Y’ say y’ want a Revolution?

05 Oct

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." [courtesy Bing Images]

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy
[courtesy Bing Images]

800,000 government employees were furloughed on Tuesday, October 1st.  The media are all a-twitter with reports on the Obamacare/Government-shutdown controversy.

At first, the controversy seemed to be just another “drama” staged by the drama-queens we’ve elected to Congress.  For example, The Washington Times published “House rejects restoration of funds during shutdown for veterans, parks” which declared in part:


“With the government shutdown closing national monuments and sending federal office workers home, House Republicans changed tactics Tuesday and tried to pass individual spending bills that they said would restore money to high-profile programs such as veterans affairs, national parks and the Smithsonian Institution.

“But House Democrats, backed by a presidential veto threat, blocked the bills, saying that while they supported the spending, it was unfair for Republicans to make them pick and choose from popular programs.”


Politics in Congress has become so polarized that the Republican and Democrat parties seem like spouses in a particularly bad marriage.  Neither “spouse” can figure out how to please the other.  Both insist that, even if he or she gets what they want, something is still wrong.

At first, I’d supposed that this government shutdown would last only about a week.   But, as I begin to get a sense of the animosity that’s motivating both political parties, I’m starting to wonder if this battle might last several weeks.

This isn’t just politics anymore.  This is ego.  Some of these politicians won’t agree to anything, no matter what.  They are going to hold their breath, until you turn blue.  We’ll see how long these egos can dominate.  We’ll see how long before a compromise of some sort finally seems reasonable or at least unavoidable.

After a few days of “shutdown,” I began to realize that the Obamacare/Government-shutdown problem was more serious than I’d first supposed.  I began to sense that this “problem” had a reality that went much deeper than the usual “made for TV movies” that Congress likes to produce—but I didn’t understand Why this problem was unusually serious.


●  But, then, I read another article in The Washington Times  (“Nancy Pelosi raises ghost of George Washington to condemn GOP”) which reported in part:


“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi [D-Cal], visibly angry with Republicans for standing fast on their opposition to Obamacare and forcing the Democrat-controlled Senate to enter government shutdown said,

‘What the speaker is doing is doubling and tripling down [on] a path that it was always intended to take us to shutting down government. [The GOP has] wiggled this way and that to keep being very resourceful to come up with ways to shut down government. Because as [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid said, they don’t believe in government. They’re anti-government ideologues,”


Bunk.  No one in Washington is an “anti-government ideologue”.  Everyone in Washington believes in some “government”.

But the Tea Party members of the Republican Party are “anti-big-government ideologues” (praise the LORD).

In fact, some Republicans are actually starting to behave like Republicans rather than “RINOs,” “Republicrats” or the “Democrat auxiliary”.  Some Republicans are actually standing up for limited government.


● We know that our Constitution was intended to create “limited government”—but what does the term “limited” really mean?  What are the “limits” in “limited government”?

To understand the meaning of “limited government,” we must first ask “limited by what?”

Answer:  Limited by law.

As government grows, it’s clearly moving away from “limited government” and towards “unlimited government”.   That necessarily implies that if we’re moving away from government “limited by law” towards an “unlimited government,” that brave-new-government will be “unlimited by law”—and therefore lawless.

Thus, “unlimited government” is, by definition, lawless government.  It follows that “big” government is necessarily more “lawless” than “limited” government.

We don’t have “unlimited government” today.  However, we are clearly moving away from “limited government” and towards “big” and “unlimited government”.  We are therefore coming closer and closer to lawless government—government that’s run as a criminal enterprise rather than as a service to the people.

Isn’t that exactly what you’re already seeing?  Isn’t big and bigger government also increasingly lawless and therefore dictatorial?


●  OK—if “limited government” is necessarily limited by law—whose law will impose those limits?

It doesn’t make sense that the “limits” in “limited government” would be imposed by the government itself.  If the government could set its own “limits,” there’d be no legal “limits”.  Congress and government could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.  Instead of “limited government,” we’d have “unlimited”—and therefore lawless–government.

