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Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s

Rally to Support GMO Food Labeling

Rally to Support GMO Food Labeling (Photo credit: CT Senate Democrats)

The tide of public opinion is turning against Monsanto and Genetically Modified Foods. The film below is evidence of that turn.

But, as the film explains, the problem is not simply Monsanto and other big, multi-national corporations. The problem goes to government being compromised and bribed to support the corporations rather than the people. It’s all about the money, not the food or the health or the people.

Today, we are presumed to live in an “economy” (based on “money”) rather than a nation (based on moral right and wrong). These two different systems (economy vs. nation) result in two different systems of values. When your social system is an economy, your values becomes skewed to favor profits. When your social system is a nation, your system of values is skewed to favor people.

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A Good Question

(Courtesy Google Images)

(Courtesy Google Images)




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Learning, and Profiting, from History

U.S. president Richard Nixon visiting presiden...

U.S. president Richard Nixon visiting president Charles de Gaulle one month before de Gaulle’s retirement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Friday, April 12th and Monday, April 15th, the price of gold plunged over $200. It appears that the Powers That Be (PTB) intentionally orchestrated the “April Plunge” in order to break gold investors’ psychological back. If that was the intent, the “Plunge” failed miserably. Confidence in gold increased. Global demand exploded as buyers reportedly outnumbered sellers by as much as 50 to 1.

Perhaps the biggest blow to the PTB was the growing awareness that the prices of “paper gold” (gold futures contracts) and of physical gold were not identical. We heard reports of physical gold being sold for $30 “premiums” over the price of paper gold in some places, and even $300 “premiums” in Japan. These increased prices for physical gold weren’t simply “premiums”—they were evidence that a basic presumption on which paper-gold markets have previously relied (that the price of paper gold was and would always be equivalent to the price of physical gold) had been refuted.

In retrospect, it seems so obvious that the prices of paper and physical gold should be different, that we’re left to wonder How did we ever come to believe that the two prices were equivalent in the first place?
The answer to that mystery is redemption.

As long as paper gold (futures contracts) could be purchased with paper dollars but redeemed with physical gold, paper gold (futures contracts) were “good as (physical) gold” and their prices were thought to be identical. But once evidence began to mount that paper gold could not be redeemed with physical gold, their prices began to diverge.

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Notes on Fiat Currency

What'll you have?  Gold or paper?  Liberty or fascism?

What’ll you have? Gold or paper? Liberty or fascism?

As everyone may know, we’ve used currencies other than gold or silver throughout history. Sometimes we used jugs of corn liquor as “money”; sometimes buckskins; and sometimes pieces of paper. Most of these currencies worked well-enough–except for paper.

The reason is that you can “spin” paper currencies out of thin air, but you can’t “spin” tangible products (like jugs of liquor, buckskins or gold and silver) out of thin air. All of the tangible currencies–including barter systems–have to be produced by actual work. Given that the world’s bankers have no intention or capacity for doing real work, they view all tangible currencies as anathema. They want a paper (or digital) currency that they can “spin out of thin air” with nothing more than their signature.

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Cancer & Garlic

Easily understood video.  Implication: If you’re going to eat meat, you should also eat garlic.

video   00:04:24


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As Plain as the Nose on His Face

Pinocchio (courtesy of Google Images)

Pinocchio (courtesy of Google Images)

An IRS Commissioner is grilled by a Congressman.  This “Comisar” may be great at “just following orders,” but I doubt that he could bluff very well at poker. It’s just kinda funny to watch this guy “tell the truth”.  He’s ridiculous.

It’s even more ridiculous that he’ll probably get away with telling such obvious lies–presumably, while he’s under oath.

video   00:05:02


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Holy War between Paperbugs and Goldbugs

Paper Promises to Pay

Paper Promises to Pay

Over the years, I’ve read Business Insider with respect.  Their articles always seemed insightful, well-written and authoritative.  However, after the “April Plunge” (April 12th & 15th) in the price of gold, Business Insider published an article which openly celebrated the plunge in gold’s price and struck me as largely nonsensical.

In “EVERYONE Should Be Thrilled By The Gold Crash” Business Insider wrote:

“On Friday [April 12th], when the price of gold plunged, we said it was ‘great news.’ The idea behind saying the gold news ‘great news’ is basically this:  The last few years have seen a major ideological battle take place.”

Absolutely true.  The difference between investing in physical gold and investing in paper stocks, paper bonds, paper gold or even paper cash isn’t like the difference between investing in GM or IBM.  The difference between investing in physical gold and any other paper debt-instrument is as profound as the ideological difference between the Muslim and Christian faiths.  The clash between physical gold and paper debt instruments (between actual payments and mere promises to pay) is the financial equivalent of a holy war.  No compromise is possible.  In the end, there can be only one.

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