An Affinity for Liars

28 Jul

“I’m going to say this again to the American people. . . . I want you to listen to me . . . .  I did not . . . have sexual relations . . . with that woman.”

“I’m going to say this again to the American people. . . . I want you to listen to me . . . . I did not . . . have sexual relations . . . with that woman.”

When we look at our politicians, we know that most of ‘em . . . the vast majority . . . are habitual, perhaps even pathological, liars.  Only rarely (Ron Paul comes to mind) do we elect someone who seems mostly honest.

And so I wonder, how can we explain the predominance of liars among our leaders?  Are lying politicians just so slick that, almost every time, they fool honest folks like you and me into voting for them?  Or is it possible that “honest folks like you and me” aren’t being fooled at all, but instead knowingly and intentionally prefer to elect liars to public office?

I think that most Americans prefer liars and therefore knowingly elect liars.  God help us, but it appears that most of us have an affinity for liars and for lies.

We try tell ourselves (OK, maybe not ourselves; but we tell others and our kids) that telling the truth is admirable, desirable, respectable and beneficial for all.  It is the best policy.  But, for ourselves, well, sometimes lying is simply a necessity.  We don’t want to lie, but sometimes it’s the easiest course of action.

•  For example, the next time your wife asks “Does this dress make me look fat?,” go ahead and try telling her the truth.  Let us know how your foray into truth-telling works out.

If you haven’t already learned about the dangers of honesty, your wife will probably illuminate those dangers in terms you’ll be unlikely to forget.  The next time she asks if the dress makes her look fat, you will reply, “Absolutely not, darling—in fact, I think that dress makes you look remarkably slim.  In fact, I think you look just like you did when I first saw you in high school—thirty years ago.”

Of course, you won’t be foolin’ anybody.  Your wife will know that you’re lying—but she won’t mind.  Instead, she’ll be delighted by your lies and may reward you handsomely later that night.  Even if you’re not expressly rewarded, you’ll at least be spared another crying, screaming brawl—and that’s reward enough, right?

In fact, we all extort lies from our friends and lovers.  If you won’t lie to make your friends (and spouses) feel good, chances are you’re going to wind up living alone.

We’ll get to why we like lies in a moment.

•  But first, here’s another bit of humor about the female inclination to harvest lies.  I don’t know about you, but I never had any “line” to use for chasing women.  “Lines” were lies and even as a young man, I didn’t want to lie.

So I was much disturbed to see how many attractive women would routinely prefer the lines/lies of some moron rather than my truth.  I was bewildered.  Why do women seem drawn to men who lie?

That female affinity for liars was classically illustrated by Woody Allen in his move Play It Again, Sam.   If you saw that movie, you’ll probably remember the Humphrey Bogart character trying to coach the nerdy Woody Allen on what to say to girls—in this case Diane Keaton.

Bogart growls to Woody, “Go tell her that, ‘I’ve seen some good-lookin’ broads in my life, baby, but you’re really something.’”

Woody whines, “Ohhh, she’ll never fall for that!”

Bogart growls, “Just do it.”

Woody reluctantly tells Diane, “I’ve seen some beautiful broads in my life, baby, but you’re really something.”

Diane coos, “Oooo, do you really think so?!”

Woody (amazed) tells Bogart, “She bought it!

The scene is hilarious.  Woody thinks that, thanks to lies, he’s getting over on Diane—but I’m not so sure.  The innocent, dimwitted female played by Diane Keaton has caused both Woody and Bogart to lie to her . . . to lie for her.   In doing so, she’s demonstrated real power over Woody.

Woody, on the other hand, demonstrated his submissiveness by lying.

•  So far, I’ve supported my contention that most American like lies and liars with a couple of jokes.   That’s pretty flimsy evidence, but it’s still illuminating.

For a more serious illustration of Americans’ affinity for lies and liars, go to court and review however many contempt citations a judge has issued.

For example, check out the judge’s contempt citations for failure to pay child support.  I know that there are a variety of reasons why people don’t pay child support.  Some reasons are pathetic and unworthy of respect, but others are expressions of truth:  they guy doesn’t have the money.  He lost his job.  The IRS seized his paycheck.  The car died and had to be repaired in order to keep his job so he could keep paying child support.

