Business Cycles & the Jubilee

18 Sep

Businesscycle2In the Old Testament, God advised the Israelites to have a “Jubilee” every 50 years.  At the year of the Jubilee, all debts would be canceled and properties previously taken as collateral for debts would be returned the original owners or their families.

Modern business cycles consist of economic “booms” followed by economic “busts”, followed by another boom, etc.. The periods of each complete business cycle have been variously measured as lasting from about 30 to 60 years (from the beginning of a “boom” to the end of the next “bust” and beginning of the next “boom”).

It occurs to me that the length of each modern business cycle (30 to 60 years) is not so different from the length of the “Jubilee Cycle” (50 years) in the Old Testament.

It also occurs to me that that one of the effects of an economic “bust” in the business cycle is to wipe out much of the debt that was built up during the previous economic expansion and “boom”.

So, I’m left to wonder if it’s merely coincidence that the busts in the modern business cycle and the Jubilee in the Old Testament both had the effect of wiping out all or most of the pre-existing debts. I know it’s a peculiar idea, but could it be that God “invented” to business cycle to give modern people relief from the burden of ever-growing debts?  Is the real purpose of the business cycle to “cleanse” the economy by “flushing out” much of the debt?

And then, I observe that one of the stated purposes for the creation of the Federal Reserve was to end the business cycle and its pattern of “boom and bust”.  By means of intelligent and scientific management of interest rates and the money supply, it was believed that the Federal Reserve could cause the economy to keep growing moderately (say, 3%), this year, next year, every year, for decades, even centuries.  No more exhilarating “booms”;but  no more horrifying “busts,” either. Just steady, reliable growth for as far into the future as anyone could see.

But then it occurs to me that, if we didn’t have any more “busts” (recessions or depressions) under the Federal Reserve’s “scientific management” of the economy, we’d also never wipe out some or all the existing debts. If the debts are never eliminated by another economic “bust,” virtually all of us will spend our lives as debtors and servants (or even slaves) to the lenders.  All of us, all of our children, all of our grandchildren.  Debtors.  Slaves. Forever.

So I’m back to wondering:

1) If the purpose of the Old Testament Jubilee was to cancel all debt (and thereby free all the debtors from economic bondage); and

2) If the effect of the modern “busts” in the business cycle was to eliminate much of the debt (and thereby free many of the people from economic bondage); then,

3) What is the real purpose of the Federal Reserve’s attempt to eliminate the modern business cycle?

Is the Federal Reserve’s purpose merely “economic”?  Is their purpose benign?  Is the Fed trying to make life easier for us by providing a steadily growing economy from now unto eternity?

Or could it be that primary reason for the Federal Reserve’s attempt to eliminate the business cycle is to eliminate the “busts” and thereby preserve the debts–and the debtors/slaves–forever?

Is the Federal Reserves’ purpose evidence of spiritual war in the sense that, by eliminating the business cycle and eliminating the “busts,” the Federal Reserve would also eliminate the last vestiges of the Old Testament Jubilee mandated by God? I admit that’s a pretty far-fetched possibility.  Still, it does seem arguable that instead of freeing the people from the uncertainties of the business cycle, the Federal Reserve might be seeking to keep all of us in a perpetual steady-state of debt servitude.

We have to give the Federal Reserve its due.  For the past five years, the Federal Reserve has apparently protected America from the economic collapse that almost happened in A.D. 2008.  But have we been thereby spared the pain of an economic bust?  Or have we been thereby denied the cancellation of most debt and the freedom that would inevitably follow?


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12 responses to “Business Cycles & the Jubilee

  1. Yartap

    September 18, 2013 at 7:38 AM

    Give the Federal Reserve its due? OK- we are in an economic collapse right now! We are in a depression by our employment statistics. The majority of Americans are on the public dole. Our debts are not paid nor removed. Our gov-co. is in the hole of no return. We are under quasi marshal law or a police state. Under the Jubilee, the burden of Usury was against the law and not seen. And under the Jubilee, loans were made from one’s abundance, not created by elitist masters out of thin air.

    The Jubilee and the business cycle have nothing in common, nor are they the same.

    • pop de adam

      September 18, 2013 at 10:59 AM

      “Give the Federal Reserve its due?”

      Do you mean the treasury bond holders, the institution itself, or perhaps the treasury. I’ve read explanations about the mechanics of the Federal Reserve backwards and forwards, usually left wondering what I missed. If two people can take on the rolls of creditor and debtor and know their part, why when this is scaled to the proportions of the Fed does this become murky? These debt notes should not be what people would wish to hoard piles of, that is unless they are actually representive of debts owed to the individual who holds them. In which case it turns the idea of taxing them on their head, since no one actually is ever paid. These notes might even be percieved as a loss.

      Alternatively, I have also read these notes are for “Internal” use for the government, that their ownership is with the Fed. This brings a few problems with it, also: If they are “internal” why do nearly all of these notes end up “fugitive” from those that issue and spend them into being? Put another way, if it is bad for them to be found in the posession of the unauthorized(you or me), why is it allright for some department or agency to use them to buy coffee filters, copy paper or cruise missles with them? Those in the government are a enabling factor with this example.