So, if there’s going to be a “limited government,” the laws that limit that government must be imposed by a power and sovereignty greater than that of the government, itself.

There are two possible sovereigns greater than government:  1) God; and 2) the People.

God’s law (as found in the Bible) should govern His creations—including the American people.

The People’s Law (the Constitution) should govern their creations—the local, state and federal governments.

Thus, for all practical purposes, the immediate authors of the laws that provided the “limits” in “limited government” are the people.  The people’s laws are expressed in the Constitution.  The limits in limited government are found in the people’s law—the Constitution.

As government grows, it increasingly violates the concept of “limited government” and thereby violates the people’s law—the Constitution—which was adopted for the fundamental purpose of limiting the power and size of government.

Again, what do you see with your own eyes?  Does big and growing government seem increasingly unconstitutional?   Does big and growing government seem increasingly lawless.



●  Contrary to Minority Leader Pelosi’s complaint, the Tea Party members of the Republican Party still believe in some government.  But, unlike Pelosi and the Democrat Party leadership, they don’t believe in unlimited (lawless) government.

According to The Washington Times, Pelosi continued and offered a description of the current controversy that I see as profoundly insightful.  According to Pelosi, the Obamacare/Government-shutdown battle is really:


“. . . a proxy fight for the debate on the extent of government, . . .”


Pelosi’s description is amazing.

I’m surprised that she let the cat out of the bag.  This battle about Obamacare and government shutdown is not a simple matter of political theater.  It’s fare more than He said; She said.   It’s far more than a debate about President Obama’s “signature legislation”.

Instead, just as Pelosi admitted, it’s really about the “extent of government”.  It’s about whether we will have big, bigger and finally biggest government—or if we should we return to the limited government intended by the Founders.

Insofar as this controversy is really about the “extent of government” it’s a watershed event that goes much deeper than mere “Obamacare”.

It’s unlikely that the Tea Party Republicans will win.  They might postpone Obamacare, but they won’t kill it at this time.  But if they did win to any extent—even by postponing Obamacare’s implementation for another year—this conflict might help end big government for a generation or more.

If the Democrats win, big government will persist a while longer and move us closer to unlimited (overtly criminal/unconstitutional/dictatorial) government.

But even if the Democrats win today, the Tea Party Republicans have fired a “shot heard round the world”.   Even if the Obamacare/Government-shutdown controversy does not mark the end of big government right now, it may nevertheless mark the beginning of that end.

It may well be that government has finally spent too much, supported too many special interests, violated too many constitutional limits, gone too deeply into debt, and committed too many crimes.  The Tea Party, at least, seems to have had enough.

So, there’s a very good chance that the Tea Party’s resistance to Obamacare is not an isolated event.  It may be that the Tea Party is ascending while the collectivist, big-government Democrats (and “Republicrats”) are in retreat.


●  Ultimately, it has to be that way.

Why?  Not because the Republicans are good and the Democrats are bad.  (I tend to view the Republicans with almost as much contempt as I feel for the Democrats—they’ve both sold this nation so far down that river that it’s unclear whether we shall ever be able to fully recover.)

Instead, the gangsters that comprise big government must pull in their horns because government is so deep in debt that it can’t go much deeper.  We’re reaching the moment when government will be forced to overtly default on its debts or, at least, covertly diminish its debts with hyperinflation.

Regardless of ideology, government is too broke to get bigger.  They’ve crippled the economy and reduced tax revenues and nearly destroyed the US government credit rating and ability to borrow.  Thus, even if big government can’t be stopped with moral arguments, it will be stopped by financial realities.  Big government can’t grow bigger without more “easy money” to bribe the people.  Therefore, government may soon be forced by its own debts to grow smaller.


●  America’s revolutionary rejection of big government isn’t confined to Congress.  A growing number of State legislatures have joined this revolution by proposing and sometimes passing State laws which mandate that their state government ignore and defy certain federal laws.  Like the Tea Party Republicans, even state legislatures are trying to “limit” big, seemingly-unlimited federal government with state laws.

