Obama Wants “GLOBAL Minimum Tax”

14 Feb

Gene Sperling

Gene Sperling (Photo credit: canada.2020)

Gene Sperling is the Director of the White House National Economic Council and works closely with President Obama.  During an interview on C-SPAN, Mr. Sperling admitted that the Obama administration is seeking to implement a “global minimum tax” to insure that no one on earth avoids paying his “fair share” of taxes.

Are these people out of their freaking minds?  WTF does Obama find authority to push for any taxes outside the borders and jurisdiction of the United States?  What makes Obama and those who support or control him suppose that they have any constitutional authority to impose taxes on the people of Africa, Asia and South America?  The fact that no such constitutional authority exists is absolute evidence that Obama is a “globalist” who recognizes no duty to be bound by the Constitution.

The idea that this government would even dream of imposing taxes beyond our borders is good evidence that our government also expects to rule far beyond our borders.  The implications are chilling.  We have elected a “constitutional scholar” to the White House who has absolutely no respect for the Constitution and is instead devoted to a New World Order.

I don’t know if Obama’s crazy or satanic, but he’s an American in name only.  He barely pays lip service to America.  His allegiance is to forces and institutions that aren’t merely foreign–but are antagonistic–to our country  The treasonous bastard’s gotta go.





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14 responses to “Obama Wants “GLOBAL Minimum Tax”

  1. Chris

    February 14, 2012 at 8:52 PM

    Wow. Just wow. And to think that we as a country can’t come up with some way to force his hand and get this taken to the supreme Court and get this sham cast out of office. What’s that said about fraud? Anything completed fraudulently is as if it never happened? Guess the banks should be trembling in their shoes when they have to return all of the TARP money!

  2. Doug

    February 15, 2012 at 3:11 AM

    Personally, my beliefs and principles will not allow me to financially support the “beast.” The word “worship” is a compound word that is derived from “worth” and “ship” … and indicates where one sends (ships) that of value (worth). I see funding the gov-co as a form of worshipping the Beast.

    A man (and we’re all different in many respects) living in what’s purported to be a free society shouldn’t be forced to align himself (herself) with an ideology that’s diametrically opposed to his conscience.

    Whether it’s Obama or Bush or Clinton – they’re all alike – figure heads or sock puppets that act as the sales rep for the satanic forces implementing the globalist agenda.

    Withdrawal from participation in “their system” is the peaceful means by which the global agenda can be slowed. Otherwise, we’ll find ourselves immersed in the chaos that “their side” has been pushing for at an ever increasing incremental rate for the last 150 years.

    “Just say no to thugs” !

  3. Charles

    February 15, 2012 at 3:53 AM

    Quoting, “WTF does Obama find authority to push for any taxes outside the borders and jurisdiction of the United States?”

    Is Obama still chair of the UN Security Council? If so that should tell you where his loyalties are, and where he finds the authority.

  4. readerVS

    February 15, 2012 at 11:11 AM

    Well,,,If you live on PLANTATION USA.. With the House Nigger in Chief at the helm….then you might agree that BARRY the Indonesian is your Boy In The White House.
    BARRY is not really OUR PRESIDENT. As you all must know, THE OVAL OFFICE IS VACANT.
    Barry is an interloper ILLEGAL ALIEN just doing his job. .. hired by George Soros et al.

    It is well known that he and his bitch Michelle, have a couple of BILLION DOLLARS IN OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS at the expense of the gullible real American populace
    I know we all agree on that one as per his records or lack of them.

    The Old World Order opposing the New Order of the Ages as YAHWEH as ordained, has been trying for 100 years to compel White America to bow their knee and send Feudal payments to the United Nations..League of Nations, British Crown who own all the earth..etc etc.

    In short, the OWO (old world order) is really masquerading as the NWO. check it out and you will find lots of info and understanding. Good Luck…. readerV.S

    • Chris

      February 15, 2012 at 3:59 PM

      On the subject of GLOBAL TAXING, (B.O., [the stinker of D.C.], is not worth comment). I’ve just received a very revealing notice of intent, from a friend in Chile.

      I’ll simply copy/paste his entire blog, and you can comment. I find this EXTREMELY revealing, in context to this present blog & exchange. Here tis’:

      —————————————— ARTICLE BEGINS —————————————————-

      The despicable truth emerges about FATCA
      by Simon Black

      February 15, 2012
      Santiago, Chile

      The Foreign Account Tax Compliance act, or FATCA, is one of the most arrogant pieces of legislation ever conceived. President Obama signed the Act into law in 2010, and there are a some key provisions that are important to understand.

