What Kind of Government Comes Next?

13 Aug

Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt

The “sovereign debt crisis” simultaneously afflicts the US government and the governments of a significant number of other major nations/economies.  In essence, the “sovereign debt crisis” means that a “sovereign” (a government) is so deep in debt that it can’t possibly pay all of its bills.  That means that such governments are insolvent and technically bankrupt.

What happens if such governments actually default and become overtly bankrupt?  That’s hard to imagine, but it might mean that the alleged “sovereign” wouldn’t merely be embarrassed but might actually cease to exist.  What would replace it?

What happens when governments are so prone to pushing more regulations and a greater police state, that their people come to loath their own governments?  Would a people who’ve come to loath their own government be more open to some other entity that sought to replace their constitutional governments?  Is the modern police state intended to increase the powers of government?  Or is it secretly intended to so alienate the people that they’ll come to hate constitutional government and cheer its destruction?

Is it possible that the Powers That Be are intentionally driving the sovereign governments so deep into debt that they must inevitably collapse in bankruptcy?  Is the real purpose for today’s growing police state to extend the powers of government?  Or is the purpose to cause people to so despise their own sovereign (“constitutional”) government that, if and when it collapses in bankruptcy, the people will cheer and make no significant effort to revive it?

Could it be that the combination of the “sovereign debt crisis,” a growing police state, and growing public animosity to government is happening intentionally for the purpose of destroying sovereign (constitutional) governments?  If the “sovereign” (constitutional) government not only goes bankrupt but also alienates so many of its people with an obnoxious police state, will that open the door to the imposition of an entirely new form of government that will ultimately be even more tyrannical?  And if so, what kind of alternative authority might be waiting in the wings to claim power when the constitutional government collapses?

Could the answer be a conglomerate of private corporations and banks, itching to “privatize” and thereby “own” the world?

Ann Barnhardt apparently thinks the answer to those questions is Yes, Yes, and Yes.

If she’s right, should we be attacking whatever remains of our constitutional government? Or should we be seeking ways to support and defend it against destruction by private corporations?

If our government finally collapses, what will replace it? Should we devote less of our time to beating the “dead horse” that our constitutional government has become and more of our time and energy to laying the foundation for the next government that will follow?

video   00:11:37


P.S. and here’s a clip from the 1976 movie Network.  I wish I’d had brains enough back then to understand the insight and warning that the film offered.

video  00:03:06


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18 responses to “What Kind of Government Comes Next?

  1. Martens

    August 13, 2013 at 3:18 AM

    First, let me say that your articles keep getting more intelligent and worth the time it takes to read them.

    Adask said: “If our government finally collapses, what will replace it?”

    Rule by the New World Order billionaires, of course. There are no other contenders in terms of resources, planning, or the tactical ability to fill the power vacuum after a nation’s collapse. We’ve seen this demonstrated several times in recent years.

    Adask said: “Should we devote less of our time to beating the “dead horse” that our constitutional government has become and more of our time and energy to laying the foundation for the next government that will follow?”

    Our constitutional government is only a dead horse when 300,000,000 Americans say it’s a dead horse, and no power on Earth can overrule the decision we make about our own future.

    This is why the New World Order billionaires put so much into their propaganda effort (including internet spam) to make us believe our fight against them is a lost cause.

    If the bad guys ever convince We the People to surrender our nation to them, they won’t just wait around to give us a sporting chance to “lay the foundation for the next government”. That’s not how the Law of the Jungle works.

  2. GrumpyT (@grumpytees)

    August 13, 2013 at 5:28 AM

    Sad to say but we have lost! Just look at the vid of the kid praying to Obummer! His parents should be beaten and that child taken. Talk about being a slave. The Sheeple of this once great nation are willing, for a bit of bread and a circus, to follow the Pied Piper straight off of the cliff.

    The only thing honest, God believing people can do is take care of themselves and their families.

    It is hard to listen to the TRUTH that Ann speaks but, listen we must.

