Three Coincidences

25 Jun

Also, government's . . . .

Also, government’s way of trying to remain anonymous . . . .

Some people believe in coincidences.  Others deny that there’s any such thing—at least in the arena of politics.

I haven’t made up my mind.  I’m inclined to believe that, while conspiracies are likely explanations for many seeming “coincidences,” “innocent” coincidences are still possible.

Nevertheless, when someone flips a coin that comes up heads ten times in a row, five times in a row, or just three times in a row, even naïve fellows like myself begin to suspect that something more than “coincidence” is at work.

For example,

•  On Tuesday, June 18th, President Obama said that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke had done a “great job” but had, “already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to.”

Later that day, former Federal Reserve governor Laurence Meyer observed that, with that remark, President Obama, “. . . essentially fired Ben Bernanke on the spot and gave him a fairly tepid testimonial afterward.”

I wrote an article on President Obama’s remark and hypothesized that if Mr. Bernanke were about to “resign,” it would almost certainly mean that his inflationary policy of “stimulating” the economy with enormous injections of fiat dollars was also destined to end.  If QE3 ($85 billion/month) was about to end, we could expect a significant decline in US and global stock markets and the possible onset of the Greater Depression.

Therefore, it seemed odd to me that, since our economy was already fragile, President Obama would risk making such an unflattering statement about Chairman Bernanke.  Didn’t Obama realize that any suggestion that Bernanke was leaving the Federal Reserve could be perceived as evidence that the rats were leaving the ship?  Didn’t Obama understand that his remark might be sufficient to diminish public confidence and thus do real harm to the economy?

Was Obama simply dumb enough to accidentally make such an imprudent remark?  Or was Obama intentionally signaling that Ben Bernanke and QE3 were both about to go?

•  Not to be outdone in the imprudent remarks department, on Wednesday, June 19th, Mr. Bernanke announced that the gov-co’s attempt to stimulate the economy by means of Quantitative Easings 1, 2, and 3 might slow this year and even end next year.

Thus, Bernanke “coincidentally” confirmed the implications of Obama’s earlier remarks:  the current QE3 policy of injecting $85 billion per month into the US economy might stop within the next 12 months.

Stock markets around the world quickly reacted with significant declines.  The Dow dropped from 15,300 to 14,700 by Friday—600 points in two days.

Mr. Bernanke did not claim to be “shocked, shocked I tell you!” by the markets’ strong reactions to his Wednesday warning.  But he did claim to be “puzzled”.

I can’t see why.  The world pretty much understands that the $15 trillion US economy is on life support provided by the Federal Reserve’s injection of $85 billion per month ($1 trillion per year) into the economy.  Without that monthly “fix,” the US economy will certainly decline and might collapse.  The global economy would follow suit.

More importantly, on Tuesday, we had President Obama hinting that it was time for Mr. Bernanke to go and implying that it was time for QE3 to go.  Then on Wednesday, “coincidentally,” we had Mr. Bernanke expressly warning that QE3 might slow this year or even end next year.

Thus, it seems certain that QE3 (the $85 billion monthly “fix” that’s kept the US and global economies alive in recent months) is going the way of the dodo bird.  That means the Obama administration has pretty much made up its mind to let the economy suffer a significant decline in the next 12 months.  (It’s not only true that there’s been no “recovery,” it’s now going to be admitted that there’ll be no “recovery” in the near future.)

•  And then, on Monday, June 24th, the BBC News reported that the Bank of International Settlements (“BIS”; often described as the “central banks’ central bank”) announced that it’s time to end the “whatever it takes” approach to reviving the depressed global economy and return to “strong and sustainable growth.”  In other words, the BIS sees no point to simply throwing more fiat money at depressed economies and expecting them to revive.  It’s been tried; it hasn’t worked; it’s not likely to work; we need another strategy.

If so, the BIS has thereby signaled that: 1) the evidence of the past 5 or 6 years indicates the current global economic problem can’t be solved by simply printing more fiat currencies; and/or 2) the world’s central banks have somehow exhausted their capacity to print more fiat currency; and/or 3) by printing more fiat currency in conjunction with suppressing the market prices for gold and silver, the West’s central banks have caused a flow of gold from the West to Asia that will disable western economies’ ability to invest in themselves and rebuild after the coming economic depression.

The BIS announcement is consistent with Obama’s and Bernanke’s recent warnings that QE3 can’t continue forever and will be diminished or perhaps terminated within the next 12 months.  If so, the US economy will decline further.  If the US economy collapses into depression, so will the world economy.

The three parallel and “coincidental” announcements by Obama and then Bernanke (in the US) and then from BIS (in Europe)—within a matter of days—imply that the global Powers That Be have had enough.  These three events, coming from both sides of the Atlantic can’t be coincidental.  They must be coordinated and intentional.

Obama might’ve inadvertently made an imprudent remark on the 18th, but there’s no way that Bernanke would repeat that “stupidity” in the 19th–unless he intended to do so.

