwest in particular. To mitigate their own problems, the Japanese are going to poison the rest of the world.

I have little sympathy for the Japs. They were fool enough to build the Fukushima reactor near an earthquake fault line. Now they’re paying a horrendous price for their technological hubris.

If I were President of the United States and Japan proposed to burn their radioactive waste, and pump the smoke up a high chimney that would ultimately radiate part of the U.S., I’d tell the Japs that I regarded that smokestack as an act of war.  I’d tell ’em that if they proceed, I’d bomb their damn smokestacks.

According to the man interviewed in the video below, new evidence suggests fundamental flaws in the design of the Fukishima reactors that may also exist in U.S. reactors. Even if that’s not true, it’s inevitable that one or more American reactors will one day melt down just like Fukushima’s and cause an American catastrophe every bit as great as the one now seen in Japan.

Worse, like the Japanese, we are also an arrogant and greedy people. We have embraced a system of values that’s advantageous to corporations and destructive for men and women.  Our technocrats are as confident that our nuclear reactors are safe as were the Japanese who claimed it was safe to build Fukushima on or near an earthquake fault line. The American nuclear power industry is greedy for more profits and thus willing to risk a future Fukushima-type catastrophe in this country in order to make a fast buck today.  The Congress is greedy for reelection and will take bribes from the nuclear power industry to protect protect that industry from shutdown.  The American people want cheap electricity and are willing to risk a future Fukushima-type catastrophe in order to have relatively cheap electricity, now.

So long as there’s money to be made, we will not shut down American nuclear power plants–until after we each begin to glow in the dark from radiation poisoning.

We are playing the fool and, like Japan, we will pay the fool’s price. The only question is When?



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11 responses to “Japan is Dying II

  1. Margaret

    August 30, 2011 at 5:57 PM

    I would say its already dead, it just hasn’t gasped its last breath. Here is 168 Hiroshimas

    This is the China Syndrome
    Fallout in Canada – Toronto
    Worst Case Scenario

    I heard lately that they’re actually talking about MOVING TOKYO otherwise the royal family won’t survive.

    What amazes me is that Japan has been the third largest economy in the world, but there is no mention of it at all, or the tens of thousands of jobs that disappeared in America because of the disaster.

    The Japanese plants were built by GE. America has somewhere in the area of 60- 70 of the identical plants here.

    One other thing that really sticks out in my mind. When the disaster unfolded, I remember being shocked that on news reports the banksters had their hands out to the Japanese government, and the FIRST THING that government did was to hand over 500 bn to them. I recall being horrified because it seemed to me that money would have been much better spent on dealing with the plants and taking care of their people, but that clearly wasn’t on the mind of the banksters.

    Finally, and this part is VERY IMPORTANT, there is a nuclear scientist with particular knowledge that discusses the scientific theory of what happened in Japan.

  2. Dom Mastroserio not (DOM MASTROSERIO)

    August 30, 2011 at 7:31 PM

    Ever since Bentham and his Utilitarian cohorts lobbied British Parliament to legalize usury, thus legitimizing and institutionalizing avarice; infusing this moral outrage into the already rampant, perverse aristocratic juggernaut of capitalistic pride and ascendancy that was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in England – our Western rulers and scientists have worked against humanity, helped to impoverish, sicken and enslave it

    It used to be a generally accepted ethic before the “time of these assassins” that whatever was under consideration for widespread practical application in the world had first to be fit for man.

    Then at the time I speak of, the dawn of the Neccesitarians, this ethic was scrapped for the modern Utilitarian capitalist plutocratic ideal, and in an ever descending spiral of Godlessness these thenceforth only asked “Is it good for profit”?; “Does it keep the machinery for explioitation and expropriation well greased?” “Will it make us richer and more powerful than the kings of old”?…And never again “Is it fit for man?”

    Is our world today fit for man?

    Early last century the great Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno, in a retort to some journalist probaly hounding him about some superficiality or other said:

    “Every day I believe less and less in the social question, and in the political question, and in all other questions people have invented in order that they shall not have to face resolutely the only real question that exists – the Human question. So long as we are not facing this question all that we are now doing is simply making noise so that we shall not hear it.”

    I have inscribed this citation on my study wall because since I read it my mind was cleared and I knew exactly what the world problem was without equivocation or mitigation and with the quirky memory of old age I never want to forget it

    The Human Question…

    This question is a shrieking endless siren for this question may not be answered before man has found a way to unstop his mind and heart; not answered before he has utterly destroyed himself.

  3. Hermes

    August 31, 2011 at 7:32 AM

    That human question is the core of experience and few of us are consciously aware of it. Sure we come across it…it stares us in the face all the time, higher self in action; yet we dont turn all the way IN. Do you think the world is a crazy and insane place? Perhaps you are overlooking your connection to it. There are no problems, only actions. It is simple…

    I have a picture of this simple idea here:

    It doesnt seem pictures upload…

  4. tom

    August 31, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    “I have little sympathy for the Japs. They were fool enough to build the Fukushima reactor near an earthquake fault line.”

    check out where many of ours were built. fools too.

    • Adask

      August 31, 2011 at 6:49 PM

      Exactly. We are just a dumb as the Japs.

  5. Hermes

    September 1, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    Ever stop and consider WHO rebuilt the country? And who OWNS this one so who do you think would be presiding over the rebuilding of the destroeyd nation?

    I just dont think its accidental…the way power works, its fall in line or fail. If you get into archoastrology and all the multi disciplines that have been created in the last two decades AND if you believe in ANY higher power, this stuff is not coincidental…its all fractals.

  6. Puddy Dunne

    September 18, 2011 at 11:10 AM

    When do we determine that this has by all accomplished by design? Many still cannot accept such a notion. Try to present the argument that the WTC was built specifically to fall at the apropo time, hence the rapid removal of the steel. Was the thermite still going to be present. Sure, but the steel was where the evidence was.

    Fractals, Hermes? I agree. Natural? Hmmm, I think not as you do. The events are all falsifiable but MSM and their committee have control over the minds and

    I personally do not believe in coincidence, improbables, black swans etc. but that in the depop models it is necessary to introduce the toxic radiation. Now the PTB have provided the logical consequence and can begin to work the Hegelian Dialectic for this particular rare bird.

    Japan and Haiti were events that I predicted in weather [ENMOD] models on our blog, Coalition of the Obvious. Fukushima may have been introduced by design rather than by effect of the scalar EMR endothermic implosions and Tectonic ELF.

    Connecting the dots would follow the agenda 21 model for another process known as AGW. Others are DU dumping, chemtrail dispersion, Solar reflecting, deforestation, arctic ionosperic heating, climate modeling manipulation and some others.

    You can form the triangles of the WTO, 911, WOT, Invasion of Sovereigns, Kinetic Arab Spring, austerity and all the others to this process for a UN Global Governance sustainablitity that as Hermes said can be followed by biblical or cognitive archoastrological theory. TRANSFORMATION is their game and I refer to it as Genesis 6.

    I greatly enjoyed your last appearance on Alex Jones and you provided great information to Alex and us listeners.


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