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Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times


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Cloud Warriors Fighting Artificial War?

The Matrix

The Matrix (Photo credit: hensever)

A persistent theme on this blog is the hypothesis that “they” (the rulers/elitists/treasonous-whores-in-the-cathouse-on-the-Potomac) have created an artificial reality (“this state”) to supplant the reality of “The State” (of the Union).  Under this hypothesis, “this state” (“OREGON”) is deemed to be a fictional territory while “The State” (“The State of Oregon”) is deemed be an actual member-State of the perpetual Union styled “The United States of America”.

It’s my belief that, insofar as we are presumed by government to have traversed from “The State” into “this state,” we are also presumed to have voluntarily surrendered most of our rights and our standing as one of the people and beneficiaries of our state and federal constitutions.  Within “The State,” We the People are the sovereigns.  Within the territory of “this state,” Congress is the sovereign as per Article 4.3.2 of The Constitution of the United States (A.D. 1788)–and We the People are reduced to the status of subjects (at best).

This hypothesis undoubtedly seems to be bizarre to most people and too fantastic to be true.  They might be right.

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Federal Reserve

Not necessarily profound, but authoritative.  Seeing seemingly “mainstream” criticism of the Federal Reserve helps validate some of the ideas and attitudes concerning the Fed that are commonly held by “conspiracy theorists”.

video  00:04:42


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Government: Too Big To Fail?

middle class too big to fail

No, it’s not. (Photo credit: Vince_Lamb)

The term “too big to fail” was first popularized by Congressman Stewart McKinney in A.D. 1984 during a congressional hearing over whether the FDIC should be allowed in intervene in the Continental Illinois bank problem.  But the term didn’t really enter the American lexicon until A.D. 2008 when a number of American banks and financial institutions were threatened with bankruptcy and the government justified supporting those institutions with billions of taxpayer-dollars because those institutions were deemed “too big to fail”.

According to Wikipedia,

“The ‘too big to fail’ theory asserts that certain financial institutions that are so large and so interconnected that their failure would be disastrous to the economy, and that they therefore must be supported by government when they face difficulty.”

It’s interesting to note that “too big to fail” (“TBTF”) is a theory.  The principle underlying the TBTF label (that some institutions are so important that they must be supported at any cost) is largely untested, unproven and therefore merely theoretical.

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Guerilla Gardening


This is how you know this is a Guerilla Garden...

This is how you know this is a Guerilla Garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”


Gardening as a revolutionary act.


TED video






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Confiscation to Supplant Inflation?

Location of Cyprus within Europe and the Europ...

Location of Cyprus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote this article last Friday.  Events are moving so fast and unpredictably in Cyprus–first left, then right, then up, then down–that whatever you write may be compromised in just hours or days.  

Therefore, some of the article I penned on Friday is not necessarily accurate this Monday.  Nevertheless, there is a valid point to this article: there is now evidence that the governments of Cyprus and the EU are now sufficiently desperate to resort to open confiscation of bank accounts and pension funds to keep their fiat-money, Ponzi-scheme afloat.   The first implication is that it may no longer be safe to store all of your savings in a conventional bank account in Europe.

The big question is How soon will the US emulate the European example?  I’ve heard reports that Obama is in the process of dramatically increasing the number of IRS agents.  If the reports are true, you can bet that one of the new IRS agents’ primary tasks will be to discover the bank accounts of delinquent taxpayers and confiscate whatever currency they can find therein.

Confiscation from bank accounts may be on the verge of at least supplanting inflation as gov-co’s favorite means of robbing the public.

Here’s the original article:

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Fall of Another Empire of Debt

A comparison between Germany’s Wiemar Republic (which laid the foundation for the Hitler regime and WWII) and the current US gov-co and economy.  The video is not profound, but it’s informative and good.

video    00:06:42


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