90 Days?

31 Jan

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In my January 16th, A.D. 2012, article, “Invading Iran (Rounding Up the Usual Suspects),” I reported on Iran’s recent decision to sell crude oil to India for gold rather than fiat dollars or even fiat rupees.   I explained my belief that the U.S., EU, NATO, the central bankers, and the New World Order would be thereby compelled to invade and destroy Iran.  By moving away from all fiat currencies, Iran was implicitly returning the world towards a gold standard.  By doing so, the Iranians had struck a potentially mortal blow against all big governments, all central bankers, and the New World Order—all of which are ultimately built on fiat currencies.  I predicted that the “forces of fiat” would be compelled to invade and destroy Iran as an act of self-preservation.

Until that time, the primary pretext for invading Iran was Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  We had to invade to prevent Iran from getting “the bomb”.  The actual reason for invading was probably to seize control of some Iranian oil wells.  In other words, our government’s primary reason for invading Iran was looting–to steal Iranian oil.

Looting is a time-honored reason for invading a foreign country.  Armies have marched since time began in order to loot weaker nations and steal their wealth.

Looting is one of the “fun” reasons to invade a foreign country.  But it’s not a compelling reason.  Sure, we’d like to rob Iran, and if we get the chance, we will–but we are not compelled to invade Iran simply to steal their crude oil.

However, I also reported that, on January 15th,

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was interviewed on Face The Nation and said,

“I think the pressure of the sanctions, the diplomatic pressures from everywhere, Europe, the United States, elsewhere, it’s working to put pressure on them.  To make them understand that they cannot continue to do what they’re doing. Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No. But we know that they’re trying to develop a nuclear capability, and that’s what concerns us.”

I observed that Secretary of Defense Panetta had thereby destroyed the Iran-is-getting-the-bomb pretext du jour for invading.

I concluded:

“After Leon Panetta’s admission that Iran has no nuclear weapons program, I’m not convinced that Iran will be invaded.  Without a plausible rationale, the special interests might not be able to invade.  (But if somebody could sink a ship or two in the Strait of Hormuz and pin the rap on Iran, there’d be “reason” to invade.)

“Before Secretary of Defense Panetta’s admission that Iran has no nuclear weapons program, I’d have placed the odds in favor of invading Iran at 4:1.  Today, after Panetta’s admission, I’d place the odds at 3:2 in favor of invasion.”

The problem with the January 16th article is that there was only a single source (DEBKAfile) alleging that Iran was going to sell its crude to India (and soon, China).  There was some doubt if the story was true.

•  On January 27th, I posted “Iran to Sell Crude Oil for Gold Story CONFIRMED”.  In this article, I presented evidence from other credible sources to affirm that Iran was, indeed, preparing to sell its crude for gold.

I concluded,


“The sale of crude oil for gold is not an absolute guarantee that Iran will be attacked or invaded, but it’s pretty close.  The world is shaking, right now.  The world is being changed by the sale of crude for gold.  If this sale is allowed to stand, the U.S. dollar will die, and the New World Order will expire.  The world is at war.”

While invading Iran for the purpose of looting Iranian oil is a nice reason, it’s not compelling.  It depends.  Maybe we’ll invade and loot.  Maybe we won’t.

But when Iran started trading its crude for gold, Iran directly threatened all fiat currencies, all central banks, all big governments, and the New World Order.  This threat is mortal.  If the world is allowed to sell crude oil (and then other commodities) for gold, all fiat currencies and all the institutions that depend on them will be destroyed.

Thus, invading Iran is no longer optional.  It’s virtually mandatory as a means to stop Iran (and any other nations that would like to emulate Iran) from selling crude for something other that fiat currencies.


•  Consistent with this mandate,  The Washington Times for January 30th, A.D. 2012 (see, “Pannetta:  Iran Could Have Bomb Within a Year”), Secretary of Defense Panetta said on Sunday, January 29th,


“U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned on Sunday that Iran could develop a nuclear bomb within a year and reiterated that the U.S. would do anything to stop it . . . .

“When asked if “whatever steps necessary’ include military steps, he responded, ‘There are no options that are off the table.’”

Just two weeks earlier Panetta told Face the Nation that Iran did not have a nuclear bomb and, more, had no plans to build one.  At that time, Panetta seemed to destroy the pretext for invading Iran.  But on January 29th, Panetta reversed himself and assured us that 1) Iran could have a nuclear device within one year and, ominously, 2) “the U.S. would do anything to stop it.”

“Anything” presumably includes dropping bombs from the air, invading with soldiers on the ground, or in the extreme even “nuking” Iran.