      If ultimate ownership lies with the Fed and everything bought and sold with FRNs has questionable title associated with it, they effectively own it all, especially when it seems the court consistantly seem side with the Gov, Fed or Treasury. We have no title to anything, we are never truely paid, as owners who have no proper title and we pay taxes as if we are owners does this seem accurate? Perhaps there is something to the similarities between the word “owe” and “own”. For more on this concept search for: federal reserve notes, situs. Very murky indeed, if the scheme were truly on the level, why the need to obfuscate so much.

      pardon the ramble, if it seems so.

      • Jetlag

        September 18, 2013 at 1:53 PM

        Blame the murkiness on the media and education establishments whose duty it is to clear up such matters of great importance to the public interest.

        The situation is pretty straightforward. The Federal Reserve creates its notes out of nothing, then loans them to the US government at interest. This creates a debt that is impossible to repay because the interest itself must also be borrowed from the Fed, at interest.

        Since what can’t be repaid won’t be repaid, the US government’s inevitable implosion in bankruptcy results in the privatization of the entire public legacy of America into the grabbing hands of International Usury, who set up the Fed a hundred years ago for this very purpose.

        That’s the plan, anyway. And the US is not the first place this flimflam has been implemented.

  2. Howard R Music

    September 18, 2013 at 7:42 AM

    Once again you’ve pointed out how modern policies are in direct opposition to Biblical principals.

  3. james sparlin

    September 18, 2013 at 8:09 AM

    ever buy a new car? great feeling. the fifth year of payments, what a bad feeling. default? even worst feeling.

  4. palani

    September 18, 2013 at 11:46 AM

    Bizarro World … Incorporation is life. Bankruptcy is death. Currency is blood (we are told the life is in the blood). Bankruptcy occurs to expand the opportunity for more life (another corporation steps into the breach). With this system you know bankruptcy is the only outcome that is certain. That is why each secretary of state maintains a pecking order in their UCC databases to see who gets first in line for the assets.

    Your eyes have only been trained to see things in this commercial plane. Yet there is another plane that is non-commercial that you look at daily but don’t see. You don’t see this plane because you have no understanding and cannot comprehend the existence of a system that can work without the Federal Reserve.

  5. Adrian

    September 18, 2013 at 2:14 PM

    Guys.a FRN is manufactured by Fed Bank.Originally belongs to THEM.It costs,cca. 4 cents to make one.When it gets into your hand,you have to spend time and energy to get it.Therefore it gains in value.That real value belongs to you,you created.9/10 of each FRN in circulation belongs to the holder,you and I.It is yours.Anything you buy with it belongs to you. A FRN is a medim of exchange,
    a measure of your time and energy invested.
    This is the naked truth,anything else is a lie.
    Credit is not substance,is almost a smoke screen.Debt from credit is the same.
    Now days credit is electricity,traveling electrons and rays.
    The International Bankers have this magic wand to create unlimited credit out of thin air.
    THEY control the World by this trick.
    STOP playing tricks on yourselves.

  6. Robert A. McKeown

    September 18, 2013 at 6:42 PM

    Actually, all of this is explained by Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT). It is central banking that causes the boom bust cycle. When the central bank intervenes into the market by lowering the market rate of interest and inflating the money supply. The new interest rate causes malinvestment in long term projects. Resources are allocated to the wrong areas and eventually when the interest rate rises back toward it’s market equilibrium we experience the crash. The bust period is required to liquidate bad investment and reallocate capital where it should have been all along. The central bank thwarts this reallocation/recovery by injecting even more credit and money into the market and setting up the next cycle.

  7. Timmy

    September 18, 2013 at 10:25 PM

    I believe the desired result of the Biblical jubilee concept was not so much that the debts would be wiped out at the end of the cycle, but that lenders would automatically self-correct and reign things in to protect their own self interests. (Knowing the 50th year is approaching, I would voluntarily limit any lending.) There was probably very little to be zeroed out. It prevented the endless compounding that we see today.

    And of course, yes it would clean the slate of any onerous debt that might still be outstanding. I think the cycle length also relates to the typical productive lifespan of a person.

    All the key principles are established Biblically for an orderly society, and man basically ignores or inverts all of them. The current government is of course, essentially Luciferian in its values and practices: Arbitrary, unjust, ineffective, corrupt, perverse, etc.

    Interestingly, in God’s economy, there was also no such thing as jail or prison. If guilty, you made restitution to those you damaged, or in certain cases you were banished or executed. The offender bore the cost burden, not the society… how is anyone served by warehousing the offender? But of course we’re not primitive and ignorant like such an ancient society…

  8. Adrian

    September 19, 2013 at 1:01 PM

    The Business Cycle is meant to create more debt.Debt is supported by credit. Both are tools to control society. Debt is an open market for credit. The creation of wealth is thru debt and credit.
    Bankers have discovered this trick long time ago. Many nations became victims to this trick.
    America is one .

  9. palani

    September 19, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    Whenever ‘economy’ is discussed think government entity. Owned and operated. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with this as long as you feel you need to be a part of the ‘economy’ then by all means participate. Before you do so though you might have an honest look at what you are giving up for the purpose of getting along.

    So the ‘cycles’ that the economy goes through are designed into the system. Too good an economy and skilled trades start driving chauffeured Mercedes Benz’s. Too poor an economy and people start living in cars and under overpasses in cardboard boxes and frequenting soup kitchens. They also have been known to purchase 12 ga shotguns and vent their frustration in more terminal ways (not promoting the concept, just sayin’ it happens).

  10. Cody

    September 20, 2013 at 2:24 AM

    Bankruptcy is a Constitutional right, per Art. I Sect. VII, it appears.


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