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Reagan Humor

We shouldn’t vote for political candidates based on something as superficial as their ability to tell jokes. But we do. And that being so, you can see why Ronald Reagan was twice elected to the presidency. Say what you like about the man, you can’t deny that he was so damned likable that it would be almost impossible for any opponent to beat him.

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Good News

It’s rare for me to find something that strikes me as good news.  I don’t feel like a pessimist.  I feel like an objective observer of a world that increasingly generates “bad news”. But I can see how some might view my observations as fundamentally pessimistic.

So, I’m pleased to find a video that offers some serious good news about health care.  I’m not here to argue that there’s no potential downside to the technology displayed in this video. Using cell phones to track our medical conditions will also allow those cell phones to track us. Nevertheless, on balance, this video gives me cause for (objective) optimism.

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Mandatory Euthanasia for Senior Citizens

Euthanasia for the Elderly (courtesy Google Images)

Euthanasia for the Elderly
(courtesy Google Images)

This post is probably “much ado about nothing”.  It’s an overreaction to a video that’s a spoof; a joke. The video is kinda like Jay Leno’s “Streetwalking All-Stars” except, here, six or eight morons have been approached and asked to sign a petition supporting euthanasia for old folks in order to cut health care costs.  Amazingly, shockingly, they nod their heads wisely and quickly sign the petition.

I have no idea how many people rejected this petition.  I’d hope that for every one who signed this petition, there were one hundred (at least) who rejected it. But I can’t help thinking that finding the six or eight signatories was achieved without too much trouble.  If so, this video makes me wince.

First, the video implies that American youth (and middle age) have little empathy for the elderly–or little realization that they, too, will soon be elderly.  That lack of empathy suggests the basis for a class war of sorts which could make the elderly “targets” for the young.  Being a senior citizens, I can’t say that I’m pleased by this possibility.  More, I’m actually a little angry at the morons who are willing to subject me to euthanasia to cut health care costs.

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An Affinity for Liars

“I’m going to say this again to the American people. . . . I want you to listen to me . . . .  I did not . . . have sexual relations . . . with that woman.”

“I’m going to say this again to the American people. . . . I want you to listen to me . . . . I did not . . . have sexual relations . . . with that woman.”

When we look at our politicians, we know that most of ‘em . . . the vast majority . . . are habitual, perhaps even pathological, liars.  Only rarely (Ron Paul comes to mind) do we elect someone who seems mostly honest.

And so I wonder, how can we explain the predominance of liars among our leaders?  Are lying politicians just so slick that, almost every time, they fool honest folks like you and me into voting for them?  Or is it possible that “honest folks like you and me” aren’t being fooled at all, but instead knowingly and intentionally prefer to elect liars to public office?

I think that most Americans prefer liars and therefore knowingly elect liars.  God help us, but it appears that most of us have an affinity for liars and for lies.

We try tell ourselves (OK, maybe not ourselves; but we tell others and our kids) that telling the truth is admirable, desirable, respectable and beneficial for all.  It is the best policy.  But, for ourselves, well, sometimes lying is simply a necessity.  We don’t want to lie, but sometimes it’s the easiest course of action.

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Butterfly Bernanke: “Ah don’ know nuthin’ ‘bout pricin’ gold, Miz Scarlet”

Bernanke2I recently interviewed Michael T. Snyder on the Financial Survival radio program.  Mr. Snyder is the author of and of a recent novel entitled The Beginning of the End.  He’s an intelligent young man with an enviable education:  B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia; a law degree and a Master of Laws of Taxation from the University of Florida.

In the course of the interview Mr. Snyder confided that, ever since he was a young boy, he sought and expected to find teachers who could explain to him how the world really works.  But he never found such teachers at the grade school, junior high, or high school levels.  That didn’t surprise him, but he did expect to find such teachers at the college level.  He didn’t.  He definitely expected to find such teachers at the advanced degree levels for a Juris Doctorate and Master of Tax Laws.  He found no such teachers.

More, in the ten years since he completed his last degree, he’s come to the shocking conclusion that, in the world of economics, no one actually knows what’s going on.  Our economy seems to bump along from one crisis to another and, so far, has seemed to survive—but no one really knows why.

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A pill and a profit for every symptom  (courtesy Google Images)

A pill and a profit for every symptom
(courtesy Google Images)

As I bounced about the internet I ran into a story about a new cure for cancer that’s been discovered in Canada but largely ignored by the medical industry. The new drug is called “dichloroacetate”. It’s not a new substance, but has already been used for some time in other contexts and appears to be readily available. You can read an introductory article at “Dichloroacetate: University of Alberta Doctors Discover A Cure For Cancer“.

Unfortunately, dichloroacetate has a significant intrinsic problem:  it was researched and discovered by means of public funding.  That means no major pharmaceutical enterprise can claim a patent on dichloroacetate and use that patent to generate massive profits.

If no major corporation can get rich off selling dichloroacetate, that medicine will probably not be manufactured or sold.  People will die from cancer who might otherwise be saved, but no one in the pharmaceutical industry gives a damn.

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MSM & Gov-co’s Attempt to “Lynch” George Zimmerman

This video at least implies that if it weren’t for US Attorney General Eric Holder’s insistence, George Zimmerman would not have been tried for the death of Trayvon Martin.  We can reasonably assume that Eric Holder’s insistence was based on President Obama’s insistence.  If so, this implies that the top two “players” in the federal justice system are willing to instigate criminal prosecutions based on black racism.

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