  3. Anthony Clifton

    August 13, 2013 at 5:31 AM

    please make note of the fact that I completely avoided giving the
    History of the Barbara Streisand Syndrome…
    whereby GROCERY STORES completely eliminated
    Barbara Streisand songs from their MUSACK inventory after a series of “events” that triggered
    costly damages to the FROZEN FOOD sections after some LUMBER JACKS and BLUE COLLAR
    types had unexpected VIOLENT reactions to the sound of her voice played over the in store

    INTERCOM system….

    hurling canned goods involuntarily, causing hundreds of thousands in damages…!,7340,L-4415346,00.html

    how much mental effort does it take to correctly identify a RABID DOG ?

    perhaps it depends on who is defining…”Government”…

    n’est ce pas ?

    less than 5 Miles from Mt. Carmel……SSW

  4. Nemry

    August 13, 2013 at 6:18 AM

    It is my fervent hope that, given the choice, and enough education, the people of these united States will return to a true constitutional republic. Unfortunately, I have become a pessimist over the years, knowing full well that when you get enough folks in a group, they get lazy and will follow whomever spouts the more attractive gibberish.

    Therefore, the banksters, and the very rich will have their way,and this once fine nation will devolve into anarchy, which eventually will lead to mass stupidity the likes of which the inbred ultra wealthy can only pray for.

    All of the people which desire to rule the world over others fail to understand one critical thing about humanity. When you get enough of them dumb enough, then everything slows to a grinding halt. Then the rulers will become the ones that will have to make things work, if they wish to even survive.

    It has been said that the powers that be are patient, willing to play the long game. They are not thinking far enough ahead to see the end results of their little game.

    I believe that Heinlein was correct, when he said that when a nation gets big enough to start requiring IDs, its time to get out of there, as that nation is already doomed.

  5. Michael

    August 13, 2013 at 7:10 AM

    The people, the sheep, the masses, the waters, the seas, no matter the terminology used to represent the people of the nations of the world never had the real power to govern their own destiny.

    Intelligent criminals rise to the top to control other people and use the power for their own gains and to band together for their own common good and its not for the good of the masses, to them they realise and see the truth, the people just don’t count in their plans of total ownership of everything.

    The system of the world was made to be manipulated by a few, and for the few, and it cant be undone and can only be reformed in their image by use of known method’s that work to shape their new world.

    Talk now is cheap, and worthless against them, they have won the battle of total control over all the world, and reorganising the nations for yet one last battle for the middle east, yes the story is fantastic, but yet simple in its design and it will bring them the rise of a new reformed empire, from the decaying bones of the now seen failing European Union that is falsely pushed into.

    The final is yet future and not yet the war to end all wars, that is still future and China will be that last nation to be conquered militarily of course, by the new world order rise, as China will not and never capitulate no matter what to any other rule over its power. Armageddon is an assured out come, east against the west to which you are contributing towards.

    Intelligence agency’s of east and west know this as fact, and the sheep are the last to find the truth always. Super intelligence does exists by both good and evil sides. Man has reached that point in his knowledge and design, and the details are becoming clearer, and is being created to occur.

    The masses, are made blind, by man made chaos, lies, wars, corrupted control of the world economy, to feeding weapons, and money to create terrorism, spread the Muslims into christen nations, force nations to except by use of humanity reasons. The masses don’t know these things and even if they did its the good being used to except the bad, when your told your going to win, then how can you lose. To hate the system of the present Government system was engineered, otherwise the people would never except another only alterative waiting in the wings.

    Independence means survivability, when a nation becomes dependant on other nations is when its a nation that loses its freedom, the EU cant survive upon independence, and its only choice is to combined and control and conquer the world for its own survivability for any chance of a future and it must reform into a new world order, and rise to its destiny of empire over all the world.

    America was used for its military as the EU is the coming reformed empire, America the goat the judos goat used to bare the brunt of the world’s blame upon its shoulders. I will say this for the EU to reform America must go into a forced collapse to allow the Muslims to strike Israel and for the EU to rise and secure the middle east after the middle east war and the Muslims armies are defeated, and for a seven year peace treaty to be made and the dome of the rock removed and a third temple built. he who sits on the throne of Israel claims the world as ruler and who ever reforms the EU becomes king to rule Israel. To set this up you need the world in the way it is today.

    Actions, and their results are the facts that provide the evidence and point to whom is involved and points to what plan their are operating by, its as simple as that and that’s what’s make large world scale operation’s succeed, because its beyond peoples who except to be ignorant as bliss to the understanding of reality happening around them.

    If you want the world you buy, or bribe, or blackmail, and even threaten not just the individual but the whole persons family, you can assassinate, or you lie to use as an excuse to use military force to conquer and get what you want done. Men and groups, governments, organisation in power have used and still use these methods today. Small numbers in key positions can do great damage and there are plenty scape goats to take the fall for these criminals in power and their power basis supplied by you the people, the sheep.

    You the people have given them their tools to be used upon you and your love ones and upon others with no control over what they can do.