Go ahead and tell the judge the truth and see if it works. The judge doesn’t care about the truth. He ordered you to pay $500 a month in child support and if you violate his order for any reason or no reason, you could be headed for jail.

How ‘bout actual contempt of court when you tell the judge to his face that he’s a “thieving, conniving, money-grubbing shyster”?  All of that may be absolutely true and common knowledge within the court house.  But if you dare to tell that truth to the allegedly “honorable” judge, you’ll be headed for the slammer.

People lie all day in courts and are almost never charged with perjury.  But if you try telling the truth about the court itself, you’re going to pay a price.

The courts welcome lies and liars but despise truth-tellers.

Why?  Because there’s an implied arrogance in anyone who habitually tells the truth.  If you’re willing and inclined to tell the truth, that inevitably means that you don’t have much respect for the person you’re honestly describing.  Lies are evidence that you’re weak.  Telling truth is evidence that you don’t respect or, better yet, fear the person you’re describing.  People in positions of power hate truth-tellers because they always threaten that power.

I doubt that there’s a single example in all of history of someone who couldn’t offend people by telling the truth.

•  For me, the best modern example of the people’s affinity for lies and liars was seen in the A.D. 1988 George Bush Sr. vs. Michael Dukakis race for the presidency.

The U.S. gov-co was in some financial troubles and needed more money.

Bush famously promised “Read my lips: No new taxes.”  He promised that if he were elected, there’d be no new taxes.

Michael Dukakis, on the other hand, admitted that if he were elected, taxes would have to be raised.

Americans voted overwhelmingly for Bush.  If I recall correctly, he wasn’t in office more than six months before (contrary to his “read my lips” promise) he raised taxes.

Dukakis had told the truth about raising taxes.  Bush had lied.  Americans voted for Bush.  Americans voted for the lie and the liar.

And rightfully so.  Who did that swarthy little Greek think he was, daring to tell truth to the American people?  How dare he run for the presidency—the presidency, damn it—and not lie to us?!

Dukakis disrespected the American people by telling them the truth.  He actually thought we’d elect someone to office who was arrogant enough to tell us the truth.

Dukakis didn’t understand lies and liars.  He didn’t understand America’s appetite for lies.

He didn’t understand that every lie is inherently flattering to the person being lied to.  He didn’t understand that we lie to get something that we can’t get with our own power.  Thus, whenever we lie, we admit that the person we’re lying to is stronger, more powerful than we are.  Lying is an act of submission—an admission that whoever we’re lying to is our superior.  Lying is an act of dependence.

So, whenever you lie to someone, you’re essentially kissing their ass.  You’re admitting that they own you; that you are inferior; that they are more powerful.

When Bush said “Read my lips—no new taxes!” he lied and we loved him for it.  We loved him because, with that lie, Bush admitted that we owned him, that he was our inferior.  And somewhere in most people’s psyche is an instinct to be tickled and delighted by other people’s lies because those lies implicitly admit our superiority.

There’s little in life that’s more flattering than lies.  There’s little in life that caters to our vanity as much as lies.  It’s a shame that people are built that way, but most of us are.

The woman who seeks lies about whether her new dress makes her look fat, doesn’t really care what the dress does for her appearance.  She cares about the power that she wields when she induces her “significant other” to lie.

The woman in the bar who prefers the lover with a “line”/lie isn’t worried about the sex and certainly not the reproduction.  She wants to see a demonstration of her power by making some knucklehead lie to her.

The courts that are supposed to seek justice and truth couldn’t care less about either.  It’s all about the power, and the public’s lies admit that power.  Try telling truth to a judge and see if you don’t wind up in jail.

And then there’s the politicians.  If they want to be elected, they’d better be willing to lie to us.  If they’re going to insist on telling us the truth, they might just as well stay off the ballot and leave space for the kind of candidates we generally prefer:  bold-faced liars who can look us in the eye and solemnly declare “Ah did not . . . have sexual relations . . . with that woman”.

