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New York Rabbis Welcome & Bless Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This video is quit extraordinary.

A group of orthodox Jewish Rabbis  praise Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, criticize Zionism, and explain the difference between materialistic, nationalistic Zionism and the true, Torah-believing, Jewish faith.

According to the text attached below the video, “This video is banned for broadcast on News Networks in USA, Israel and Europe”.

Every so often, a bit of the truth leaks out in ways that must infuriate American and Israeli Zionists.  This video gives us a clue to what the world might be except that the levers of power in the US government and other western nations have been seized by a pack of wicked fascists, communists, and collectivists bent on global government.

While the potential war with Iran is painted as something of a “holy war” between two faiths that are anathema to each other, this video implies that the possible war with Iran is the work of politicians and secular interests far removed from any legitimate faith in the God of the Torah, Bible, or even the Koran.

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Wiley Coyote Proposes New Super-Bomb for Catching Roadrunners

Wiley Coyote Proposes New Super-Bomb for Catching Roadrunners


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Protecting Yourself From Unethical Gold Dealers

NYC - Bowling Green: Charging Bull

NYC – Bowling Green: Bull Market (Photo credit: wallyg)

There are three phases to a bull market:

First, the smart money begins to buy a particular stock, bond or commodity when virtually everyone else rejects that investment vehicle as foolish.  Because virtually no one wants to buy the particular investment vehicle, the price is low, low, low.  But some people with great intelligence or intuition look at the investment, see that that vehicle is hugely mis-priced and is about to begin a significant period of price appreciation.  As the “smart” investors move in, the bull market begins and prices start to rise.

In the second phase of the bull market,  institutional money recognizes the success enjoyed by the smart money and therefore copies their example.  As more institutions buy the particular investment, the price rises more rapidly.

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Adding Intrinsic Value to Fiat Dollars

Who sez the paper dollar has no intrinsic value?

OK–maybe that’s true of paper dollars as printed.  But as folded, paper dollars can increase their value dramatically.  Look what someone has done with dollar bills to make works of art.

The fish on the right was made with a single $1 bill.  Would you pay $5 for it?  $10?  $20?

Just imagine if you could sell all of your $1 bills for $20.

Maybe the Federal Reserve should learn origami and, instead of printing dollars in dull, flat piles, start issuing paper dollars folded to resemble animals, insects, jet planes and tanks.  Maybe that would give our currency some value.

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Adjournment Sine Die

English: US Congress on Capitol Hill, Washingt...

English: US Congress on Capitol Hill, Washington DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the past 15 years or so, I’ve been aware of an argument within the “patriot” community that runs something like this:

Seven southern States of America walked out of the Second Session of the Thirty-sixth Congress on March 27, A.D. 1861.  In so doing, the Constitutional due process quorum necessary for Congress to vote was lost and Congress was adjourned sine die, or “without day.” To some, this meant that there was no lawful quorum to set a specific day and time to reconvene.

Some people argue that once Congress adjourned “sine die” in A.D. 1861, it permanently ceased to exist and could never again be lawfully reconvened. Therefore, they argue that any alleged “Congress” since A.D. 1861 is illusory and fraudulent and any laws passed since A.D. 1861 are unconstitutional, null and void.

I don’t believe that “sine die” argument has much weight.  Why?

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False Flag Event Advocated

English: Schemata of Webster Tarpley's model o...

Schemata of Webster Tarpley’s model of state-sponsored false flag terror operations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I first looked at this video, I thought it was a spoof–maybe something from SNL.

But after 10 or 15 seconds of viewing, I realized this is not a spoof.  Real people in or near positions of power and influence are openly considering why we may need a “false flag event” to create a rationale for the US gov-co to attack Iran.

I’m disgusted.  Appalled.  I’m not surprised, of course.  But I’m actually shocked to see seemingly reasonable people openly advocating the murders of innocent people to create a pretext for murdering even more innocent people.

If I saw this speech in a movie, I wouldn’t be surprised.  But seeing a man in a suit in real life openly advocating mass murder of innocent people to an audience of neo-conservatives, and not one member of that audience objected is appalling.  I can only say, “God help us all”–what th’ Hell have we become?




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Tim Turner Indictment

English: Anti-United States Internal Revenue S...

Anti-United States Internal Revenue Service symbol. Commonly used by tax protesters and tax reform advocates in the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tim Turner is “patriot”/ “legal reform activist” who has been teaching people one or more strategies for confronting the IRS in particular and government in general.  I don’t recall ever talking to or seeing the man.  He’s recently been indicted by a federal grand jury for a number of alleged offenses.

Other than what I’ve learned in the past week reading two documents (1.  a motion by the government to detain Turner in prison without bail until the trial; and 2) the indictment against Turner), I have no knowledge of the man or whatever strategies he’s proposed.  I’m not posting this commentary on my blog for the sake of supporting or attacking Turner.

Instead, my purpose is to simply present my copy of Turner’s indictment with my various colorizing highlights and comments.

I see Turner’s indictment as instructive and even surprising.  I learned a few things from Turner’s indictment.  More, his indictment has even cast some doubt on principles I’d previously thought to be solid.

You can download a pristine copy (none of my highlighting and comments) of Turner’s indictment at:

You can download a copy Turner’s indictment with my highlighting and commentary here:  120926 Tim Turner Indictment 001-20120912


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