Adverse reactions to the Obama/Bernanke comments followed quickly.  The BIS had to be aware of those resulting market declines. The BIS had to know that if they chimed in with similar warnings that the printing of fiat money was about to be significantly reduced, their announcement would only increase the market losses already initiated by Obama and Bernanke.  It is therefore virtually inconceivable that the BIS would “innocently” and “coincidentally” issue their warnings on June 24th.   The BIS had to know and anticipate the adverse effect their warning would have on global markets, but they issued their warning anyway.  This implies that the BIS acted intentionally and in concert with Obama and Bernanke.

The PTB apparently realize that the fiat currency game they’ve been playing is futile and destined for self-destruction.   Their attempts to inflate the global money supply and thereby stimulate the US and global economies have failed.  If inflation won’t work, then perhaps it’s time to let deflation run its painful course.  Then, after a global depression wipes out trillions of dollars’ worth of unpayable, paper debt-instruments, the world economies can rebuild.

If I’d only seen that implication in Obama’s speech on the 18th, I would be surprised and curious–why would Obama allow himself to say such things?

If I’d only seen that implication in Obama’s speech on the 18th and Bernanke’s speech on the 19th, I’d be suspicious of more, but I might still be inclined to view the two speeches as “coincidental”.  I’d still have some doubt that the US had unilaterally decided to to at least reduce QE3.

But seeing the same implication (attempts to inflate the currency in order to stimulate the economy is coming to an end) from three major source–two in the US and a third in Europe–within a matter of days–can’t be dismissed as “coincidence”.  Instead, it appears to me that the global PTB have decided to reduce or even end their attempts to inflate the world’s currencies and instead allow deflation (and an economic depression) to take place.

If so, the PTB may be about to “pull the plug” on the US, european and global economies, surrender to the forces of the coming “Greater Depression,” and let the Devil take the hindmost.  They can’t stop the oncoming “Greater Depression” and have therefore decided to stop trying to do so.

•  Implication?  Before the end of this year, and perhaps within the next 90 days, we may see an event comparable to the A.D. 1929 Stock Market Crash.  This event will be so sudden and shocking that, in later years it may come to be regarded as the “cause” of the Greater Depression.  That won’t be true, of course—but it’ll be convenient to say it is.

The primary cause of the coming Depression is the complete abandonment of the gold standard in A.D. 1971.

In any case, the coming event may be as devastating economically as the 9/11 attack was devastating politically.  All of this suggests that we are truly and finally in “end game”.

•  A worst case scenario is always, by definition, the least likely scenario.  Even so, if we did experience a “worst case” scenario, we could expect to see the economic, banking and monetary systems crumble.  It could take years, perhaps even a generation to rebuild a strong and prosperous economy.

But, who can say?  What if we have an economic depression, but not the “worst case scenario”?  It’s conceivable that the economy might fall, and even the banking system might fall, but the fiat monetary system might survive—at least for a while.

In the midst of any depression, “cash is king” and even fiat currencies may be perceived to be have increasing value.  It’s not impossible that the PTB are determined to let the economies of the world collapse while still trying to maintain the role of fiat currencies as something valuable.

If it’s true (as our recent “coincidences” suggest) that the PTB have decided to let the economies collapse–but still maintain the apparent value of fiat currencies like the US dollar–we could expect to see a continued war against gold and silver.  This war would be waged by working mightily to suppress the prices of gold and silver to ever-lower levels.

This war wouldn’t be surprising or necessarily hard to achieve (at least for a while) since, during a depression, the prices of everything tend to fall.  So long as the prices of food, gasoline and homes are declining, how many would be surprised if the prices of gold and silver also continued to decline?

So long as gov-co can convince the world that gold and silver are just commodities and that neither is real “money,” it might be possible to maintain the illusion that paper, fiat dollars (debt instruments) are actual “money” (assets).  From gov-co’s perspective, that’s the key:  keep people convinced that gold and silver are not “money” but green, paper debt-instruments are.

But once a significant percentage of people realize that gold and silver are true “money” (assets) while paper dollars are just debt-instruments (liabilities), the world will stampede towards gold and its price will soar while the purchasing power of paper currencies dramatically falls.

•  There’s one other possibility.  If the PTB realize the current, fiat monetary-system is necessarily toast, they might not try to sustain it—at least not for long.  Let the US and global economies collapse.  Destroy virtually all of the existing paper debt instruments. And then crank out a “new-and-improved” paper dollar that was backed by gold and/or silver. It might all be achieved in a little as one convulsive year.

Of course, to make a gold-backed currency work, they’d probably have to raise the price of gold to somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000 per ounce—but if they really wanted to revive the economy, that would do it.

•  But, whatever the PTB have planned for next year or ten years from now, our three recent “coincidences” offer good evidence that this year–perhaps in the next quarter–the “Powers” may be about to pull the plug on the US, European and global economies.


