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Black Perspectives on Ron Paul

Ron Paul Visiblast

Image by Jayel Aheram via Flickr

Ron Paul’s candidacy is for real.  He’s no longer a mere also-ran, he’s at least a legitimate contender, and quite probably the real front-runner.

The mainstream media that previously refused to say Ron Paul’s name, are now smearing him with charges of being “dangerous” and/or “racist”.

Here’s a video of half a dozen African-American’s rejecting the claim that Ron Paul is a racist.  I’m so conditioned from seeing Black rappers, gangsters, pimps and haters of whites on TV, that I’m surprised to see real Blacks talking fairly and objectively.  The media presents Blacks as such a monolithic group, that I’m surprised to see that Blacks aren’t all falling for the “race card”.

According to one of the interviewees, Ron Paul “may sound wacky to the average American . . . because he actually makes sense.”

If Congressman Paul’s message even resonates in the African-American community, he’s going to be tough to stop.

video  00:11:20!


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The Debt Generation

The national debt clock outside the IRS office...

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Here’s a brief video created by some Tennessee College students.  The video is affiliated with the Republican Party.  That grates a bit.  But it’s a strong video and an impressive statement by youth who do not wish to be reduced by government to the status of debt-slaves.




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High Taxes

I received an email with this photo.  It’s entitled “California bureaucracy”:


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99% Choir Forecloses on Bank of America

Christmas CarolersWatch ’em infiltrate the Bank of America with caroler’s costumes.  It’s Christmas and these carolers look harmless.




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Mike Maloney: Gold Going to $5,000 Minimum–$20,000 Probable

Picture from Facebook Profile of Mike Maloney

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Mike Maloney is an internationally-known author and gold/silver dealer.  He’s knowledgeable, articulate and makes great graphs for communicating his ideas.

He anticipates that a new global financial system is coming with a currency backed by gold.  He goes on to explain that “if history repeats,” we should see $15,000 to $20,000 gold.  He projects that, mathematically, $203,000 gold is conceivable–although extremely unlikely.  He’s unable to imagine gold will not at least reach a $5,000 price level.

I think he’s right.  $5,000 gold is virtually certain within the next five years.  $20,000 is likely within 10 years.

If the world’s financial system imposes a new currency system backed by gold, these prices could be reached suddenly and much sooner.

video      00:12:34


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A “State of the United States”

English: Map of the United States of America.

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I try not to publish anything on this blog that wastes my readers’ time. I’d like to provide some “insight” with each article, but I know that some of my articles are merely interesting (I hope) or sometimes (at best) amusing. But every so often I find myself writing an article that I think might be more than interesting, or amusing or even insightful. Once in a while, the Good LORD lets me write something that I (at least) think is important. I think this is one of those articles.

I’m not claiming that this article is well written or easily understood. I’m simply saying that this article contains the germ or an idea, an insight, that I believe is important and so far, unnoticed. I’ll undoubtedly write a couple more articles on this subject over the next several months. By the time I get to the 2nd or 3rd article on this subject, I should be able to explain with much greater clarity.

Nevertheless, if you’ll make the effort to overcome my imperfect writing, I hope you’ll learn something that you may also believe to be important: some fundamental differences between the “United States” and “The United States of America”.

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The Origins of Christmas

Carlo Saraceni - The Birth of Christ - WGA20827

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As some of you may still recall, the purpose for Christmas is not to wait on the Christmas sales or get fat on egg nog.  The purpose is to celebrate the birth of Christ.

That celebration is always a little disturbing because, for years, I’ve heard that the Christ’s true birthday was probably in the Spring (March or April) rather than in December.  I’ve also heard that His birth took place in September.

Since I wasn’t there at the time, I don’t know when the Christ was born. But I have little doubt that, whatever the true date of Christ’s birth, modern Christmas celebrations on December 25th are ultimately based on the fact that, for the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year.  Ancient cultures recognized this fact, and tended to use the winter solstice as cause for celebrations.

Today, the winter solstice actually occurs around December 21st or 22nd.  But in 46 BC, Julius Caesar declared the winter  solstice to occur on December 25th.  Thereafter the people of Europe tended to have a celebration every December 25th.

Later, the Holy Roman Empire–contrary to evidence found in the Bible–declared the birth of Christ to have taken place on December 25th.  That declaration was almost certainly based on political considerations.  The people most countries were already celebrating on December 25th–why not tell them that they were celebrating the birth of Christ?

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