NSA Spying will expand

01 Sep


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Russia Today reports that,


“Former NSA chief Michael Hayden told television host Bob Schieffer of CBS’ Face the Nation that . . . not only does ending the NSA’s domestic surveillance programs seems unlikely, but he images those endeavors could expand in scope during the coming years.”

I recently went to court with a friend.  He was being tried for a class-C misdemeanor for allowing the grass to grow too high and storing some junk in his backyard—even though he had a privacy fence.

Unfortunately, my friend was found guilty, but I was still pleased by the courtroom “drama” because it seemed fair.  My friend lost but he wasn’t railroaded.  He lost largely because of his own lack of preparation.

Nevertheless, during the voir dire selection of the jury, I saw something that made me laugh and even gave me some real hope.  I saw something in the jurors’ comments that may explain why government is so determined to spy on all of us:

The city brought in 20 potential jurors.  The prosecutor asked them a number of questions, including whether they’d ever had any tickets from the city’s code enforcement officers.  At least 8 potential jurors spoke out that, Yes they’d been ticketed by code enforcement—and they didn’t think it was fair.

Some of ‘em were visibly upset with government.

After the prosecutor asked about city code enforcement tickets, three more potential jurors started complaining about traffic tickets or red-light camera tickets they’d received that they also thought were unjust.

I didn’t count them at the time, but in retrospect, I’d bet that at least half of the 20 potential jurors had an ax to grind with the city government.

That surprised me because I’ve attended a couple of other voir dire jury selection procedures in the past and I’ve never before seen potential jurors willing to say “boo” to the prosecutor or implicitly criticize government as unfair.  But I saw that happen for the first time at my friend’s trial.

That tells me that:  1) the natives are, at least, “restless”; and 2) it may be increasingly difficult for our growing police state to recruit jurors who aren’t biased against the government.

Result?  Fewer convictions.

Or, as in my friend’s case, lower fines.  The jury could’ve fined him $2,000 but instead ordered him to pay the minimum fine of $300.  I’m sure the cost of the trial cost more than $300.  The city (which is a business) lost its butt on that case.

Thus, jury nullification may be about to become quite popular.

If that jury pool is any indication, the number of Americans who are upset about being subjected to too much taxation, too much inflation and too much regulation is substantial and growing.  Most of us will grin and bear “big government,” but some will make it their business to “get even” by voting “not guilty” in court.

I’m sure government is aware of that potential bias.  I’m sure government knows that most Americans are just about fed up with big government.

I doubt that government is overly perturbed about losing a few court cases to juror biases.

But I’ll bet government is concerned that a handful of disgruntled citizens may do more than vote against government in jury trials. I’ll bet that government is concerned that some Americans are so angry over big government that they may even resort to violence against the government.  I doubt that almost anyone in America hasn’t privately spoken out against big government.  Anti-government sentiment may not yet be public, but it appears to be growing.

If anti-government sentiment drives some to commit violence, government will describe such attacks as “domestic terrorism” but perpetrators may claim such attacks are “resistance to tyranny”. Before 9/11, virtually every American would agree with the “domestic terrorism” description.  Today a lot of Americans might be tempted to go with “resistance to tyranny”.

Government’s problem is that there are so many Americans who are angry at big, overly-intrusive government, that government is beginning to fear all of us.  That’s why government must either spy on all of us—or reduce the size of the police state that’s making a lot of people mad.

Government has upset so many Americans with laws, rules and regulations that are arbitrary and contrary to our best interests that government can no longer trust us.  Government knows it, and therefore feels compelled to spy on us and intrude into our lives.

In the end, people don’t get angry at government unless government first intrudes unfairly into their lives.  Insofar as government continues to grow, spy and intrude, more and more Americans will become increasingly critical of government.

I don’t expect government to voluntarily reduce its size or obtrusiveness.  I therefore agree with former NSA chief Michael Hayden’s prediction that we can expect government spying on Americans to grow.

We can also expect growth in the number of Americans who are mad at government.

And we can wonder how long both government spying and anti-government sentiments can grow without causing a real conflict.


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9 responses to “NSA Spying will expand

  1. Yartap

    September 1, 2013 at 7:30 PM


    I certainly believe that you are correct, but I’m now witnessing a definite smell in the selection of jurors.

  2. Jetlag

    September 1, 2013 at 8:08 PM

    Adask said, “And we can wonder how long both government spying and anti-government sentiments can grow without causing a real conflict.”


    Bad government has no problem with anti-government sentiments. What bad government fears is intelligent participation by 300 million Americans in their own government. This could put the criminals out of business and into the slammer overnight.

    Bad government knows how to handle direct opposition, which is always a small minority that the science of mass media easily re-brands as a bunch of nutty outlaws in the minds of the majority.

    The anti-government counter-culture was created by the same bad guys who created the other counter-cultures to destroy America. The purpose of the anti-government counter-culture in particular is to cause We the People to take a passive attitude toward corruption in our government.

    The more citizens of conscience are pacified by anti-government sentiment, the easier it is for those who covet our birthright and nation to take it all away.

    As anti-government sentiment increases, so will the abuses of government (a real world correlation we have already observed), since the only force available to stop these abuses – We the People – will have been tempted into the voyeuristic hands-off posture of a consumer of scary YouTube videos.

