Black Friday Riots Evidence of Moral Decay? Or Congenital Silliness?

26 Nov

Buy More Stuff, Black Friday 2010

Image by Michael Holden via Flickr

The first  video was posted about a year ago.  It’s based, in part, on the “Black Friday” riots of A.D. 2010 when video cameras caught Americans trampling each other to get at the Christmas “bargains” in several stores.  The video shows a class of Americans who appear less than noble.  The point to the video is that America has become so materialistic, that it’s losing its dignity.  How are we going to save this country insofar as Washington DC is populated by a bunch of treasonous whores, and more than a few Americans are too ignorant and greedy to even want to be saved?

I’d say this video is “darker” than it needs to be, but it makes a point:   Welcome to the mobocracy.

Our government claims the people are “animals”.  I claim we’re not.  (See,  “Man or Other Animals“.)  This video tends to support the government’s claim rather than my own.

video  00:04:00

On the other hand, here’s an A.D. 2011 Black Friday feeding frenzy over sale-priced waffle makers.  I’m amused by the number of fat people scuffling to get hold of a waffle maker (that will help make them even fatter).  Unlike the previous video, this one is kinda funny.  The people aren’t pathetic so much as ridiculous.  Our tendency to “stampede” is not necessarily evidence of moral decay so much as a kind of silliness.  America is not yet lost.


video  00:00:40


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4 responses to “Black Friday Riots Evidence of Moral Decay? Or Congenital Silliness?

  1. Joseph S Haas

    November 26, 2011 at 11:38 AM

    Yup, as a participant to get my free (WALT DISNEY Brand “Mickey Mouse” with Christmas Wreath) snow dome (“Made in China”) at J C PENNY yesterday morning @ the 4:00 a.m. ring of the opening door bell to the mall and then over to SEARS for the (THOMAS KINKADE “Painter of Light”) Christmas Bulb Ornament (also Made in China) after buying a 3-pack of socks for $7.00 (or $2.33 per pair, or about $1.15 per sock) , of while waiting in line at the checkout I was kidding with the customer in front of me that next year, the customers will probably be fitted with a Thanksgiving Tie-On-The-Old-Feedbag, gobbling up whatever in a NOT “Shop ’till you Drop” BUT “Slop while you shop”! (;-)

  2. Dom Mastroserio, not (DOM MASTROSERIO)

    November 26, 2011 at 5:04 PM

    I recall that it was not merely the occupying Roman forces and Governor or the Jewish religious authorities alone who had Christ crucified…the people we asked to choose who they would rather set free for Passover’s sake…and the people chose Barrabas.

  3. chris

    November 26, 2011 at 10:30 PM

    the most disturbing scenes are out of AZ, where a man tried to keep his grandson safe, in a shopping -feeding frenzy, and got assaulted by the POLICE, the other class of animals.. that have the market on force, cornered…

  4. chris

    November 26, 2011 at 11:12 PM


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