For example,

Guns:  If there’s one subject that makes people despise and defy the Feds’ lust for more power, it’s gun control.  Texas proposed making it a felony to enforce federal gun control laws.  Washington fines federal enforcement agents, Michigan protects local gun makers from the Feds, and Oregon proposed a refusal to enforce presidential executive orders.  States across the country are defending the right to keep and bear arms against federal meddling and are thereby imposing new limits on federal power.  If the feds won’t obey the Constitution, perhaps they’ll obey state laws.

Currency:  Fearing collapse of the US dollar, Virginia has advocated issuing its own state currency.  Texas, Louisiana, and Idaho have passed laws that recognize gold and silver as monetary instruments.

Anti-NDAA:  The “Washington State Preservation of Liberty Act” denies the dictatorial powers given the President by the National Defense Authorization Act.   California recently passed a law that mandates that at least some elements of the NDAA (indefinite detention by US military) be defied.

Obamacare:  Idaho (and other states) have attempted to nullify Obamacare with state legislation.  These attempts have, so far, failed.  But the number of attempts is more evidence of a revolutionary, anti-big-government sentiment that’s growing in the body politic.

Nullification:  Mississippi proposed legislation to create a state committee to nullify federal laws that the state doesn’t want to follow.  South Carolina considered similar legislation to nullify “gun control, health-care reform, and the detention of suspected terrorists.”

Marijuana:  Washington and Colorado have legalized the use of marijuana. President Obama has refused to challenge those state laws saying, “We have bigger fish to fry.”  Indeed, the Feds do have bigger fish to fry—but they’re also too broke to buy more Crisco.  They are therefore assenting to state laws that reduce the powers of big, federal government.

These state attempts to defy and limit federal powers are absolute evidence that a revolution is taking place, right now.  This revolution hasn’t won, but it’s growing.  The American people are increasingly fed up with the Feds’ power-grabs.

Want more evidence?  Consider the Occupy Wall Street movement.  How ’bout the Anonymous and Wikileaks movements?

People are fed up with big government and the special interests it serves.

Given that government is going broke and will no longer be able to bribe Americans with “benefits,” loyalty to the Feds is going to fall hard.


●  Again, my point:  the Obamacare/government-shutdown debate is not just another instance of political theater.  Indeed, it’s evidence there is a revolution brewing right now in Congress and in the American body politic.  This is no game—a profound, government-shaking change has begun and it’s challenging the “extent of government”.

This is big-time, winner-take-all, revolution that just might mark the beginning of the end of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal”.

Thus, the Obamacare/Government-shutdown is far more important than most people suppose.  It’s huge.  We should all be excited by the struggle that’s become manifest in Congress.


●  I hope the Tea Party and the Republicans stick to their guns and refuse to allow government to reopen unless Obamacare is at least postponed.  If doing so helps to restores limits on government’s size and power, the initial result may be painful as we lose the “benefit” of government’s economic “stimulus”.   But, financial realities will eventually cause that loss, anyway—no matter what.  More, the result of a diminished federal government will eventually be a blessing as we also lose the liability of feeding (and over-feeding) big government gangsters.

Without the federal government constantly predating upon us, we might regain our optimism and even prosperity.

If you agree, and if you’d like to support the revolution against big government, now’s the time to call or write to your Republican and Tea Party representatives.   Tell them that you understand that they’re waging a revolutionary revolt against big government.  Tell ‘em that you support that revolution.  Encourage them to stand their ground—not against Obamacare or for a government shutdown—but for limited, constitutional and lawful government.


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13 responses to “Y’ say y’ want a Revolution?

  1. medicis

    October 5, 2013 at 4:52 PM

    Well, I may not share all of your ‘optimism’ (although you were actually fairly balanced), but we have to begin to fight in earnest sometime against the encroaching fascism/communism pushed by a particular fascist/communist country that has much control over Washington.

    • hogorina1

      February 18, 2015 at 4:41 PM

      Thank you for your enlightening view on subjects mentioned: All
      religions are man-made.
      Conspiracy: The conspiracy is that there is no such thing as a
      conspiracy, when an actual fact is proven to exist. Zionism is not the
      world’s problem. The globes underneath situation through mental antagonism
      arises from ancient Edomites. These people were not of Jewish origin. In
      fact, they are of Shemitic lineage ( Shem ), Noah’s son.