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6 responses to “Three Coincidences

  1. Gary L

    June 25, 2013 at 1:16 AM

    Hi Al: greater truths lie beyond….gold & silver is the currency of the elite. And ultimately, the elite lose, and the meek ( to God ) inherit the earth and all its fullness.

  2. Michael Kivinen

    June 25, 2013 at 7:33 AM

    You cant introduce a cashless system world wide unless you crash the paper cash system and make everyone have an electronic account system, and the system becomes total digital, but of course its waiting in the wings already.
    The cashless system solves all monetary problems and crimes involving money and the nations will accept it as well as the people. Its all been planned, of course it means you will not be able to buy or sell without being in it. Ignorance is and will be the death of billions, but they don’t care because they don’t believe in the truth. Woe unto all. The weeds separated from the wheat. mark of the beast system. All who accept the mark are dead in the dust, people will accept it because they will have to live in the system. Its that simple. You just have to learn to live without it and this shows how few people will.

  3. Oliver Medaris

    June 25, 2013 at 1:58 PM

    It looks like all the commenters so far see you are exactly right, so the rest, like me’ don’t add to the comment section. That is because there is a quiet realization that this next year or more is going to cause many or all of us long lasting pain. So we just don’t want t5o think enough to write on the subject. Kinda like Wylie Coyote looking at th huge rock falling toward his half buried body. H doesn’t type any opinion. he just wait for the rock to hit.

  4. Adrian

    June 25, 2013 at 2:08 PM

    The problem America and the World has right now is a lack of organization.People are very much
    divided in many directions.The old nemesis is still upon us: RE-LIGION,the opium of the masses.
    If we ,most of us,escape this pest,we can go back to reality and take control of our lives. This NWO
    is not the problem,the People themselves is the real problem.Their own ignorance of reality has made them slaves to the Globalist.It is said that ,man is the measure of all things and also the slave of its own desires. Tyranny descended from GOD, and it has a human face. If you want to be sovereign,you have to be able to be the master of your own destiny. Remember the old expression:
    ” homo homini lupus “,our today reality is based on this principal.These Globalist are wolves in sheep cloths. If you want to change your luck,you have to change your atitude towards reality.
    Get organized,stop preying on each other,act as one.Identify your enemy and prey upon it.
    Life is a strugle,you have to fight in order to survive. Only by joining forces you can succid.
    If you are a parasite,you will live and die like one. The choice is yours. Remember,America is our Land on Planet Earth,there is no other place to go.The Globalist are the invaders,is time to stand up be counted. Is your patriotic duty to fight for this Land named America.

  5. palani

    June 25, 2013 at 4:27 PM

    I hold a note produced in 1862 in the value of $5 by the U.S. It is accounted for not as part of the $15 trillion dollar debt of the United States but rather is 1.442E-6% of a singular debt established by Congress in 1878 at $346,681,016. Possession of this note makes me a creditor of a previous incarnation of the United States. Go ahead and google that sum … it was set in 1868 and stopped changing in 1878 … and this amount is the debt of a United States that stopped existing when the 14th amendment was passed. It is not a ‘demand’ note for if it were I would have demanded my 1/4 oz of gold from Treasury a long time ago. As it stands if I just donated it to Treasury they would take that as permission to print and issue another similar note … that value of $346,681,016 is not about to change just because someone decided to abandon their claim. Congress set it up as a permanent debt limit and not one that can ever change.

    The thing is … if the United States can establish the custom of just not paying any debt by fixing the level of the debt owed to a previous abstraction of their name … why wouldn’t they do it for $15 trillion or whatever the true level of debt is for THIS present abstraction? Plan upon going bed one evening secured in your belief of the generosity and existence of the present United States just to wake up the next morning with the accounts of THAT entity frozen and the existence of a new and improved perfect union embarking upon her maiden voyage. The Federal Reserve may be retained along with their enforcement arms in the new ship of state but make no mistake … these will not be your grandfathers Federal Reserve but just a new wolf in a different sheeps attire. Your consent to these changes will be as effective as those of any shanghaied sailor to order the captain to reverse his course.

  6. Rfl

    July 4, 2013 at 10:36 PM

    Adask, the problem with suppressing gold and silver prices is that the rest of the world is buying gold and silver. If you look at the gold held at JPMorgan, comex and LBMA their reserves are dropping like a rock. There is a lot of gold settlements being done in the shadow banking system. Off the books, margin calls on derivatives. They have at this rate about a month and a half of reported reserves after that where the gold will come from is a guess. If you suppress the price more will buy it. Maybe not Americans but the world. Paper gold is leveraged by some estimates 100 to 1. We have already seen failures to deliver. Fort Knox is probably empty, and the Chinese are setting themselves up to do trade settlements with the BRICS in gold trade vouchers. Our bonds they hold will be used to finance it. People don’t realize that the East is transferring huge amounts of gold every month,why? When the reset comes they will want to be the top dog. This is setting up the kings of the east march to destroy Israel mentioned in the book of Revelation. Either a new world currency with RFID chip or digital money. No one may buy or sell lest they have the mark of the Beast. It is almost here!


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