  3. Darby Jie

    September 2, 2013 at 12:34 AM


    Would it be correct to say that your statement: “since the only force available to stop these abuses – We the People – will have been tempted into the voyeuristic hands-off posture of a consumer of scary YouTube videos” …

    is your way of saying:the NON-sheeple have been steered or frightened away from self-defense by propagandistic (fear-mongering) videos flowing from the supposedly patriotic Alternative

    Thank you for any response..

  4. Michael

    September 2, 2013 at 8:08 AM

    The restless natives of the western nations are more tolerant of government control and interference than third world nations simply because western nations are taught to speak out peacefully, protest peacefully, or take their grievance at voting time. The beasts of the fields have been tamed by civilisation method’s of indoctrination and servitude to the power of which dictates their right and that your wrong, even if they are criminal in their actions towards the masses of pacified, drugged up, or made delusional by the propaganda machine used by the western nation to remove the sheep’s rights to true justice, and the right to being treated fairly, and with respect that every human deserve. They in power feel the power they wield, and none shall take it from them, and so they must protect the system, that gives them the right to rule as king even if they are puppets used for a time for it far better than what the multitude will ever have.


    The people of a nation is a threat to any and all man made governmental systems ever conceived due to the fact that leaders become arrogant, dictatorial, and are told the truth either they tow the line of the greater power that is over them, their people, and their nation, and find that they are but a puppet to be used and they and there family will be taken care of and will not be treaded like the rest of the inferior degenerate populace, which knows nothing of the power structure and those that do are seen as lunatics or ravening madmen.

    Governmental agency’s are created to not serve but to delegate what you can have and have not under the control of a system created in perpetuity to stand by the will of the stupid, ignorant, deluded sheep.

    World changing solutions are well known, but are held back, placed on hold, until the sheep are subdued, and the rubbish removed from among the population, but this takes time to find the enemy’s of the state and mark them for eradication and the proper time of collapse and change already engineered, built and ready.

    Remember this’ “If you believe the lies, then you are living the lie given to you by the few who say they don’t lie and you give them power to rule you with lies. Then what are you?”
    A FOOL.

  5. Martens

    September 2, 2013 at 12:49 PM

    The point of discussing this type of negative trend in government is to find ways of reversing it, right?

    Or do We the People, by our inaction, accept the plans of the criminal minority that’s hijacked our government and go back to watching expensively produced videos about how bad our situation is getting?

    Is there a third option I’ve missed?

    If the first option is correct, what’s the short list of most likely ways to bust the bad guys and fix this problem?

    • Adask

      September 2, 2013 at 8:27 PM

      The first order of business in solving any problem is proper diagnosis of the problem. The second order of business in any political problem is to raise public awareness of the problem and the diagnosis. The third object is causing people to take action.

      Diagnosis isn’t that hard. Raising public awareness isn’t that hard. Getting people to act is very difficult. “[A]ll experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” (Declaration of Independence, A.D. 1776). That was true over two centuries ago, and it’s still true today. When gangsters take over a government, the people are still almost amazingly unwilling to overthrow the criminals. Instead, people prefer the “appearance” or “form” the government to which they are “accustomed” rather than taking action and assuming the risk of overthrowing the gangsters.

      Even so, as in the American Revolution, sometimes the people will rise up and overthrow the gangsters. We have to hope that such an uprising might still be possible here within The United States of America.

      And we need to remember that the American Revolution succeeded against the world’s only super-power at the time (Great Britain) with the active support of less than 5% of the American people. Today, we don’t need the active support of all or even most Americans to throw the gangsters out. The active support of 5% willing to actually fight might, once again, be sufficient.

      But first, diagnosis. That’s what I attempt to do on this blog. Then raise public awareness. That’s what I attempt to do on this blog and the radio shows I host.

      I’m leaving the third object (causing people to take action) to you.

  6. Jetlag

    September 2, 2013 at 2:32 PM

    Darby Jie,

    That’s right, though these anti-government videos on YouTube and elsewhere are only one aspect of the counter-culture that’s been manufactured to neutralize those who might otherwise do something about the problems we are facing.

    Now, instead of jumping in the game to reverse the gains made by the evil-doers in government, many people who are awake to our predicament have accepted the role of hand-wringing spectator (with scary background music).

    Those who aren’t awake are kept asleep by the mainstream side of the media.

    The purpose of both sides of the media, mainstream and alternative, is the same: to support the corruption, dismantling, and cannibalization of America by a small group of covetous villains through the techniques of mass mind control.

    • Adask

      September 2, 2013 at 8:08 PM

      Jetlag, your comment is both ignorant and insulting. I and this blog are parts of the “alternative media”. I can make a good argument that everyone who posts comments on this blog (including YOU) are also parts of the “alternative media”.

      And yet you conclude that the purpose of the “alternative media” (of which I, this blog, and arguably YOU) are parts, is “to support the corruption, dismantling and cannibalization of America”. Maybe that’s your purpose Jetlag, but it’s not mine.

      I presume you merely wrote your comments without thinking them through. Everyone does, including me. But there are limits to ignorant comments that we should all seek to observe.

      • Jetlag

        September 2, 2013 at 11:53 PM

        No insult was intended.

        I thought the context made it clear that “alternative media” referred to an organized campaign involving slick multimedia production and other tricks of the trade of counter-culture creation.

        It never occurred to me that my comment could be applied to your blog, which is presumably a solo effort. So you’re right, I should have thought about it more.


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