The Science Delusion

03 Jul

The following video is fascinating and arguably profound.  I’ll watch it more than once.

As originally conceived, “science” was intended to be only a method of inquiry for the purpose of discovering truth.  But is today’s “science” still a method of finding truth–or has “science” become a system of fixed beliefs very similar to a conventional religion and therefore tending to suppress the discovery of new truths?

It appears that many of the “constants” of science (like the force of gravity and the speed of light) actually vary significantly over the course of a day, week or year.  Those “constants” lay the foundation for the “science belief system” (religion). But if the seemingly fixed “constants” change, what is the value of the “science belief system”?

In the following video, we can see hints of the fundamental reasons why modern “science” is adverse to Christianity.  Both are religions and are therefore as fundamentally opposed as Islam and Judaism.  In the natural conflict between the belief in “science” and belief in God we see an expression of spiritual warfare.

video    00:18:20


Here’s another, longer video (01:20:26)  by the same speaker on the same subject:


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13 responses to “The Science Delusion

  1. Anthony Clifton

    July 3, 2013 at 7:49 AM

    apparently Hope still lives…

    I knew Hope, she was fun to talk to…with an active imagination,

    ordinarily one could determine her inbred opposition to what may
    euphemistically be described as


    or the more Generous, – – ….chitlin lickin’ GENEROUS –


    Curiously, when employing scientific analysis to the


    cost / benefit analysis issue –

    many seem to scamper in the opposite direction of TRUTH,

    fleeing swifly away from – { what is provably TRUE !! }

    FACTS, and historical proof….

    of the PREDATOR

    and the PREY . . .

    ….and who could view censure from these Morlocks as a badge of honor, the rest of these clowns do the back peddling retraction dance, the moment these mass murder practitioners and apologists level criticism at them of any kind. What this means is that they are saying,

    “Yowsah Boss!

    Whatever you want to do is A-1 okay with us”. [con mucho gusto]

    Wayne Martin kindly informed Lt. Larry Lynch….

    “When you reject Truth you place yourself in Judgement.”

    3JUL13 according to the calendar currently in use

    • Tony

      July 6, 2013 at 11:01 AM

      Hi Anthony,

      Two things.

      One, in terms of WHAT you say, I think my agreement with you is really high.

      Two, in terms of HOW you say it? It comes across to me as if you are full of yourself and delight in flaunting your intelligence. I despise your style.

      I know they are strong words, but what the hell.


  2. Yartap

    July 3, 2013 at 11:16 AM

    “It’s not what you don’t know that hurts you so; it’s what you know that isn’t so.”

    We, as humans, like constants (no changes) in our life. It make things convenient and comfortable for us. We do not like our beliefs shaken or stirred. It’s hard to teach an ole dog new tricks, as we say. It requires effort on our part. For most, once school is out, the learning ends. Their only teacher that remains is life itself and the consequences of life (school of hard-knocks).

    And due to the desire for constants in our life, we will reject new found knowledge; unless the masses go along with the new discovery or belief. And the only way that the new belief will come about or be accepted is if it gives a benefit to the masses, or it is forced upon them. So, materialism is its bases, as the speaker said.

    It is the masses or those in control (PTB), who force the set or fixed belief system upon us all. Thus, though force (school of hard-knocks/ governments/PTB) and the masses’ joint beliefs (democracy), that restricts and hides the science of truth.

  3. Martens

    July 3, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    Science was, is, and always will be a logical method for discovering facts about the natural world. Science is merely reason applied to physical observation.

    Certain man-made institutions that claim to represent science have turned into religions. But claims and reality are often different. As always, do your due diligence before believing a product’s advertising.

    There is clearly a conflict between Christianity and a few of these institutions promoting a religion under the guise of science. There is no conflict between Christianity and science itself, however.

  4. Michael Kivinen

    July 3, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    The Meaning of LIFE. The Question and the answer, but to most still want a banana given to them.

    If you think life is an accident or not, your here alive to find out for your self by your own intelligence from within, if you care not to learn all that was, all that is, and what can be in the future by the knowledge found, find and understand what is the truth and what is not by your own logic, and by your intelligence find the understanding of it, to which all gain then the wisdom within your life span, then what a shame yours and all the lives of people who come before you has been a waste time of an intelligence that created you all for.

    Intelligence creates and mans science is a part of understanding that intelligence and remember accidents don’t happen without a reason, this is the truth of all what is in this universe that we live in. Nature is the set of rules of the cycle of life and the DNA is the code produced by the natural organisation, which was, is and still controlled by the intelligence of design and creation, nothing is separate and all are linked and controlled and freedom is given to create a randomisation in life within the rules of all the sciences have found to exist.

    Man and nature can makes mistakes, due to their randomisation built into nature of the system of the universe but has set rules to follow by nature and external environment, All this proves intelligence, only people cant and don’t want to except this, and the evidence points to this, but others leave facts out to persuade their view to others. Science plays a neutral point and leaves it up to the individual to conclude the final answer, But most want to play their own GOD of self wisdom on to others.

    As for God or the all one intelligence does not make mistakes.

    Believe or Not to believe’ that is the next question, and its up to each and every person to decide for them self. Real intelligence knows already the truth, but you the masses are left to squabble over the facts as to what is and what is not the truth within science of discoveries and facts.

  5. NDT

    July 4, 2013 at 12:47 AM

    “Both are religions and are therefore as fundamentally opposed as Islam and Judaism”

    Non-sequitur. Islam and Judaism have quite a lot of common ground.

