Iran Doesn’t Need Nuclear Weapons to Destroy Israel

20 Mar

Nuclear Power Plant Michigan City

Nuclear Power Plant (Photo credit: Paul J Everett)

Israel has at least one nuclear power plant.

Israel has one or more stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

Israel has an advanced biological weapons program.

Do these instances of nuclear and biological power make Israel strong or weak?

If the core of Israel’s nuclear power plant, and/or the stockpiles of nuclear weapons, and/or the stockpile of biological weapons are attacked and exploded by mere conventional explosives, Israel could be destroyed or at least badly damaged by the nuclear and/or biological weapons that are already on Israeli soil.

Iran has medium range ballistic missiles that are guided by GPS and therefore extremely accurate.  These medium range missiles are armed with conventional hi-explosives.  If these conventional explosives were to strike Israel’s nuclear power plant, nuclear stockpiles or bio-weapons facilities, the resultant dispersal of radioactive and biological contaminants could be sufficient to destroy or at least badly damage Israel.

Note that when a nuclear bomb is detonated, enormous energy is released but not much long-term radiation.  Yes, huge numbers of people may die, a multitude of building may be destroyed.  But the radiation problem is short-lived.  Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  They were utterly destroyed by atomic bombs in A.D. 1945 but were rebuilt into thriving cities today.

But, while a nuclear bomb may be composed of a few pounds of radiation material, a nuclear power plant can contain several tons of radioactive materials.  If a nuclear power plant is destroyed and its radioactive components are dispersed (as in Chernobyl and Fukushima) the result can be a “dead zone” that is permanently uninhabitable for centuries.

Nuclear power plants are potentially far more dangerous than nuclear bombs.

Therefore, it is conceivable that Israel could be destroyed not by Iran’s nuclear weapons, but by Israel’s own nuclear power plant(s) and/or nuclear weapons stockpiles.

Iran doesn’t need nuclear weapons.  In fact, it might even be better off without them.

I’ve wondered why Iran seemed so cocky over the past several years.  Iran’s refusal to be intimidated by US and Israeli threats seemed irrational.  I wrote it off to Muslim fanaticism.

But, now I understand.  Iran doesn’t need nuclear bombs or biological weapons to destroy Israel.  Iran need only disperse the radioactive and biological weapons that the Israeli’s have already concentrated on Israeli soil.

Israel’s own stockpiles of nuclear and biological weapons could be sufficient to destroy Israel.

What an extraordinary irony.  And it’s not just an irony of technology.  Potentially, it’s a spiritual irony.  Who could view the destruction of a disproportionately powerful, militaristic nation–if that nation was ultimately destroyed by its own military weapons–without thinking of the hand of God?

(Incidentally, how many nuclear power plants are close to your home?  Has the US gov-co stored any biological weapons anywhere close to you?)

We appear to be living in a world where disproportionate military power can be a liability.




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4 responses to “Iran Doesn’t Need Nuclear Weapons to Destroy Israel

  1. Dom Mastroserio not (DOM MASTROSERIO)

    March 22, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    Very well written, succinct, terse, logical and unequivocal essay, Mr. Adask…The weakness of power!

  2. Adask

    March 22, 2012 at 8:32 PM

    The insight strikes me as so bizarre that it seems to convey a “spiritual” principle. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. You live by the nuclear weapon, you die by the nuclear weapon. I’m not sure that that’s the right spiritual principle, but there’s a spiritual principle there. Maybe that principle illustrates the dangers of trusting in secular weapons and earthly technology–rather than God–for your defense.

    There’s a lesson in that article–a principle–that I can sense, but can’t yet articulate. It’ll come to me. Sooner or later.

    Two days ago, I interviewed Bob Chapman–an investment guru and political commentator. He warned that this year–especially this summer–is not the year to visit Israel. The danger is simply too great.

    • Dom Mastroserio not (DOM MASTROSERIO)

      March 25, 2012 at 7:32 PM

      Nuclear saber rattling means somebody is insane with power and this is a weakness from which global catastophe can arise, as during the “Cold War” the two super powers frequently rattled their nuclear sabers and twice, publicly, earth came to the brink of unimaginable holocaust (Berlin, Cuba); who knows what threats were exchanged behind the scenes.

      Man has always rattled his weapons when they seemed to render him stronger than his enemies…the rattling made them weaker no matter how much more power they wielded.

      Man’s arms race, it can be argued, goes back to Adam’s children; its a mark of The Fall.

      And it’s upshot, the liberal use of brute force until a weary disgust makes him lay them down, proves how weak man is; for he has laid waste to all he once held dear because his arrogant pride and greed made him stumble, for a man’s real strength is in humility.

      That we have not seen outright nuclear war is a matter of luck, I believe…the doomsday buttons lie beneath hidden hands, whomsoever’s they are, and so Doctor Strangelove will have his way one day.

  3. dasanco

    March 24, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    Though … in the case of Israel v. Iran … self-destruction is implied, since Iran’s target is upwind. Literally.


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