Pucker up, Bill, and kiss it!  Kiss it again!  And again!  Kiss that national butt, big boy!  Tell us lies, tell us lies, tell us sweet, sweet lies!

Lies are the political equivalent of oral sex.  That’s why most Americans (secretly) favor lies.

It’s also why those of you who are compulsive truth-tellers can expect to spend much of your lives in a kind of solitude.  You’ll find that telling the truth may cause you to be almost as despised as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.  You may find that telling truth seldom leads to a significant reward—at least not in this this life.

But who cares?  If you’re really into telling truth, the fun of watching the liars squirm when you speak almost makes it all worthwhile.

•  In closing let’s consider two of the most famous non-liars:  the Christ and God (our Father YHWH ha Elohiym).

The Christ, while on earth, tried to tell the truth and wound up crucified.  The world’s affinity for lies and aversion to truth-tellers isn’t a recent phenomenon.  It’s been around for thousands of years.

And then there’s God who, we’re told, can’t lie.

How odd.  How could it be that God can’t do anything?  If He’s God, you’d think that He could lie, right?

Wrong.  If I’m correct that lies are an expression of the liar’s submission and inferiority to whoever He’s lying to, then if God lied, He would implicitly admit that some being was superior to Himself; that He (God) was inferior to and subject to some other being’s power.

That means that if God lied, He would no longer be the “supreme being in the universe”.  By lying, God would admit that He was inferior to whoever He lied to.  Thus, by definition, a “god” that lied could not be the single, supremeGod” over all the universe.

And that’s why God can’t lie.

To lie is an admission of inferiority, submission and insufficient power to acquire or achieve whatever it is you want on your own.  To lie is to depend on others.  To lie is to be a dependent.

To tell the truth is the highest mark of strength and independence—and a good dose of solitude.


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16 responses to “An Affinity for Liars

  1. Spook Moor

    July 28, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    That was quite the most fascinating and enthralling read, and thank you.

    • Joseph S Haas

      July 28, 2013 at 4:52 PM

      Yes Spook, of the word: enthralled, as in captivated to read more of the liars v.s. us honest folk, of God help us, as the easiest form of action, in these first four paragraphs of wanting to read more. Of “To put or hold in thralldom” = “The state or condition of being a thrall; bondage; servitude: as, ‘The laboring classes worked. . . because they were defenseless and could not escape from thraldom’ (J.H. Robinson’s ‘Mind in the Masking,’ vi. 13). ”

      Of we’re looking for an answer, of like here in N.H. of if as an employee by RSA Ch. 275:43,I ” ” you have four options to get paid in: lawful money (coin of quality as by the constitution, of not just legal/ statutory commerce coin of debasement of you get those for when you trade in at the local coin shop on the ratio BEFORE you head to the store), electronic deposit, some payroll card or by check, of the last being the indirect of to directly claim on the Order to pay not promise to pay paper note IOUs called FRNs but to actually get paid, of in the inferior of to take only on a temporary basis of to return for which the bank directors take an oath of to obey the law in the state in which they got a license to operate.

      Plus in regards to lieing in the court, it was back in the 1980s when I was on the witness stand in Judge Wm. R. Johnson’s Grafton County Superior Court in North Haverhill, New Hampshire (since deceased) and his bailiff asked me if I would swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and noting but the truth. And I said no. Of he/ the judge went on for about a five-minute speech about being a good Boy Scout, of this and that of then he asked me if I would now tell the truth, and I said that you didn’t have to give me this history lesson, of you should not have ass-u-me-d such but to just have asked one word of: Why? And I would have said that you’re putting the emphasis on the wrong word: of I do not swear, but affirm, as to be closer to what God Almighty is of who can’t lie.

  2. Arlo Ray

    July 28, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    It’s the American life of the lie of credit as though you own something. A lie can’t call out a lie.

    Sent from my iPod

    • GoodNews

      July 28, 2013 at 1:42 PM

      Ya: just being abstracted further up the food chain daily. Pity those poor souls at the top with the sinking feeling in their guts.

