Top Ten Low-Pass Flybys

19 Apr

English: San Francisco, Calif. (Oct. 9, 2005) ...

San Francisco, Calif. (Oct. 9, 2005) – The Blue Angels lead solo performs the sneak pass, a maneuver that demonstrates the F/A-18 Hornet’s ability to sneak into a target area undetected at speeds approaching 700 mph.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just for fun.

I received the following email:

“We all remember Tom Cruise in the Movie ” TOP GUN” when he makes a low pass near the control tower and causes an officer to spill coffee down his shirt.

“Well here are short clips on the top 10 low pass flybys ever filmed… and of course for nostalgia, let’s see that Top Gun low pass again…Pay particular attention to the last one.  Watch the halo of water  vapor around the plane.

“It happened during a Blue Angels event over San Francisco a few years ago. It was the pilot’s last show with the team and he had nothing to lose.

“Many of the boats in the bay lost windows to the sonic blast.

“It’s a kick to watch….Sound on & up!”

video    00:03:29

I don’t know that women will appreciate this video as much as men.  Here I am, damn near 68 years old and still convinced in my heart that I can play “Top Gun”.  We men get older, but I doubt that we ever really mature.


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3 responses to “Top Ten Low-Pass Flybys

  1. lawfully given name is cynthia

    April 19, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    Side humor appreciated (smile). For me, never condone ‘military’ or ‘war’ in any capacity except for actual self defense, which clearly “United States Inc.” has YET to engage in (wry grin).

  2. Anthony Clifton

    April 19, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    curiously the history sometimes gets blurred, for some reason…

    enjoyed the times my Granfather shared his stories while at Ellington field as a
    gunnery instructor….’17-’18…

    was sonic boomed once in Feb. 03 across the Road from White Sands, thought my heart might explode…only saw him after the boom, the next day the laser’d the shuttle on reentry

    went to the Pave Paws sight N of El Dorado, Labor Day 1992…Space Command

    buzzed Ruth C. Stapletons’ house Holovita once…SE of Denton

    and the L-3 facility in MClennan County which is visible from Mt. Carmel, is a major CIA facility

    Texas could be a whole other country, but it will take people inhabiting the soil that seek Truth & Justice and will preserve the peace and dignity of the soil in accordance to the Law…

    The Future is for the Righteous

    how low can they go ?

  3. freetoairphoenix

    April 20, 2013 at 2:31 AM

    I’m a woman and I appreciate the video, but have no scientific way to figure out if I enjoy it as much as a man! Never did like “Top Gun” though,, it seemed rather homoerotic to me. Just my opinion..


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