    • Adask

      July 4, 2013 at 12:59 AM

      Not so. I didn’t write that both “religions” were “fundamentally different” in terms of content–I wrote that they were as “fundamentally opposed” as Islam and Judaism. So far as I know, Islam, Judaism and Christianity all worship the same God, but nevertheless there is great opposition between those faiths are to how that worship should be performed. That “political” opposition between all three major faiths is so great, that people are ready to shoot and die for their “religion”. The differences between Islam and Judaism may be relatively small; nevertheless, the opposition between those two faiths is substantial.

      So far, I don’t see overt evidence of a shooting war between those who believe in modern “science” and those who believe in God. Still, my reference to the opposition between Islam vs. Judaism may be exaggerated, but still fairly reasonable. That reference was intended to be more of a metaphor than a statement of fact. I think most people understood what I intended to communicate.

      • Jetlag

        July 4, 2013 at 1:48 AM

        “So far as I know, Islam, Judaism and Christianity all worship the same God, but nevertheless there is great opposition between those faiths are to how that worship should be performed.”

        Perhaps the differing positions of these faiths concerning the acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ deserves mention as well.

        This point of opposition illustrates the point better, I’d say.

  6. Anthony Clifton

    July 4, 2013 at 8:27 AM

    not knowing that the deity of the stool sculpture deity cult…Talmudic Judaism is actually

    Lucifer, doesn’t change the Truth. [John 8] [John 8:44] . . . See Elijah.

    90% of the PROSELYTES to Talmudic Judaism are Gog & Magog – NON-JUDAHITES.

    a religion is a belief system…Jesus admonished to KNOW THE TRUTH,
    and to be a {satanic cult} “JEW” …one must Hate Jesus…!

  7. Felipe

    July 4, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    Not Independence Day.

    In the United States of America we celebrate the 4th of July as our Independence Day.

    But I am damn sure that if you are living anywhere in the United States of America you are not feeling very independent, as a matter of fact if you are the typical American you are feeling very oppressed right now.

    Have you asked yourself why? Why do we feel like rats in a cage in our own country when we are supposed to be the very example of freedom and Liberty?

    Let me begin by giving you a small example of how we have degraded in America from Liberty to Tyranny.

    It is 11:00 pm on the 4th of July, on your way home from your parents house, your wife and children are in the car with you , when you come upon a massive DUI (driving under the influence) check point that is being conducted by the local and state police.

    As you wait your turn, you think only of getting home and putting the children to bed and getting some good rest yourself. As your turn comes up and the police officer signals you to pull up to him and roll down your window.

    Officer: “Have you been drinking tonight?”
    You: “No.”

    Officer: “Where are you coming from tonight?”
    You, surprised: “Why?”
    Officer: “Why? BECAUSE I ASKED YOU!”
    You: “Excuse me officer, but you don’t’ have the right to ask me that without reason…”
    Your Wife: “Sir, we are coming from my in-laws.”

    The officer no longer an officer but a mere bully cop. The cop annoyed and agitated signals to another cop and tells you:


    You pulled up to the area where the other cop is.

    Cop2: “Give me your license, insurance, and registration.”

    You pull out your wallet and hand over your license, then hand over your insurance card and vehicle registration.

    Then Cop2 inspects your documents, looks at you with a non nondescript look and tells you to step out of the vehicle.

    At this point, you would like to ask what’s going on, and why you are being treated the way you are being treated. But you know, better. You know better because you have served in the Army overseas and know what can happen to you and your family in an instant, even if you are in America.

    Cop2: “Sir, how much did you drink tonight?”
    You, reply: “Nothing.”

    Cop2: “Sir, you are being stopped on suspicion of DUI, I will administer a field sobriety test, ok. Please step over this way and on the line.”

    You notice that other cops now have your wife out of the car, and the trunk of your car is now open, while your children are still in the back seat of your car. You experience high anxiety, and decide just to grin and bear it. You know they have the power and upper hand in a situation like this, they know they can hurt you and hurt your family and you will not do anything about it because you would not like to have your family injured or hurt.

    So you go through the motions, answer their questions and hope you are let go in peace without injury or harm to you or your family.

    Cop2 administers her field sobriety test, asks you a few questions and tells you to return to your car.

    You are signaled to proceed and pull out of the DUI check point.

    Once you have left the check point, you wife is mad at you for not being attentive and deferential to the cops.

    Wife: “ Why couldn’t you just answer him, why did you have to ask him why was he asking?”
    You: “Because it is none of his ******* business where we are coming from.”

    Wife: “Yes it is, he has a gun!”

    You sit there stunned, you cannot believe what you just heard, yet, you bite your tongue and travel home in silence in order not to argue or ruin the rest of the night.

    How did we get to this point in America?


    1. We lost our Liberty from simple ignorance.
    2. Those that know all about greed and debt, stole our country from the rest of us.

    What is the solution?

    1. Learn who you are, and what a powerful legacy has been left for you as an American.

    The few very rich people that run our country are very rich because they control our money system.

    They control how much money is created and to whom it is given and for whatever purpose.

    You and I can only get money by selling our labor or borrowing.

    The rich control the money system through the use of government bonds and having the bank notes used printed by the government to give their scam the illusion of legitimacy.

    Learn your rich history, know that you are a very powerful individual, learn law so you can defend and uphold your rights in court. Teach others so they can help you protect your rights while they are protecting theirs.

    • Jetlag

      July 4, 2013 at 5:53 PM

      “What is the solution?”

      The solution to losing your country is to take your country back. And you do this the same way the bad guys took it over in the first place: by taking control of the county’s government.

      In the case of the United States, there is no other way. That is why the bad guys, with their virtually unlimited resources, didn’t use guns and bombs to capture this country. They used lobbyists.

  8. Felipe

    July 5, 2013 at 5:14 AM

  9. kanani

    July 14, 2013 at 11:31 AM

    Jesuits have quite a bit to do with science delusion.


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