Speaking Truth to Power: Nigel Farage addresses the EU

18 Apr

English: Nigel Farage.

English: Nigel Farage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Admittedly, the following video is all about the European Union (EU) and has little direct implications for the US.  A lot of Americans won’t find this video particularly interesting on a political level.

The video’s speaker is Nigel Farage, the founder of the UK’s Independence Party (UKIP), and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) of the EU.

I worship no man.  We’re all flawed.  Still, on a personal level, I find Nigel Farage so worthy of admiration, that I can’t help posting this video.

I can’t think of a more articulate public speaker than Mr. Farage.  Insofar as Mr. Farage’s persistent criticism of the EU must’ve caused some EU-proponents to consider assassinating him, I can’t think of a more courageous public speaker.  Nevertheless, his public speeches are always intelligent, articulate and fearless.  In most instances, Mr. Farage is more likely to speak with a sense of merryment rather than anger.   England should be proud to claim Mr. Farage.  God knows I wish we had a similar politician here in the US.

Given my conviction that democracy is a collectivist form of government, I don’t admire to Mr. Farage’s support for democracy.  I write it off to ignorance.  Even though he’s a politician, I doubt that he’s a villain.

More, even though I’m a constitutionalist, insofar as we appear to have a Kenyan in the White House, I might almost agree to overlook Mr. Farage’s nationality if we could just run him as a candidate for the Presidency.  I might not agree with every idea Mr. Farage supports, but I might be willing to see him elected President just to have a man in the US government who was willing and even eager to speak truth to power.

Imagine: just one man in Congress, the Senate or the White House who was able and determined to speak the truth.  I feel like Don Quixote singing about the “Impossible Dream”.

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4 responses to “Speaking Truth to Power: Nigel Farage addresses the EU

  1. gary lee, [Russell], sui juris

    April 18, 2013 at 10:38 AM

    Alfred, I have zero respect for professional politicians, but you are right about Nigel. I have never heard a politician stand up and talk to other politicians like he does here over te Euro ripoff. No one ever stands up to the big banker ripoff of the people, and it is a wonder they haven’t assasinated him! Where is our Nigel Farage????? We are stuck with communist “elitests” like Fienstien…..he can be president here, as it is a corporation and the Constitutional limits don’t apply to the presidents of corporations (that, I suppose is why the courts refuse to handle the obummer thing, so they don’t admit to the people that it is not The United States of America, but UNITED STATES, INC.), so maybe he can be convinced to replace the current Kenyan in the CEO position, eh? We could use his passion and honesty….if he survives.

  2. Yartap

    April 18, 2013 at 11:32 AM

    Al, I agree with you. Nigel is wonderful and brave.

  3. Peg-Powers

    April 18, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    Mr. FAR – AGE displays passion for his cause, a typical English trait, a passion which we timid Americans find refreshing. But I’m not certain his cause is my cause. Mr. FAR-AGE was speaking for Mr. Balkestein. And now I’m skeptical, as usual.

    Pleeeze notice the scene where Mr. Farage is shaking hands with Mr. Frits Balkestein. Go to Wikipedia: Farage (Church of England) and Balkestein (Atheist-Jew who attended Oregon State University, not far from Portland). Read it and weep. Follow the trail. Point is, the original money-masters are gathering the reins of centralized power, even if they have to play both sides of the aisle. See the truth. Love the truth. All deceivers have their place in the Lake of Fire.


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