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Gold’s Return

Usually not a good sign to receive a letter fr...

Usually not a good sign to receive a letter from the FDIC (Photo credit: swanksalot)

Economics is alleged to be a “science,” but if it is, it’s a very obscure science.  Much of whatever knowledge economics provides is almost incomprehensible.  Much of what can be understood is government propaganda (lies).

Nevertheless, if we can’t learn “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” from economics, we can still learn some truth.

One means of discerning truth is by observing “coincidences”.  Some people deny the existence of innocent “coincidences”. I don’t.  Sometimes one person or group just happens to do something that another group or person also does at virtually the same time.  There might seem to be a correlation or even a conspiracy between the two groups–but, in fact, there’s merely an innocent “coincidence”.

However, I also don’t deny that sometimes two seemingly disparate persons or groups perform virtually identical acts at virtually the same time based on a mutual agreement to do so.  Their similar acts might seem “coincidental,” but they are actually evidence of the two persons/groups working in concert.

When we see two powerful but seemingly separate groups or entities performing the same act simultaneously, we can suspect that something major is about to happen.

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Synthetic Biology

Mad scientist caricature

Mad scientist or profit center?

The following video is a commercial from Fidelity Investments.  This commerical describes the relatively new field of science called “synthetic biology”–the creation of new life forms by man, computers and laboratories.  For example, with some genetic tweaking, scientists have already created a breed of goats that produce a milk that can be spun into spider silk that’s stronger than steel.   (How’d you like some of that milk on your Wheaties?)

The commercial mentions other new life forms that may be able to provide some astounding benefits for mankind and predicts that within 50 years we might have more “synthetic” life forms created by man than we currently find in nature.

If you’re an optimist, this commercial offers some exciting possibilities for the future.

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Is He In, or Is He Out?

Speaking about last Saturday’s Iowa Republican convention, National Public Radio (NPR) reported,

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 “If Saturday’s convention is any indication, Mitt Romney may not be in for smooth sailing at this summer’s national convention in Florida.

“Why the rancor in Iowa? Many longtime party activists say supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul are taking over and that tone continued throughout the day. Paul backers will make up all but a handful of Iowa’s 28 delegates going to Tampa.

“Of the 25 delegates up for a vote at the convention, 21 support Paul. They are unbound, meaning they can vote for whomever they choose at the national convention.”

Will someone please help me understand?  Is Ron Paul still competing for the Republican nomination for President, or has he dropped out of the race?

I’m a semi-intelligent, semi-informed individual.  I follow the news every day.  But somehow, despite Rand Paul’s assertion that Romney has won the nomination, I have not heard a definitive declaration that Ron Paul has stopped running.

So, if any of you know, please tell me–is Ron in or is he out?


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Krauthammer: Obama Guilty of “Out-and-Out Lawlessness”

Fox News channel store in the airport

Fox News channel store in the airport (Photo credit: ario_)

Fox News syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer calls a spade a spade.

video  00:01:50

Here’s another video in Obama’s own words from A.D. 2008 and A.D. 2011.   He admits that he intends to act “wherever possible” without congressional authority to do so.   Obama’s own words support Krauthammer’s assessment.

video   00:01:04


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Obama-Boy has a “Crush on Obama”

I Got a Crush... on Obama

I Got a Crush… on Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

O-M-G.  This one might make you squirm.  A gay guy is singing a love song about his “crush” on President Obama.   It’s hard to watch.  It’s almost too weird.  It’s like a Saturday Night Live spoof that’s finally gone too far.

If this video doesn’t make you squirm, I’ll bet it makes Obama squirm.  In A.D. 2008, a girl sang a song “I got a crush on Obama” and probably won Obama a few hundred thousands votes.  If this year’s video–where a homosexual claims to have a crush on Obama–goes viral, I’ll bet it could cost Obama 500,000 to 1 million votes in the A.D. 2012 election.

Those who live by the gays can also die by the gays.

Too freakin’ weird.

video     00:03:36

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Titanic Tech

Size Titanic

Size Titanic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The luxury liner Titanic sank on its maiden voyage in A.D. 1912 from England to America.  Before it embarked, the ship’s captain said, “I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel.  Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.”

The captain was convinced that “modern shipbuilding” technology had advanced to a point where “modern” ships were unsinkable.

The man responsible for building the Titanic reportedly declared, “God, Himself, could not sink the Titanic.”  That report is probably false.  Nevertheless, the sentiment expressed and subsequent sinking of the Titanic perfectly illustrates mankind’s tendency to arrogant overconfidence in our technology.  Whenever we think we’re “so smart” that nothing can possibly go wrong, we’ve embraced a “Titanic Technology” that’s more akin to magic and superstition than science.

“Titanic Technology” embraces a mix of science and human arrogance.  When the arrogance outweighs the science, unsinkable ships sink and thousands, maybe millions, die.

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It’s Not Hopeless

Sidewalk cafe

Sidewalk cafe (Photo credit: La Citta Vita)

Positive change is possible.  Especially at the local level.  We can restore and improve this country one block at a time.

Here’s a video of a man  who’s demonstrating that philosophy not only works, but may even be relatively easy in the midst of our current recession/ depression.  Local governments will cooperate with almost any plan that might reinvigorate their streets and businesses.




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