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Golden Years?


Rocking chairs by lake

If Pensions Fail, Retirees will be “Off Their Rockers”  (Photo credit: robinrkc)

The National Seniors Council (NSC) republished the following article (“Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System”) after President Obama’s recent reelection:



“A recent hearing sponsored by the Treasury and Labor Departments marked the beginning of the Obama Administration’s effort to nationalize the nation’s pension system and to eliminate private retirement accounts including IRA’s and 401k plans.

“The hearing, held in the Labor Department’s main auditorium, was monitored by NSC staff and featured . . . one representative of the AFL-CIO who advocated for more government regulation over private retirement accounts and even the establishment of government-sponsored annuities to take the place of 401k plans.”

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Is the Era of “Cheap Food” Over?

English: Combining demonstration in Little Cas...

Combining demonstration in Little Casterton, Rutland, Great Britain. An american Case combine pulled by a Caterpillar tractor, these were used just after WW2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sovereign Man recently posted and article entitled, “The Era Of Cheap Food Is Over” which declared in part,

“There are only a few people who get it: the era of cheap food is over.

“Global net population growth creates over 200,000 new mouths to feed ever single day. Yet supply of available farmland is diminishing each year due to development, loss of topsoil, peak production yields, and reduction in freshwater supply.

“Then there’s bonehead government policy decisions to contend with… like converting valuable grains into inefficient biofuel for automobiles. Paying farmers to NOT plant. Banning exports. Etc.

“Of course, the most destructive is monetary policy. The unmitigated expansion of the money supply has led to substantial inflation of agriculture commodities prices.

“These fundamentals overwhelmingly point to a simple trend: food prices will continue rising. And that’s the best case. The worst case is severe shortages.”

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“When Should You Shoot A Cop?”

Larken Rose

Larken Rose

Larken Rose has struggled against the government for a decade or more.  His resistance initially focused on the IRS and caused him to be imprisoned for several years.

Since his release, his determination to resist government oppression is not only undeterred, it’s enhanced.

Here’s a video by Larken that may make you squirm.  The video’s title (“When Should You Shoot A Cop”) is beyond any concept of political correctness.  The title is shocking and poses a question that most Americans are afraid to ask let alone consider.

I suspect that Laken’s question may inspire fear in most Americans.  I also suspect that if our reluctance to confront the question is inspired by our fear of the police and “official oppression,” then our reluctance is evidence of how important it is that the question be openly asked, considered and answered.

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It’s Not Always “Us Against Them”

The story is pretty simple.  A New York cop sees a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk in freezing weather.  The homeless man has no shoes.  The cop goes into the nearby shoe store and buys a pair of boots and some socks with his own money.  A tourist passing by snaps a photo of the cop giving the boots and socks to the homeless guy.  The photo goes viral.

It’s not always “us against them”.  Sometimes, they are us.  And sometimes we are them.

We see so many videos of police abuse that we start thinking that all cops are fascist thugs.  The result can be a polarization that prevents the police from really seeing us, and prevents us from really seeing the police.  That polarization is dangerous to both “sides”.

I think it’s good for all of us to see the “humanity” that sometimes exists among our adversaries.  But it’s not just good if we see some “humanity” among the police.  It’s good if the police see evidence of humanity among themselves.  The officer in this video doesn’t merely remind you and me of his humanity.  He reminds his fellow officers of their humanity.  He may have even reminded himself of his own humanity.

That’s all good.

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11 Year Old Boy Speaks About Organic Food & Farming

English: Texas longhorn (from http://kansaspar...

Texas longhorn In natural field  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hooray for home schooling!

This kid is a better public speaker at age 11 than I was at age 55.



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Fear Feeds the Police State

james spader from boston legal

james spader from boston legal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following video is an excerpt from the TV series “Boston Legal”.  It was produced in A.D. 2006.

There’s a profound lesson in this video:  The police state is not growing based on government’s aggression against its nation’s people; it’s growing based on the peoples’ apathy, indifference and cowardice.

The government doesn’t push around simply because it is powerful and assertive.  It pushes us around because most Americans are too apathetic, indifferent and cowardly to resist.

Our cowardice invites oppression.  Thus, we are the primary cause for the police state.  In the same sense that nature abhors a vacuum, society abhors an absence of courage.  A people who’ve lost the will to fight naturally attract a police state just as surely as sheep attract wolves.




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Philadelphia - Old City: Independence Hall - T...

Philadelphia – Old City: Independence Hall – The Signing of the Constitution in A.D. 1787. But did the “Singning” constitute Ratification?  (Photo credit: wallyg)

A couple of friends sent an email to me concerning the meanings of “United States,” “United States of America” and “The United States of America”.  I replied as follows:

It seems to me that the Founders were incredibly casual with their use of the terms “United States” and “The United States of America”.  They routinely used the term “the United States of America” (in the Preamble, for example) to almost certainly mean “The United States of America”.  That allowed later generations of villains to define “United States of America” in a way that’s other than “The United States of America”.  They left us an almost astonishing burden of ambiguity and confusion.  In retrospect, their failure to precisely define what “United States” and “the United States of America” meant is equivalent to an Achilles Heel that opened the door to great treason in this country.  They assumed the meanings of those terms were obvious and would remain obvious to their descendants.  They were mistaken.

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