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A new Gold Standard is being born?

Campaign poster showing William McKinley holdi...

Campaign poster showing William McKinley holding U.S. flag and standing on gold coin “sound money”, held up by group of men, in front of ships “commerce” and factories “civilization”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is an English journalist. (What else could he be with that name?)  He’s intelligent, well-educated and a fine writer.  More, he has so much courage that, during the G.W. Bush administration, his articles on Bush were so insightful and aggressive, that he was forced to leave the United States.  I respect that.

However, he recently published an article entitled “A new Gold Standard is being born?” that included one insight that that I found exciting, and a couple more that strike me as lame.

Mr. Evans-Pritchard observes,

 “The world is moving step by step towards a de facto Gold Standard, without any meetings of G20 leaders to announce the idea or bless the project. . . . My guess is that any new Gold Standard will be sui generis, and better for it.”

In other words, Evans-Pritchard believes that a new, “de facto Gold Standard” is already emerging as one nation after another begins to rely on gold rather than fiat dollars to purchase oil and settle international trade accounts.

No government, central bank, or G20 spokesman has (as yet) “officially” declared a new gold standard.  But Evans-Pritchard believes that a new gold standard is nevertheless evolving “naturally” from the wreckage of the world’s present fiat currency system.

Evans-Pritchard’s observation that the world may be “naturally” gravitating to gold—without official sanction or permission—strikes me as prescient.  I think he’s right, and if he is, that means:

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Supreme Court Justice Scalia: “The Constitution is Dead, Dead, Dead”

English: Supreme Court Associate Justice Anton...

Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia testifies before the House Judiciary Committee’s Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee on Capitol Hill May 20, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently spoke at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) law school.  During his speech, he said that the federal Constitution is “not a living document:  It’s dead, dead, dead.”

That statement stirred some controversy.  I’ve received several email from readers who cite Scalia’s comments as proof that “even the Supreme Court now admits that the Constitution is dead and of no force or effect!

These readers don’t understand that Scalia is exactly right.  It’s unfortunate that the debate over the reading of the Constitution has fallen into a “living Constitution” vs. “dead Constitution” dichotomy.  It’s hard to fight for a “dead Constitution”.  But that’s the fight we should wage.

Those who argue that the Constitution is a “living” document, argue that the meaning of the Constitution changes or evolves with time and context.  The people who favor the “living Constitution” concept are those who want rule by man (themselves) rather than rule by law (the Constitution).  Under the pretext that the Constitution is a “living” document, the Constitution can mean anything anyone in a position of power says it means at any time.  It can mean one thing today, another thing tomorrow and a third thing next week.

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Legal Immigrant Speaks on Gun Control

When it comes to surrendering your arms to government, “you can only afford to make that mistake once.”

video  00:05:18


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Who’s The Boss of Me?

If you’re wondering who rules over you, here’s a test recommended by Voltaire in the 18th Century:


I presume that those I can’t criticize would include those empowered to act in secrecy (so I can’t find evidence to support my criticism) and those who are empowered to keep me from photographing them (so I can’t create evidence to support my criticism).

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Germany Repatriates Gold from NY Federal Reserve

German Gold Euro 2005

German Gold Euro 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Germany reportedly stores about 1,700 tons of gold in the New York Federal Reserve Bank.  Germany recently announced that it would repatriate some of that gold back onto German soil at the rate of about 50 tons per year.

Some commentators believe the repatriation of German gold is one of the most important events in recent financial history.

For example,

According to Jim Sinclair, “Germany’s repatriation of her gold is a salvo fired at the concept that the USA has all the gold it claims and all the gold it stores for others. If true, this event is the most important gold development since Charles De Gaulle [demanded gold for US dollars in the late 1960s].

According to Bill Murphy, “Let’s say the GATA camp is only partly correct about the gold loans, gold swapped, and gold no longer there [in Ft Knox and the NY Federal Reserve vaults]. If other central banks, or the investment world, believes GATA is correct, it could set off a panic.  Numerous central banks could call in their gold loans. Where would the gold come from?”

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The Police State is Here

Smash Fascism Vector Sticker

Smash Fascism Vector Sticker (Photo credit: Vectorportal)

Actually, as this A.D. 2012 video illustrates, the American Police State has been here for some time–probably three or more decades.

What’s really new now, is undeniable evidence that the Police State is real.

What’s really new now, is growing public awareness that we really do live in the world’s biggest Police State–and that Police State is growing.

It’s the public awareness that’ll make a difference.  If the awareness grows dramatically, we may be able to stop the fascists running our Police State.  If the awareness fails to grow quickly and sufficiently, The United States of America may be doomed.  We are on a collision course with the fascists in our national and global government.

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A Serious Warning to Activists

video   00:03:42    Good advice.  Don’t let anyone persuade you to initiate violence without absolute cause.

P.S. Well that was quick. Here today, censored tomorrow.

In fact, the video warns against initiating the use of violence–quite the opposite of YouTube’s claim that the video “harassed” or “threatened” anyone. If anything, the video warned NOT to harass or threaten others.

For several years, I’ve seen people warn that I must view a particular video quickly and before “they” remove it from the internet. But I’ve never before seen a video actually removed from YouTube other than some motion pictures or movie videos based on copyright dispute. So I’m surprised to see the video that I posted at 5 PM removed by 11 PM. I don’t assume that YouTube removed the video because I posted it to my blog–still it’s interesting to see that YouTube is willing to pull videos based on political content.

Hard to say what, if anything, the removal of the video means. If it means that YouTube has fallen into the hands of the fascists, then those who produce “politically incorrect” videos should probably start looking for alternative hosts to publish your videos.


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