      Reporting Requirements of US Tax Serfs holding Foreign Financial Assets

      According to the IRS, “FATCA requires certain U.S. taxpayers holding foreign financial assets with an aggregate value exceeding $50,000 to report certain information about those assets on a new form (Form 8938) that must be attached to the taxpayer‚Äôs annual tax return.”
      In other words, the law extends the existing reporting and disclosure requirements for US citizens and residents holding certain assets abroad.

      Reporting Requirements of Foreign Financial Institutions

      This is the part that’s really arrogant. The US government is requiring any foreign organization it deems to be a financial institution to enter into an information-sharing agreement with the IRS. They’re effectively trying to regulate what foreign companies do on foreign soil. Seriously arrogant.

      The analogy I always use is that it’s like the government of Saudi Arabia forbidding US grocery store chains from selling pork to Saudi citizens who happen to be on US soil.

      Here’s the kicker. Foreign banks who thumb their nose at the US government and do not enter into the information sharing agreement face a steep penalty: a 30% tax will be withheld on US-source income that goes to, or through, their bank.

      So let’s say XYZ Bank in some offshore jurisdiction doesn’t enter into the agreement. The next time a payment goes from JP Morgan to any account holder at XYZ Bank, JP Morgan will withhold 30% of it.

      The implications of this legislation are extraordinary. The old saying, “That which is about to fall… deserves to be pushed,” comes to mind. The global banking system is already so broken and wounded. FATCA is going to finish it off.

      I’m starting to believe that it was designed to be this way. Even the most casual read of the legislation leads one to conclude that it was intentionally written to be ambiguous and unenforceable.

      For example, the law requires that US tax serfs must report foreign financial accounts held at foreign financial institutions (FFI). What is an FFI? A bank? Brokerage? Gold dealer? Trust company? It’s not clear.

      The law defines ‘foreign financial institution’ using the term ‘foreign financial account,’ and vice versa.

      It’s like someone who has no concept of baseball asking, “What is a first baseman?” And responding, “The guy next to the second baseman…”

      “OK, so what is a second baseman…?”

      “The guy next to the first baseman.”

      Such ambiguities are so obvious that there are only two possibilities. Either the people drafting the legislation are complete idiots, or the ambiguities are intentional for the sake of giving executive agencies wide latitude.

      I believe it is the latter… which makes FATCA even more insidious. Ambiguity in legislative language means that the enforcement agencies, charged with executing the laws, have a lot of leeway in how they interpret the rules, and formulate their own policies.

      If the law doesn’t specifically state what a foreign financial institution is, then the IRS gets to come up with that definition, (and penalties for noncompliance), on its own.

      It’s also clear, at this point, that FATCA was intentionally designed to be unenforceable. Think about it – every single ‘foreign financial institution’ (whatever that is…) — on the planet, has to enter into an information-sharing agreement with the IRS? How is that REMOTELY realistic?

      It’s not.

      What’s more, every foreign financial institution that DOES enter into an agreement, has to further agree to withhold a 30% tax on payments to other foreign financial institutions, that do NOT enter into the agreement.

      Again, not even remotely possible.

      There are millions of foreign wire payments made every single day. Banks are supposed to be able to know which of the beneficiary banks entered into an agreement and which didn’t… and the US government is going to supervise the whole thing?

      Fat chance.

      This, brought to you by the folks who couldn’t get bottled water to New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina fiasco, and the banks, who were robosigning hundreds of thousands of contracts without any oversight?

      So, why would they pass a law that has no real hope of being appropriately implemented?

      Two reasons.

      The first is fear. Fear is a powerful weapon, and if the US scares the crap out of foreign banks, most banks will simply close their doors to US tax serfs… thus limiting the offshore options.

      This has already happened, Switzerland is a notable example.

      The second, is to expand the scope of Big Brother.

      A few days ago, the Treasury Department issued a joint statement with the governments of the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, on government information sharing agreements, which would preclude banks from having to sign up individually with the IRS. Other countries are expected to join the pact.

      In other words, Congress passes a law that’s impossible to implement. Foreign banks get really nervous and petition their governments for a solution. Governments agree, and enter into a mass government-to-government agreement, by which, ALL information is shared with everyone.

      Banks are off the hook. Governments get all the information they want. And it’s becoming obvious that this was the intention all along.

      Ah, so.

      Financial privacy, meet speeding bullet!

      ——————————————– ARTICLE ENDS HERE ———————————————–

      Well now, THIS certainly lends credance to Mr. Sperlman’s statement, doesn’t it? The U.S. govt., trying to tell foreign Govt.s what they can and cannot do with American citizens, residing, or doing business with the foreign Govt.!?!