    Blind, Dumb, and Fooled. The truth is to much to bear is it not. No ! you think you are too intelligent to be fooled, only loony people believe all that, No your to sensible to believe that crap. Only time will tell as you and your kind sit watching and laughing, but what can you do. ” NOTHING ” that’s the answer, and the truth. Mankind has no excuse, you have no excuse, ignorance is no excuse.

    Blame them, but blame your self also for allowing it. You are complicit in their crimes also, and convicted by your own self made ignorance, because you allowed it to happen to your self and to all others around you and your family your nation and your faith and most all against the truth.

    In a true civilised world there is no reason or excuse for any nation to have weapons or a military yet all nations do and you the people of each nation except this from your government and from others, peace is only achieved when all nations disarm totally. in other words you are all still savages, a perfect world will never be until all weapons are destroyed and real peace comes after this and the criminals removed from power.

    Only fools can’t judge what is around them and only fools can’t see the truth as the truth insults the ego of the minds of the ignorant and shows up their own corruption of their minds.

    It is good that a few know the truth, and speak the truth, at least it is the reason that saves this world from complete and total destruction.

  6. palani

    August 13, 2013 at 7:23 AM

    Sovereignty is as simple as how you tell time. From Title 1 Subtitle 1 (Sovereignty) Chapter 1D1 of the Iowa code:

    1D.1 Standard time and daylight saving time .
    The standard time in this state is the solar time of the ninetieth meridian of longitude west of Greenwich,* commonly known as central standard time , except that from two o’clock ante meridiem of the first Sunday of April in every year until two o’clock ante meridiem of the last Sunday of October in the same year, standard time shall be advanced one hour. The period of time so advanced shall be known as “daylight saving time .”

    So if you want to change your government set your watch and clocks to something else. It is no more difficult than that. Or continue to obey central standard time (or other corporate systems of time) and accept the sovereignty of ‘this state’.

    My own system of time: Sunrise is at 6 a.m. Sunset is 6 p.m. Noon is when the sun is at the zenith and while an hour does contain 60 minutes these are not uniform at all nor are they tied to any atomic measure of time.

    Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd that the corporate system can presume to measure time but when it comes to applying a value to a Federal Reserve note there is not the slightest interest?

    • Adask

      August 13, 2013 at 8:00 AM

      Your system of time doesn’t work. At least it doesn’t work if you want every hour to be the same length of time. I’d agree that “noon” would always be when the sun was due south at mid-day. However, because the length of days grows longer up until June and shorter until December, you can’t say 6 AM is sunrise each day and sunset is always 6PM without allowing summer hours that are more than 60 minutes long and winter hours that are less than 60 minutes long. The daylight hours are constantly changing. Down here on Texas, the sun rises in the summertime as early as 5 AM and sets as late as 8PM. That means that a summertime day can be 15 hours long and the summertime night can be as short as 9 hours. If we said sunrise was always 6AM and sunset was always 6PM, our 15-hour summertime days would have to be measured by only 12 hours of time under your system. Our 9 hour summertime nights, would also have to be measured by 12 hours of time under your system. The reverse would be true in the winter time. You can see the problem.

      How do you pay an employee for working under your system? If he works from 9 to 5 under your system, he’ll be paid for 8 hours even though, in the summertime he might’ve worked for less actual hours, and in the summertime, he might’ve worked more actual hours.

      How do you schedule to have grade-school get out every day at 3:15 PM if your 6 AM and 6PM are in a constant state of flux? Some days, your kids might be coming home at the equivalent of 2PM and in other seasons they might not get home until 4PM.

      Again, if we all agreed that noon always occurred when the sun was at its zenith and the rest of the day was divided into 24 equal segments, your system might work. But to to define sunrise as 6AM every day and sunset as 6PM will create “hours” of unequal length. Not many people are likely to endorse that kind of system.

      • palani

        August 13, 2013 at 1:37 PM

        A day always contains 24 hours but an hour is not always the same. Say I were at 89 degrees N latitude (near the N pole) and it was summer. Maybe the sun dips below the horizon for a period YOU would call one hour but to me it is below the horizon for 12 hours. It is above the horizon for 12 hours as well even though by YOUR reckoning it is above the horizon for 23 hours. There is always 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of dark (or even dusk).

        This is not a good system for running a train schedule. Neither is it a really good system for engaging in commerce with other people (such as paying employees or setting school times) but it is simple and it is natural.

