Liberals With Guns

21 Jan

Judging from this video, the main reason liberals hate guns may be that they know how crazy they are.  Knowing that they can’t be trusted with guns may cause them to believe that no one should be trusted with guns.  Apparently, the liberals assume that the conservatives are just as crazy as they are.

video     00:01:57


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2 responses to “Liberals With Guns

  1. Yartap

    January 21, 2013 at 8:31 PM


    Wild Bill makes what seems to be a very compelling argument for restricting liberals from having guns. Even though, his argument is funny, it is very dangerous to all our freedoms.

    I appreciate what he is trying to say, but who determines if I’m a liberal or mentally incompetent? There lies the danger to and against the 2nd Amendment.

    Hell, I even want convicted felons, who have served their time, to have guns. If we’re to stop mass killings or even one killing, all must “ware” guns in public. Let’s make a fashion statement which sends a message to criminals and our governments. I will not tolerate any of your crap!!!

    No – Wild Bill, I want liberals to have guns, too! I can shoot the crazy people be it either liberal, conservative or whatever!!!

  2. Anthony Clifton

    January 23, 2013 at 3:39 PM

    what about a mug shot page with the mugs of the economic terrorists…

    the professional prevaricators in the employ and covinous collusion with the conomic terrorists

    and the parasitical class, the purveyors of spiritual and mental degradation, {manifestations of inverted logic}…and their willing delusional psychophants…

    wasn’t Maggie Williams working for Hillary when she testified to Chertoff about removing boxes from Fosters’ office.., Colby, Boorda…JFK Jr….Brown…

    looks like the false paradigm is like so last millineum


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