      Judaism has nothing to do with Asiatics. These nations have their own
      Gods and Judaism’s God has yet to come.: Most uninformed people do not
      that Pearl Harbor attack was planned at least twenty years in advance. The
      murderous attacks were agreed to through the State Department.
      WW11 was fought to protect British interests in the Far East. Lord
      Balfour, British Ambassador, father of the Balfourd Declaration, promised
      the agents of zionism.a future state, 1948, a squat in Palestine. Eighty
      million souls lost their souls because of a well-lain political plot.
      Through the American banksters plotting with pro-zionist agencies world-
      wide a new state was formed.
      HITLER: was financed through the global banking industry-Rothschilds
      and the Warburg banking house in Berlin. The Warburgs were of Jewish
      extraction and they hated ( Bolshevism ), Communism. This same Warburg sat
      up the Federal Reserve in 1913. He came from Berlin to do this. Not even a
      citizen of the United States. The Federal Reserve is privately own and not
      a part of the United States.

      Concentration Camps: Have you ever wondered why FEMA, CIA, AND SWAT was
      set up for? Well, take a look at pre-war Austria, France, Italy, and
      Germany of the ( 1930s ). These nations had treaties in order to avoid
      mud-sliders, commie invasions, from cross-mixed cultures, and the varied
      languages. Sounds like America, huh! Did you ever hear of any country at
      war not having concentration camps. Well. old army camps are being
      for loyal citizens of whom oppose international socialism.

      Racism? Are you ashamed as to who you are? Do you know that America is
      only a chunk of rock, with no body of human flesh or blood or passions.
      Self-hatred notates a masochistic aversion to latent repressed erotic
      concealments. desires of repression of split personalities. If one by his
      own admission falls into this line of reasoning the conclusion is that
      do not know just who they are. Some times it is maddening for anyone to
      conceal racial overtures, in hating to understand just who they are. Bob,
      Do you know who you are? Me thanks that you are a fine personality
      envisioning Karl Marx’s perception that ( MAN IS MAN ). Here Marx contends
      that all mankind are the same with intelligence. Marx does not believe
      intelligence differs. Can you name any civilization created without the
      influence of a divine Creator’s influence? Hardly do!
      have a nice day!
      P.S. Too late for spell check and proper English…..u can do this!
      Judaism has nothing to do with Asiatics. These nations have their own
      Gods and Judaism’s God has yet to come.
      Most uninformed people do not know that Pearl Harbor attack was known
      at least twenty years in advance. The murderous attacks were agreed to
      through the State Department. WW11 was fought to protect British interests
      in the Far East. Lord Balfour, British ambassador, father of the Balfour
      Declaration, promised the agents of Zionism.a future state, -1948, a squat
      in Palestine. Eighty million souls lost their lives because of a well-lain
      political plot. Through the American banksters plotting with pro-Zionist
      agencie’s world wide a new state was formed.

  2. walt willis

    October 5, 2013 at 5:19 PM

    Think that the hills will soon hear the sound of gun fire…My warning to the folks in the largest cities is to have a plan to run like hell when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency of the world. Know that the only way out of this mess is to have a world war that will remove the useless eater in the major cities. Read your history and know your future!

  3. Joe

    October 5, 2013 at 9:16 PM

    I don’t believe there is any animosity between Republicans and Democrats; I believe they are acting out a script.

  4. cynthialawfully given name is cynthia

    October 5, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    There is another separate ‘revolution’ going on that “will not be televised” and that is of those that are rescinding, revoking, dissolving, canceling… their ‘voter registration’ and saying that “no government” other than that which is lawful based on morals and ethics is more important than ‘legal’ which is in fact ‘permission to do that which is unlawful.’ In this fashion, an ‘underground’ is no longer a part of the ‘… body politic and corporate…’ rather separate ‘society.’