      So, this CERTAINLY depicts an American Admin. gone quite beserk…and so arrogant as to CLEARLY offend ANY Sovereign Nation that the Bo.O. Stinker’s admin. assualts with this melicious intent!

      I think what this indicates is that, in fact, the “B.O. stinker’s” Administration’s job is to SOOOO infuriate Foreign Nations, that they will cease doing business with us!

      AND, {even more serious}, this will further feed the fires of Internationally shared hatred of this Nation…thus PREparing the “World oppinon” for accepting the reasoning: “The envitalility is that the U.S.A., MUST be brought to accountability, and it’s beserk Global Power grab MUST be stopped — By WHATEVER means necessary!

      Which “means”, BTW, is detailed in Revelation 18.

      FIRST, gives God’s reasoning:[ 4 – 8]; then, the angel gives a solom WARNING & PLEDGE: [9 – 19]; and then, gives God’s assurence that, what has just transpired, is THOROUGHLY NECESSARY: [20], and then, finaly, HIS Angel reiterates the reasoning for this severe judgement!


  5. Chris

    February 15, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    Well, a couple of things come to mind:

    #1] What’s the source of this information?

    the reason I ask is NOT that I’m doubting you Al, but, because such a plan is so outrageously arrogantly audacious that even B.O. (the stinker of D.C.), doesn’t fit the bill. He’s CERTAINLY arrogant, but he’s ALSO, NOTHING MORE than a paid puppet…and puppet’s aren’t allowed to rule Worlds…ONLY masters can do that! So…I question the validity of this plan, first. But!

    If it IS genuinely being planed, then

    #2] We’re CLEARLY seeing the foundations set for the NWO, (FAR FURTHER ALONG than I’d believed it was — I expected the WAR to supply the ultimate reason for it to be needed – vis-vis the establishment of the U.N.).

    And #3] It certainly seems far fetched, and incredibly stupid, BUT! Then again, what if that’s the entire point? To do, or propose, or try to institute such policies or plans, as to convince the rest of Global Leadership that the U.S. leadership is coming unhinged…and meglamaniac enough to warrant SERIOUS efforts to end their reign of power!?! In other words, giving REASONABLE worth to the idea of the “10 Kings to turn on the Whore”…or, at LEAST, “sowing the seeds of hatred” that will grow into a reason for the destruction of the Whore…

    After all, don’t EVER forget that, on 9/11, this Country, (as well as the Worlds Nations), entered into a sphere of spiritual “power shifting” {“Principalities & powers, rulers of the darkness of this World…” – Eph. 6:12 & Dan. 10:13 & 20}; the likes of which has not occurred in millennia! And, THIS TIME around, the “Prince of the power of the air” is FULLY in charge of the ENTIRE power shift show…not some nincompoop like B.O.!

    So, (of course, I CAN be very wrong — hopefully I AM), but, IF Syria DOES go down, and then the EU crumbles or suffers a MAJOR set of “power shifts”, (new “princes” being established over old “Principalities”), then we should ALL study Revelation 12 through 14 & 17 VERY CLOSELY, as the Chap. 13 & 17 king & kingdom is VERY likely, PRESENTLY on the rise.

  6. Ryan

    February 15, 2012 at 12:31 PM

    Well Obama wants it, but I dont think the US could enforce it. But, say we were all beholden to a world bank and their regulations…couldn’t it then be pushed on all of us? Isn’t that the point of a “new world currency”? Either way, this is terrifying.

    • Chris

      February 15, 2012 at 1:36 PM

      Thank you! You’re a real Christian gentleman sir! And, I’m very relieved, as I was a bit worried that you’d take offense.

      As for likelihood of Mr. Sperling “misspeaking”, I ALWAYS check such possiblities against F.D.R.’s famous quote: “NOTHING happens within the beltway, that was not PLANED. IF it happens, you can be sure it was planed”. And, ESPECIALLY with this Administration!

      This is, undoubtedly, the MOST OCCULTISH & the and DARKEST Admin. yet!

      And I have absolutely NO DOUBT that these people are FULLY orchestrated to do whatever it takes to destroy this Republic, AND fulfill their responsibilities to their Master[s]. Removing this Representative, Republic system is a PRIMARY necessity for a NEW World order to be established.

      Also, BTW, there’s an “EMP False Flag” rumor floating around, which, COULD be a single City event, (NYC {Bloomberg}, or CHICAGO {Emmanuel} come to mind).