        People underwrite FRNs and they have no weights and measures assigned to keep them honest. The system of time I describe has been in use for millenia. The day starts at sunset and there is not need for any international date line to adjust the date. Dates are locally determined.

        Just sayin … the commercial corporate state NEEDS you to be on central standard time (or daylight time) and you agree when there is another much simpler system that is natural at your beck and call. Throw your watch away and get a sundial and learn to appreciate nature.

  7. medicis

    August 13, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    Just who or what is bankrupt? It is the Federal government (the United States defined as the entity octopus in the Federal Zone (D.C., its ‘States’ and ceded enclaves within the several states united)? It certainly has never been sovereign except in its own territories (or over those poor souls who have either consented to or failed to rebut the presumption of being US citizens – and who therefore, by definition ‘reside’ within the Federal Zone) and in any case, the Federal United States, reportedly, is in receivership to the IMF due to the last of several bankruptcy/reorganizations.

    The National government, the Constitutional government of the states United is not a party to that, as far as I am aware. And, conversely, we all know the Constitution does not apply to the Federal Cephalopoda

    But, I confess, there has been so much obfuscation over the years… and when construed within the context of Roosevelt’s perfidy (treason most foul) in the 1930’s, the murkiness simply increased.

    While it may not protect me from de facto murder by the federales… at least I am not a US (small ‘c’ ) citizen. Nor do I reside within US territorial jurisdiction. And to the degree that I am compelled to operate ‘in commerce’ … I only do so without recourse.

  8. Jetlag

    August 13, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    What comes next if we let America go is what always comes next when a nation disintegrates: takeover by the elements of organized crime who weakening the nation in the first place.

    Read your history, especially what happened only 20 years ago when the Soviet Union fell. It ain’t rocket science.

  9. Ummer Farooq

    August 13, 2013 at 10:19 PM

    Ann Barnhardt whats to claim muslims are coming to get you and her. What a gate keeper…

    The government is not going to take you to paradise…

    Declare your allegiance with God’s people:

    • Tony

      August 16, 2013 at 4:06 AM

      Ummer Farooq:
      “Ann Barnhardt whats to claim muslims are coming to get you and her. What a gate keeper…”

      Yeah, I tend to agree. So intelligent and some of what she does NOT say is so compelling.

      Guess she never heard of Albert Pike, huh?

  10. Timmy

    August 13, 2013 at 11:31 PM

    Al, surely you are familiar with the Protocols…. “we shall shatter the nations into a thousand pieces and then we alone will unite the world in our one solution…” or something similar to that. Written over a hundred years ago.

    Yes, it’s a planned and deliberate process. Build giant credit towers that must collapse. It’s not like these people are stupid and don’t know what must happen from their course of action.

    We’re getting very close to that tipping point. They are eagerly awaiting it. It’s not going to a be a surprise for them. Only for the foolish masses…

  11. Faith

    August 14, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    Speaking of time, you may be interested in this:

  12. Cody

    August 15, 2013 at 1:58 AM

    When the National “government” collapses people will have the possibility of re-establishing the fundamental element of the Republic; Sovereign People. Governments will once again derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

    Naturally, the Feds will try to hold on to their communistic form of control. Ultimately the truth will prevail. Does that mean it’s going to be a nice experience? I doubt that. However, if we don’t learn now, so we can act when the time comes, history will count us as fools. Who else, since time began, had a government derived from the fact that it’s creators retain the right to alter or abolish it; when it becomes destructive of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

  13. Yartap

    August 15, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    The Fed has just issued 1.5 billion dollars into the economy in just one day.

    The reported national debt by Treasury has been frozen at 16.699 trillion dollars sense May 1, 2013, just 25 million under the legal limit set by Congress.

    The National Debt Clock says that the governments debt is 16.901 trillion dollars as of today.

    Others estimate that the government is over the legal limit by 51 billion dollars.

    Our Congressmen and women are just as silent as the major news media. No one is talking.

    Freedom of Information filings have been issued to the Treasury for the truth. No response yet.

    In just the past three days, the prices of gold and silver are making their move upwards in price.

    Is this due to demand for protection by hedging? Yes! Will people lose their investments in paper gold? Yes, if and when it is discovered that there is no gold backing the paper! If this happens will a panic ensue in other markets? Yes! This is why the Fed’s are pumping harder into the economy to prop up the markets and the government is quit about its debt and failures. Will other countries start demanding payment in gold? I believe so. We will see.

  14. Peter

    September 11, 2013 at 2:26 PM

    Ann Barnhardt burns a koran like nothing I have ever seen before.


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