    However, there is still the on-going challenge of the factual debt based private “Federal Reserve Note” or “UNITED STATES DOLLAR” – and this is where my own joy is, that there is a Real movement ‘out of debt’ through ‘lawful’ non-usury and non-debt based “money.” May more peaceful revolution actions come to fruition.

    • freejulie

      October 6, 2013 at 6:38 AM

      100% agreed, Cynthia.

  5. RJ

    October 5, 2013 at 11:14 PM

    Victory? Yes, Victory! : Leave these Roman jesuited/masonic Anti-Messiah governments to their own self-destruction. Unless one chooses to serve Rome, fall down and die. Die to the world through the magnificent process of Heavenly Naturalization (John 3:3-7). Imagine. . . Imagine the freedom of forsaking your STATE NAME and all the trust instruments and identifying numbers attached to that fictitious animal. This is the beauty of what Yahshua ha Mashiach exhibited for us: Messianic Yisrael/Spiritual Man of the Kingdom of YHWH/Kingdom of Heaven. No more fleshborn, no more secular , no more payment to Egypt which is what the world represents. HalleluYah!

    777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 Yisrael/Child of the Kingdom of the Most High.
    trust instruments and numbers attached to it with a new name

  6. RJ

    October 6, 2013 at 5:06 AM

    To Cynthia, correct: The most prevalent is the voter registration by which citizens of the forum give power of attorney to liars. A registered voter is subject to every regulation passed by his/her representative, regardless of how tyrannical or insane.

  7. Anthony Clifton

    October 7, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    de facto …

    registering to vote is a public declaration of non compos mentis

    not withstanding…other options

    “What kind of man does not try to make the world a better place?”

    basically the choice is what kingdom does one have in their heart

    Truth & Justice…

    or Misery & Death

  8. azgirl7

    October 9, 2013 at 2:57 AM

    I don’t know Joe. It just might be different this time. I think Alfred is on to something here. Sure, sometimes they do have those moments when they become aware of US, and at least try to act like they hear. That’s when they engineer just enough votes from the opposite side to get what THEY ALL really want, without it looking like they don’t give a damn about US, which they don’t. Since it seems as though there is a general ‘consensus’ among THEM about what’s right for US, WE then become, in their words, the conspiracy theorists, or, the terrorists. Of course that’s why we end up hating them all. THEY “get to keep” their Cadillac plan, and WE get ‘healthcare’ at the end of the barrel of an IRS gun. So much for vying for next election’s votes. No wonder they need a whole new slew of suddenly legal, ill informed voters.

    Anybody with half a brain knows that the “Affordable Care Act” will most assuredly cost America and her citizens, at the least, an early demise. Just the logistics of the current doctor/patient ratio alone, would tell you ObamaCare will be a living nightmare for all but the wealthy. Hey Barry….you broke US remember?? 80% of us can’t afford your idea of ‘affordable’. And each new disgusting item that’s revealed to be in the bill has likely surprised those who pushed it, as much as it has enraged us. Perhaps some of the DC traitors still have a shred of common sense and are a bit less concerned right now about what their money masters want, than worrying about how many bodyguards they’ll need for the rest of their days.

    Great article Alfred! I’d love nothing more than to think that America could be America again. But I don’t believe that the evil people who have brought us to this pivotal and very sad moment, will give up their control, or walk away from their plan of tyrannical rule quietly.

    • Bobby G Getahaircutnow

      October 9, 2013 at 3:33 PM

      This entire “Shut-down” is a bunch of bull. I see it as the “good cop vs bad cop” , bottom line.,.. they are still both cops! Democrats vs Repbulicans? I say Republicrats… they are still politicians and they take turns playing good politician and/or bad politician. Tonight, after the news heads are finished spuing their propaganda, the Republicrats will all have dinner and drinks together and plan for tomorrows show. When will we ever learn???

  9. Cody

    October 10, 2013 at 4:11 AM

    Hey Al,
    It looks like Obama is fighting for 78,000 subscribers for Obamascare. I found this by accident. It’s real interesting. Not even 250,000 views as of this posting. Only 78,000 “enrolled.”


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