A Doctor’s View of Gunshot Wounds

21 Feb

This video is atypical for this blog.  It doesn’t involve politics, law or economics. But, if you’re interested in learning about the differences in wounds caused by handguns, rifles and shotguns, here’s some solid info.

Some of the info is a little bloody and not for the squeamish.  But, by and large, this video offers clinical evidence that virtually all handguns are almost toys as compared to rifles and shotguns.

According to the doctor in this video, only about one handgun shooting in seven actually causes death.  Six out of seven handgun victims survive.  Even so, handguns are responsible for about 76% of the murders that committed in this country.  Fortunately, only about 24% of gunshot fatalities are caused by rifles and shotguns.  However, the percentage of fatalities that result from each rifle or shotgun attack are much, much higher than the percentage of fatalities caused by handguns.

Rifles and shotguns are used to commit murder only rarely, but they are so much more powerful than handguns, that they are far more lethal.  Handguns are nowhere near as deadly–or even effective–as most people suppose.  Lots of people shot with handguns can continue to fight and shoot for several minutes after they’ve been shot.

Therefore, if you’re interested in purchasing a firearm–depending on your objective–this video will give you a clinical basis for choosing between handguns, rifles and shotguns and between calibers of bullets.

video     00:34:04


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5 responses to “A Doctor’s View of Gunshot Wounds

  1. bandit

    February 21, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    if 76% of fatalities are caused by handguns, and one in seven handgun incidences cause a fatality, then there is a lot of shootings going on.
    according to this site “more than three deaths each hour” which equates with 22 gun incidences per hour in the US. tally ho!

  2. Buck

    February 21, 2013 at 1:16 PM

    So…should it be a consolation that the majority of the 1.6 billion rounds that non-military U.S. bureaucracies have purchased over the past year are sidearm rounds (albiet .45 hollow points)? Couple that with their new targets ( and maybe preggers mom in the nursery actually does stand a chance (except that she’s holding a handgun as well). Go figure.

  3. Yartap

    February 21, 2013 at 7:31 PM

    Just thought you would like to know:

    NYPD officers hit their targets in actual gunfights 34% of the time; and LAPD officers hit their targets in actual gunfights 27% one year to 31% another year. So out of a fifteen round hand-gun clip, the trained police will only have 5 rounds make their target. So, at best, one out of every three rounds will hit the mark.

  4. Anthony Clifton

    February 22, 2013 at 5:30 AM

    is there a Dr. in the house…yer needed in triage…

    Either we will continue being embroiled in serial premanufactured “wars” for the Jews and mired to our ears in a giant unflushed toilet of moral decay in the new Sodom and Gomorrah of the ultra-rich Jewish haves and the very stupid braindeadgoy poor Gentile have-what-nots.

    Or, we will come to the conclusion that we must fight right here, right now, to get our head out of our rectum to get “our” nation back. If we don’t, our children will curse us in our graves for selling their heritage to the Synagogue of satan so-called … Jews who obviously are not truly Israel the people, as in all 12 tribes…like George Galloway from the tribe of Epharaim who refused to give audience to a khazar identity theft hoaxer posing as an “Israeli”….

    as Jerry Lee would say….”great balls of Fire”….—191125411.html

    “While I was looking forward to sharing a message of hope and Christ’s unconditional love with the faithful members of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas in April, due to new information that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to cancel my upcoming appearance,” he chortled less enthusiatically than Scatman Crothers at a Klan rally.

    The First Baptist Church in Dallas, which had invited Tebow to celebrate the opening of its $130 million campus, is led by Robert Jeffress,

    a TalmudVision evangelist who has criticized unhappy sodomites and other manifestations of BAD faiths, such as Judaism and Judaism.

    Read more: @ the Yiddish daily…. …on the exit wounds of JFK

    And Wayne Martin…a “Black” Harvard Law Graduate who was Murdered at Mt. Carmel on ..
    19 April 1993 after calling 911 on 28 Feb 1993…like go figure.


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