Panetta’s statement reads like an admission that the pretext for invading Iran has been restored; that the U.S. government therefore intends to invade Iran—and probably soon.  Panetta’s statement is clearly in line with last Tuesday’s State of the Union speech where President Obama said,


“Let there be no doubt: America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal.”

•  Here’s another report from DEBKAfile (“Massive US Military Buildup on Two Strategic Islands:  Socotra and Masirah”) that was published on January 27th, but I didn’t see until today.  In that article DEBKAfile alleges,


“Sources estimate from the current pace of arrivals on the two island bases, that 50,000 US troops will have accumulated on Socotra and Masirah by mid-February. They will top up the 50,000 military already present in the Persian Gulf region, so that in less than a month, Washington will have some 100,000 military personnel on the spot and available for any contingency.”

I don’t know that 100,000 military personnel are sufficient to invade Iran.  I also don’t know what sort of climatic conditions must be taken into consideration.  Does Iran have a “rainy season” in April and May?  Nevertheless, I suspect that, as invasions go, it’s a lot more pleasant to invade Iran in the Spring than in the Summer.

But there are also political considerations.  Should Obama invade this Spring?  Or would he get more of a political bounce for this year’s presidential election if he waited until next Fall?

Of course, it’s possible that Panetta’s remarks and the recent buildup of troops in the Middle East are simply attempts to bluff Iran into reaching some diplomatic agreement whereby Iran will agree to stop selling crude for gold.  On the other hand, Panetta’s remarks, the troop buildup, the weather, and the mortal threat Iran has posed against the world’s central bankers and the fiat monetary system, suggest that there’s at least a 90% probability that U.S. and/or Israeli military will attack Iran within 90 days.

More, Iraq dared to sell its crude for fiat euros (rather than fiat dollars) in A.D. 2000.  By doing so, Iraq threatened the fiat dollar, the world reserve currency, and the New World Order.   We invaded in A.D. 2003 on the false pretext that Iraq had WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) and stayed for most of nine years.  That was a pretty stiff punishment for Iraq having had the audacity to dare sell its crude for a fiat currency other than fiat dollars.

Today, Iran is threatening to sell its crude for gold rather than any fiat currency.  In comparison, Iraq’s audacity in A.D. 2000 (selling crude for fiat euros) was a misdemeanor.  Iran’s current threat to sell crude for gold is, comparatively, a felony . . . a capital offense.  Iran is threatening all fiat currencies, all central banks, and all big governments—especially the New World Order.

I can’t give prophecy on such matters, but if my meager understanding of money and geopolitics is roughly correct, those military forces that serve central banks and fiat currencies are about to subject Iran to the single most devastating, brutal assault that nation has ever experienced or imagined.   Under the pretext that Iran might acquire a nuclear WMD, our government appears determined to subject Iran to a dose of “shock and awe” that would make Hitler proud.

I’m guessing that a major assault against Iran will be launched within the next 90 days.

We shall see.


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16 responses to “90 Days?

  1. Hognutz

    January 31, 2012 at 10:11 PM

    Sadly, you are probably right Mr. Adask…….

  2. Margaret

    January 31, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    As horrifying as this is, it is all too plausible.

  3. Mike

    January 31, 2012 at 10:48 PM

    Thanks for connecting the dots in such a clear manner. It would be my wish that you could reach more and although I try to share your articles, urge you to expand your web presence as far and wide as you are able.
    If in fact this is as much as you want to do, then please keep doing it because you bring so much to the conversation and have opened my mind to a truth I hadn’t before seen.
    Thanks again~

  4. Jethro

    January 31, 2012 at 11:30 PM

    Sounds like sometime between Jan. 15 and 29, someone had a little sit down with Leon to straighten a few things out.

  5. Chris

    February 1, 2012 at 12:08 AM

    No! No! No!

    Why are Iran & Venezuela shifting to GOLD & other National Denominations, than the “Global International Monetary Unit”??

    Could it possibly be because the WESTERN WORLD system is based upon the Dollar as the Global Unit?? (“Bretton wood Agreement”?) — “Ya Thunk!?

    While OIL CONTROL is the “END GAME”, the WEDGE is the change over from the Dollar Monetary Unit to a precious metal…(Back to the Gold or Silver Standard).

    So…(since the Power Elite are looking to maintain their ULTIMATE CONTROL on the Financial & Production venues), clearly the CONTROL of the ECONOMIC SYSTEM is essential, and the CENTRAL motivation of ALL decision making in the Globe!