  3. Joseph S Haas

    July 28, 2013 at 12:22 PM

    Thanks Al. And reference that Geo. Bush, the 1st saying of: “no new taxes” he actually did tell the truth*, but in the shade, like on a ______day of one of the “Seven Shades of Satan” that I just saw on an old episode of Clint Eastwood’s “Rawhide” western TV series from the 1960s yesterday on AMC-TV of: The “Incident of the Dancing Death” (1960). Here’s the scoop for all these political hacks on their ego trip to the land of arrogance is their twisting or turning as an a-turn-ey jumping like a monkey from one branch of gov’t to the other, of we let them do so (on the Tree of Liberty every twenty (20) years or so is what Thomas Jefferson warned us about) because we like to see a circus performance of NOT strong acrobats [of me partial to the female arm-wrestlers, willing to take on the “stronger” of the species (;-) ] of to applause to their ability, BUT that of liking the clowns of to be tricked like a magician of being fooled. We’re stuck in a rut. That of thinking these people we elect “will” (future tense), honor their oaths of to pro-tect our rights like by tricking the enemies that might invade us like parasites to try to feed upon the host, but that the real parasites be these internal blood-suckers of that they SAY of by the “viz.” as reference that word in our RSA Chapter 42:1 or 92:2 to Article 84 of the New Hampshire constitution here as an abbreviation of the word videlicet of “to say”, but when? When “will” they do so honor? “From this day forward” is a phrase that you will never hear nor read in their signed oaths as they are also required to “make and subscribe” but some never do “draw up and sign”. Of in fact missing certain words and a complete sentence by some of them here of one A.B. sentence of first and last name, but not the other A.B. sentence BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Of they cannot that of to DO anything in office until that’s done, but do so anyway! and there be no Law EnFORCEment because such officers are appointed** by them to do this bidding of the custom over-ride of the law of “To Serve and Protect” THEM from us! , and so there also be the check-and-balance as by way of an impeachment for such wrongs in the Executive and Judicial Branches by the Legislative, but we encounter the strong-arms and wimps respectfully of them too chicken-sh*t to attack one of their political brothers while maintaining their superiority over us of saying that they “will” honor their oaths to us someday in the distant future but like when? They of these like slippery eels just love the future tense, as they laugh at us, of them in contempt of constitution, for us not being able to pin them down to the present tense. In other words them being sociopaths in extreme denial of the truth in the present tense preferring to not have their heads in the sand like an ostrich, but looking far of away into the future that when we deal with them by phone, letter or in-person visits like to their Public Hearings they look past you of into the future of to say: that will be enough truth for one day, of to take your seat of they “will” deal with it of whatever you present as a problem “to be” solved some time in the future, but like conditional upon their re-election.

    *Therefore George Bush, the First said “no new taxes”, of meaning no additional taxes to the existing ones, of just to raise the current rates of into the future tense. The ** (2-star) footnote here being a subject you might like to tackle sometime being that there are eleven (11) of us states in the Union that do not elect our “judicial officers” of there supposed to be the Section 2 of the Fourteenth (14th) Amendment penalty put upon us, but that here in N.H. the governor is refusing to do her Article 51 duty of to execute BOTH the laws of the states AND United States. The penalty being a reduction in the # of M.O.C.’s in Congress. But then it be LESS than the Senate that represents the minority, and so the solution for us all being to revise The Reapportionment Act of 1929. Think about it: If the House of Representatives represents the majority and they are of the same or less number per that state than that of the two in the Senate, how can that math be true?! It isn’t! Of we put up with this lie in the Capitol from us within the 11 states and you others allow such, but then ALL such U.S. Codes thus be tainted with unlawfulness. Of what are you going to do about it? and when? Land, buildings, vehicles and personal effects are being stolen from us of We the People daily by these goons in government who are the real militants, of from the word militate of to use force as evidence, when the real evidence is that they are operating on statutes at large that be made up from us smalls: small in number of the elite who “they” can control by Federal Funds.

  4. GoodNews

    July 28, 2013 at 1:39 PM

    Spot on Mr. Adask well worth tweeting and if anyone thinks not: their opinion is fleeting at best.

  5. Ugly Truth

    July 29, 2013 at 5:55 AM

    “Lying is an act of submission—an admission that whoever we’re lying to is our superior.”

