Another One: “FEMA Camps 2013”

04 Sep

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

Disturbing. Credible.  Mainstream Media sources.

Martial law and a police state aren’t just conspiracy theories; they’re happening.  Right now.

The video below does not express a conclusion, but it implies one–and it provides lots of evidence to support that implied conclusion.

•  As an aside, I’ve heard that during the Viet Nam war, the MOS (military job description) most likely to be killed by the Viet Cong (VC) was not the US.infantry soldier–it was the American clerks.

Yes, the VC fought the US infantry from time to time in horrific battles–and lost virtually every battle.. Therefore, whenever possible, the VC was too smart to waste its time, resources and lives trying to fight directly against the overwhelmingly powerful US infantry. Instead, the VC preferred to kill unarmed and unwary clerks. The VC knew that the US infantry could not wage war without the support of masses of clerks. Kill the clerks, and the infantry can’t fight.

This strategy may explain why the US infantry won every major battle against the VC and yet, the US still lost the Viet Nam war.  We beat the VC’s infantry.  The VC beat our clerks.

I don’t know if that story is true or false.  But, in either case, there’s a lesson there. Let’s assume that the US military attempted to impose martial law in the U.S. Would it be sensible for those who resist martial law to expend their bullets, resources and, almost certainly, lives, fighting head-on, bloody battles with trained U.S. soldiers clothed in body armor? No.

But, knowing that these trained soldiers depended on clerks to provide them with fresh food, ammunition and transportation, wouldn’t it make better sense to attack the unsuspecting clerks? Without their clerks, the infantry collapses.  Without their clerks, the police state will also collapse.

In fact, if it were true that the ultimate force behind world government was the world’s bankers and banking system, wouldn’t the ideal targets be bank officers and employees, banks, and bank equipment like ATMs or internet connections? I’m not suggesting that the local banker is a member of the New World Order (NWO).. But I am suggesting that the local banks ultimately feed the Central Banks. Therefore, just as the infantry depends on clerks, I suspect that the NWO will ultimately depend on local banks, local bankers, local internet connections, ATMs, and even local credit and debit cards.

If any of the conspiracy theories about the NWO, global bankers and martial law turn out to be true, those who would fight such tyranny would do well to recognize their real enemies and their real enemies’ weakest links. There’s little point in fighting your adversary’s strongest and best-armed soldiers.  If American soldiers tried to impose martial law, the soldiers on the streets would not be the “real” enemy and they would certainly not be the “real” enemy’s weakest links.

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6 responses to “Another One: “FEMA Camps 2013”

  1. Joe

    September 4, 2013 at 9:04 PM

    There appears to be scriptural support for the eradication of wives and children of wrongdoers along with the wrongdoer himself. See Joshua 7:24-25 and Daniel 6:24.

  2. Pat Fields

    September 4, 2013 at 11:21 PM

    The problem is getting The People to remember that they’re the Supreme Sovereign Power of America and to exercise their initiative for their protection. If that became a ‘grass roots’ initiative, then something like this document could be issued >>>

  3. Michael

    September 5, 2013 at 3:10 AM

    Cut off the head of the snake and the body dies, but unfortunately everyone is 30 to 40 years to late.
    This is the reality of the situation.

    The system is prepared but the people have already lost the war and the battle.
    Looking at prophecy shows that the people loose.
    Looking at prophecy shows that the head of the snake wins over all the people and most of the nations to bring in world ruling power.

    To go up against your own military is out right suicide.
    There will be martyrs killed who stand up but this does mean the morrons armed with guns, the martyrs are unarmed, but stand up against this new world order.

    So’ if your armed your not a martyr but a dead man with no wisdom or understanding of the future or what has been written to come. So the Government has the right to shoot these fools armed and these fools are but dead fools even under the eyes of God also. GOD DOES NOT LIE AS TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF HIS TRUTH. ONLY FOOLS DO AND TWIST THE TRUTH EVEN IN THERE OWN MINDS. GET IT.

    Fine be a target, a fool, but know your no better than the power that you will oppose being armed.
    No matter what you do, it has been thought out by the best military minds bought and payed for, and procedures are in place to nullify you.
    Police and Military will work together to disarm you, dead or alive your fight against them is already over.

    There is only one choice is to leave, get out, and for most its to late or not possible, but the point is many have left already, Syria is nothing to what will be happening in America.



    The list is long and your names are there and your gave is waiting for you, they just have to fill it in.
    As most will be sitting back to wait to see before action is taken which is always to late.

  4. boxcarro

    September 5, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    On Tuesday September 8th, Alex Jones finally released his much hyped “biggest announcement” of his 14 years of being on radio and running his website What initially was published for 60 minutes as a riveting interview of President Barack Obama concerning suppressed facts about September 11th conducted by Charlie Sheen, in fact turned out to be an elaborate hoax aimed at his core supporters, in order to catapult this fake story to the mainstream media.

    In the previous week, Mr. Jones dangled carrots to his listeners about a big guest and massive story that would be released on his websites at 8 AM on Tuesday morning that would catapult the truth movement to another level. Curious of the story he was breaking on that day, I along with thousands of his supporters checked the site at the reported time. What we saw was a full interview by Charlie Sheen that showed a 20 minute dictated interview with President Obama. The detailed interview even included italicized comments of Obama’s mannerisms and fictional aides speaking in his ear. In another attempt to present this as an honorable document, Sheen placed an image of his John Hancock at the bottom of the article. Although it seemed like a daring feat for Mr. Sheen to pull off within the time constraints, it was very well crafted and prefaced as a real interview. Luckily the good people at Above Top Secret, archived a cached version of the article that shows what the original posting looked like.

    After reading the article, I agreed that this would be a huge story and published it on my site I also told my wife about the breaking news, and even read aloud the full article which took several minutes. She in turned, informed family and friends about this story, truly believing that someone finally put Obama, or anyone at that level, on the spot about 9/11 in such a masterful way. We also began posting it to social networking sites and spreading the news just like we always do, all the while not knowing that we were being duped, and would later have to retract our statements.

    I guess being the first in line doesn’t always payoff, because shortly after we did all this work spreading the disinfo, people began replying that it didn’t happen. Confused, we just accepted it as people being in some sort of denial since I still had the original posting up in one of the tabs in my browser, and it hadn’t been refreshed. Other people on forums were going through the same scenario, suddenly having to defend a story that they just read presented as fact. My response was,

    why would Sheen and Jones spend so much time making this story up and put all these details in it, then present it as the biggest story ever.

    Much to my dismay, within 30 seconds of his radio broadcast, he announced his psyop on the public and we were utterly disgusted with this ruse. I returned to the article on his site, and sure as shit, a new disclaimer was at the bottom of the page stating that the interview has not happened yet. In another later version they even added a picture of Sheen in front of his computer working on this fictional hyped puff piece that belongs on the front pages of The Onion.

    • Jetlag

      September 5, 2013 at 1:15 PM


      Sorry to hear you got burned by AJ’s carnival act.

      It’s hard to believe Jones is still working that “biggest announcement of my career!” gag. I heard him use it 3 times before I switched him off several years ago.

      There must be lot of turnover in his listenership, so most of his audience is new at any given time. That way he can recycle his routines.


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