      I have LITTLE doubt that (whatever they do), it’ll be significant enough to unify the GP for another lash back…i.e. Afghanistan invasion…and God knows the ground work is being WELL established through BOTH Iran & Israel, not to mention, now, the U.S. There’s JUST come out a rumor that Navy SEALs have “leaked”, (to Ed Ashner of all suspicious sources), that a False Flag event, here, will preseed & trigger a War. So, it’s looking grimmer & grimmer!

      PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to any reliable sources you have! Amos 3::7 is STILL a guarantee!

  7. Adask

    February 15, 2012 at 12:37 PM

    First, I don’t mind if people question my credibility. I take no offense. In fact, I routinely warn people on my radio show and also in the “About” tab on this blog that they shouldn’t take anything I say as Gospel. I attempt to provide information and theories that I hope others will consider, but not necessarily believe.

    Second, the “source” of the fundamental information that Obama was working for a global tax is the video interview of Gene Sperling–who is closely associated with Obama. Perhaps Sperling misspoke, but that seems unlikely. I presume that Sperling spoke inadvertently and accidentally let the cat out of the bag. But I am not privy to whatever Obama thinks. Maybe Sperling’s statement is true, maybe not. Decide for yourself.

    But I agree with your remark that if Obama is pushing for a global income tax, the New World Order is much further along than you (and I) had supposed. If Obama is already pushing for a global tax, we are a lot closer to “end times” than I’d previously supposed. Reading Revelation is, therefore, a very sensible idea.

    • dasanco

      February 17, 2012 at 7:24 PM

      I think the obvious is being missed here people?! Like a 2 ton elephant in the room.

      We need to STOP arguing Constitutional v. Unconstitutional

      Our reality is NON-Constitutional.
      It is/(was) neither created by, nor owes any duty to, the Constitution, period.

      Once we can accept this very basic fact, we can move forward. Perhaps to a Constitutional form of government. Arguably, it would be for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY. The BETA program didn’t work so well.

      Before anyone jumps back at me about the Constitution, please preempt your argument and positions with the “facts” of the exact voting result of the People from each Union State with the dates of the People’s votes which authorized the Constitution’s authority to the land. And keep in mind if you’d like to argue this point, Representatives are authorized to act only under their founding ‘choice-of-law’. That authority can never extend OUTSIDE of that “choice”. To do so would be to infer they could have as easily and lawfully invoked a Communist form a law as any other. Surely common-sense makes that absurd! We’d need to re-label them Wardens or Guardians for that expectation to be valid.

      The bottom line is, the Constitution was a agreement/compact between the governments of the Union States to consolidate a portion of their delegated authority to BENEFIT THEM. That agreement was without severability. Let me repeat that; That agreement was without severability. That means ALL aspects of the agreement/compact MUST BE MAINTAINED at ALL TIMES (or have been officially altered through amendment). Once any portion of the agreement/compact fails honorable execution, the agreement/compact becomes void. At least a “dozen” (some say as many as thirty) requisites of the Constitution have failed at some point since ratification.

      Additionally, there are may other arguments that the Constitution may never have been of any actual authority to begin with. But from the perspective of “How does it affect my life today”. It does not, at all. How does it affect the US Government today. It does not, at all. With a minor except of the opinion of the Supreme Court of United States

      Today’s US Government is not Constitutional.
      Today’s US Government is not Unconstitutional.
      Today’s US Government is NON-Constitutional.

      Let’s accept thing as they really are figure out what me need to do next. Trying to shove the genie back into a bottle whence he never came, is futile.

  8. machinepolice

    February 16, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    i have tried to look at things from Obama’s prospective but i cant get my head that far up my ass.

  9. Carlos

    February 19, 2012 at 3:58 PM

    Just Google; ‘ spiritual white boy accounts ‘. The money is there…..

  10. Christian Gains

    February 20, 2012 at 12:04 AM

    DASANCO — Start teaching…you ask for someone to: “…Before anyone jumps back at me about the Constitution, please preempt your argument and positions with the “facts” of the exact voting result of the People from each Union State with the dates of the People’s votes which authorized the Constitution’s authority to the land. And keep in mind if you’d like to argue this point, Representatives are authorized to act only under their founding ‘choice-of-law’. That authority can never extend OUTSIDE of that “choice”…”. That’s fine, (tho I do not know what you refer to as to “…voting result of the people from each Union State with the dates of the people’s votes which authorized the Constitution’s authority TO THE LAND…”).

    So, why don’t you, (and this is not meant, in any sense, as a demeaning challenge, but, rather, as a request), begin giving date, page, and Document evidence of your view.

    Apparently you believe that the ORIGINAL Constitution was never “Legally” Ratified…So, as Red Beckman did, please enlighten us.


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