    In commerce, the truth is sovereign.

  6. c

    July 29, 2013 at 11:28 AM

    I find this odd because I value the truth. If people lie to me, I don’t trust them. I realize that I don’t have many friends because most people lie. I think honesty is a sign of respect and that the person is strong enough to handle the truth and or my opinion. I like to assume that they are adults and I realize that, if they are not, I probably don’t want to hang out with them anyway. They are too high maintenance, just needy little babies.

  7. c

    July 29, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    You make an interesting point about the courts. I don’t like lying. If I do not know something, I admit it. A judge tried to make me lie on the stand and guess but I refused because I did not know. It did not go well for me. This sort of thing has happened to me many times during my life but my integrity is the only thing that I truly own, No one can take your integrity, you must surrender it by choice.

    • Joseph S Haas

      July 29, 2013 at 1:08 PM

      c, re: ” A judge tried to make me lie on the stand ” of this reminds me of what my friend’s son told me once too of who I did help become a P.I. here before they now make them all have to go to the N.H. Police Academy even if it’s just private investigations of paperwork of ink to papers for inheritance $money, and he was told by an agent for an Insurance Company to lie on the witness stand in court, but that he refused, and so “lost” their business with him. – – – – – Of thus to lie is to be “found” with money, (probably paper money all the time of continual feeding of IOUs) of to tell the truth of you become “lost” of not within their sight in their forest of which I’d rather not be anyway with liars and thieves who steal my time of me rather to be in the rays of the truth preferring that than these “Seven Shades of Satan” that maybe Clint Eastwood might like to comment on? Reference the guilty conscience of that rots them from the inside out.

  8. Jetlag

    July 30, 2013 at 6:35 PM

    @Adask “And so I wonder, how can we explain the predominance of liars among our leaders?”

    We can explain the predominance of liars among government employees as being due to the predominance of gullibility and inattentiveness among their employers, We the People.

    Any employer who fails to maintain diligent watchfulness over his mission-critical employees is asking for trouble. This applies with government employees as well.

  9. Anthony Clifton

    July 31, 2013 at 6:39 AM

    “Our” leader is described in Isaiah 9 : 6 – 7

    For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

    Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever.

    needless to say the Messiah for Israel was not a self hating “JEW” !

    “PEACE…PEACE….when there is no Peace…”

    Truth + Justice = Peace

  10. Cody

    July 31, 2013 at 9:55 AM

    Maybe, they’re not lying. Maybe it’s just “rationalization.” Maybe, we need to be aware of the fact that the majority of the people do not “reason” (See “reason” Black’s 4th Rev. Ed).

    “rationalization: to ascribe (one’s acts, opinions, etc.) to causes that superficially seem reasonable and valid but that actually are unrelated to the true, possibly unconscious and often less creditable or agreeable causes.”

  11. Catherine Casey

    September 2, 2013 at 5:47 AM

    Politicians simply personify, with exacting practice mind you, what the population they seek to govern embrace. People are liars, our culture demands lies and punishes those who tell the truth by shunning them, calling them brash, rude, unkind, intolerant, unloving, uneducated, unsympathetic, biased, closed minded, ignorant and so it goes. Every single person reading this has lied, will lie again because we know the consequences if we don’t.


    September 12, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    Did you say on Info’warts’; …”WE all lie….

    I know that you said. . ..”USE a Dictionary”…. to ” his ” worshipers. I had been recommending that and still do.

    So do you remember? Did you say on Info’warts’; …”WE all lie….

  13. Adask

    September 12, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    I don’t recall what I said three days ago. I surely don’t recall what I might’ve said a year or more ago. But I could have said “We all lie” in the sense that someone asks “Do you think this dress makes me look fat?” and you answer “No.” Truthfully, it’s not the dress that makes you look fat, it’s all the lard on your butt. But, being mature and not wanting to start a brawl, we don’t tell the truth and instead say, “No, the dress does not make you look fat.” We lie to avoid the fight. It’s human nature. We all do it. I hope the Good LORD will forgive us for our “white lies”. If He won’t, we’re all in big trouble.


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