  6. Chris

    February 1, 2012 at 12:38 AM

    O.K., Now I’ll paint the picture CLEARLY….Before the end of WWII…America, (and her allies), were aware that they would be the “ONLY MAN STANDING”…”THE LAST Army to leave the the field”!

    In other words — The VICTORS!

    So, they would be the ones who got to CHOOSE how economics & production worked, Globally.

    The “Bretton Woods Agreement” was the political outcome of the PEACE TREATY — between Germany & the Allies — .and that agreement established the monetary system of the GLOBE!

    OIL could ONLY be — LEGALLY — Purchased with Dollars!…NOW…Iran, Russia, Venezuela, China, and others, are challenging the “Breton woods Agreement” and establishing a NEW financial system! OOPS! LOOK OUT! Destruction of the OLD SYSTEM is occurring!

  7. Chris

    February 1, 2012 at 12:52 AM

    Now…let’s listen to Jim Sinclair’s, [], last Interview that declares the future of the E.U.’s future…(not to mention the USA’s)…OOPS! Not good news!…If you’ve got “fiat Money” investments…best move on to more PHYSICALLY VALUED assets…(like land or houses).

  8. Patrick

    February 1, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    I don’t disagree with your assessment in fact I would put it down into the first two weeks of March.per the web bots. (got anything better :) )

    It will be an Israeli “mistake” that leads us down that path…but then something happens unexpectedly…I am starting to lean on a feeling that perhaps our military instead of retaliating on the foreign “enemies” chooses to go after the domestic ones in a massive worldwide military stand down while we clean house. Sure it is a reach but intentions alter quantum reality and Zep Tepi reigns now!

    I’m sure we have our own suspicions on her role in the Grand scheme.. but how often does this happen?

  9. Joe

    February 1, 2012 at 9:30 AM

    “Illuminists” are obsessed with date and time. They believe that by choosing the correct date and time for their actions, their endeavors will garner the favor of spiritual principalities. Several of the pagan spring holy days require blood sacrifices the evening prior, among them being the spring equinox (in 2012, March 20) and Beltain (May 1). The spring equinox falls in March, a month named in honor of the Roman god of war, Mars.

    • Patrick

      February 1, 2012 at 9:53 AM

      Here’s a funny series of events over the weekend and this morning…means nothing, but I take my own approach to awareness.

      All day Saturday I kept running into 3/27…two separate bags (&brands!) of chips on the same day from two different stores roughly 20 miles apart had 3/27 sell by dates. My wife even start noticing this after the chips! She remembers this better than me, it’s happening a lot lately.

      Last week, during the week gas around my house at the three corner gas stores for 3, maybe 4 days was 3.27 a gallon. This also happens to be my birthday…today is my dad’s birthday.

      This morning I stopped at a Walgreen’s and as I walk in the cashier says to a customer, that will be 9/11 sir. I chuckle…the reason I chuckle is not 10 minutes before that I was watching the local news report on the towers rebuilt after 9/11 are being delayed due to some ports that aren’t ready.

      I think on the duality that was two towers and the unification of now one tower. The duality is dying right before our eyes…what will we build in its place?

  10. Ummer Farooq

    February 1, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    Technically speaking, Iran using Gold, is like a thousand nukes being sent up in one day.

    • Patrick

      February 1, 2012 at 10:31 AM


      You just made me think, Iran is actually making it RAIN! (dont know if I am the only one who understands this slang phrase around here)

      They are raining petrodollars on the world right now! A few billion a day I’m sure!!!! HAHAHAHA!

  11. Debra Caruthers

    February 2, 2012 at 8:32 AM

    Thank you again, Mr. Adask, for such clarity in explaining the situation. I too wonder if the U.S. will actually attempt an invasion … but Iran is such a huge country that I would think you would several hundred thousand boots on the ground, much more than the boots need for Iraq and Afghanistan. I fear that Panetta will go for a nuclear option instead of the boots. Panettal will say, and do, whatever his puppet masters command. As you say, it will definitely be another “shock and awe” operation.

    As to the timing, I wholeheartedly agree with Joe’s comments above: this is the most important battle to be launched in the known written history of mankind, and the Illuminists will most definitely be synchronizing its launch with their demonic timetables. Also wanted to point out that the D-Day of Greece’s debt problem also happens to fall on March 20th, near the Equinox. Somehow this will play into the Iran situation.

    I also appreciated your comparison of “Iraq’s misdemeanor” but “Iran’s felony” — perfect analogy!

  12. Ida Jo Tocco

    February 2, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    My study is destruction of the Iran/Persia around September/October we will see!


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