Eric Sprott: We Won’t See An Economic Recovery

18 Nov

Eric Sprott [courtesy Google Images]

Eric Sprott
[courtesy Google Images]

Eric Sprott is a self-made billionaire and precious metals advocate.

He’s a self-described “pragmatist”. That means he doesn’t waste much time studying esoteric concepts like U3 and U6 unemployment rates, M1, M2 and M3 money supplies, the velocity of money, and any number of theories that are incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t have a PhD in economics.

Instead, being a pragmatist, Sprott deals with events in a common-sense manner. His common sense is confirmed by the fact that it laid the foundation for his billion dollar fortune.

More importantly, being a pragmatist devoted to common sense, Sprott doesn’t try to impress people with his vocabulary.  Instead he impresses with his ability to clearly communicate fundamental principles with ordinary language that most people can understand.

Here’s a video of Mr. Sprott’s presentation to the “Mines and Money” conference at Hong Kong in April, A.D. 2013. If you could grasp the fundamental principles presented by Mr. Sprott at this conference, your ability to invest and protect your wealth would be hugely enhanced.  This video is worth listening to more than once.

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14 responses to “Eric Sprott: We Won’t See An Economic Recovery

  1. Pat Fields

    November 18, 2013 at 7:34 AM

    Toward the conclusion, in answering a question, Mr. Sprott said “Central Banks encourage leverage.” Delving deeper, it’s abundantly evident that central banks are ENTIRELY leverage by the act of making their banknote scheme globally ubiquitous.

    Banknotes are loaned into existence in principal amount … at interest. Given that all currency is thus loaned principal, the SOLE means to raise interest servicing funds is to ALSO borrow that currency into existence … in principal amount … at interest.

    It’s apparent that since this is a scheme whereby currency incurs interest, compelling currency inflation, vice versa, ad infinitum … the original concept was to ameliorate that automated inflation by strict control of current interest rates, so as to keep the inflation within the vagaries of economic expansion and contraction.

    What seems not to have been anticipated, was that the CUMULATIVE interest amount would overwhelm the ‘control lever’ … what Mr. Sprott alluded to, speaking of productive capacity becoming overtaken by debt service. That’s what’s happened and NO ONE is even capable of any semblance of ‘control’ at this point … not politicians, or bankers, or industrial titans. Societies globally have reached a condition of resolute Debt Saturation causing the interest service currency creation to have ceased. A ‘domino line’ of defaults is certain to follow. The banknote scheme is at a point of intractable systemic self-destruction.

    To answer that question (which Mr. Sprott didn’t definitively answer), he will not be ‘selling’ his gold and silver … he and his companion ‘investors’ will rather be directly spending it at significantly higher trading valuation than at present.

    The financial devastation to follow this collapse need not be so grave as to cause widespread impoverishment, if the real identifiable residual physical translation of the banknotes were switched to. There IS plenty of metal to accomplish this and as a result, all wages, prices and accounts could remain almost invisibly unchanged, while simultaneously allowing MUCH of the debt to be extinguished in a reasonable period of time.

    • palani

      November 18, 2013 at 10:21 AM

      ‘Economy’ is an entirely government owned construct. When discussing ‘economy’ they appear to be referring to the health of the commercial plane. You (or I for that matter) don’t really need to participate in commercial activities and if we don’t we care little for the conduct or rewards of those who actually do participate. There is quite a bit of baggage to overcome in the form of programming though before anyone can dump the commercial plane. Fiat money is OPM (other peoples money) and is as addictive as opium.

    • Mladen (aka Mark)

      November 18, 2013 at 7:21 PM

      Pat, I have no idea what you men in your second-last sentence where you say, “The financial devastation to follow this collapse need not be so grave as to cause widespread impoverishment, if the real identifiable residual physical translation of the banknotes were switched to.” What does that actually mean?

      In my past life of fiction I had spent 22 years “Acting” as a Financial Adviser and I met Eric Sprott used some of his investment products for some of my “Accreditted Investor” clients. If you go to Sprott’s website [ ] it would appear that Eric Sprott has somewhat lost his ‘Midas touch” over the past 3 years and in some of his investments you would have actually lost over 70% of your investment. After such a loss you would need to have Eric Sprott more than triple your money (i.e. + 300%) just to get back to square one. But, I digress. Please forgive me. I am not trying to demean the man and I am just noting the facts and reality of the situation.

      I agree with the key statements made by Eric Sprott at the April 2013 “Mines and Money” conference in Hong Kong. Around 16:37 of the presentation Sprott states that he believes that we will not see any kind of global economic recovery whatsoever. Does that make him a pessimist or a realist? Time will tell.

      I do not share Eric Sprott’s belief in gold or silver or any other commodity because they are simply different things other than counterfeit fiat money that different people put their false sense of security in. It is all artificial and it will all collapse. Everything is only worth whatever the next sucker is willing to pay for it. In a true emergency and in a true depression people will not be able to eat their gold, silver, palladium, copper, zinc, titanium or any other commodity. All of the world’s counterfeit paper money will once again be lying in the street just as it did during in World World II in Germany and just as it did in Argentina’s and many other countries who experienced hyper-inflation and loss of confidence in their un-backed pretend currencies, which was printed out of thin air and backed by absolutely nothing. Eric Sprott even mentions at 22 minutes into his presentation that the banks and governments of the world who lease their gold and show it as an asset on the balance sheets do not even have the gold that they are leasing out because Sprott says that “The Gold is just not there!”

      As far as gold goes, and despite the poor source from which I drew this information, which you should read first here, , I believe that the article about the history of gold at this site is largely correct, , I agree with the statement about gold on this website that says, “No other medium has caused so much suffering, so much war or grief.”

      Further on in this article about gold is states, “In the past 300 years, those that control the vast majority of gold have undertaken two specific campaigns — to remove private citizen ownership of gold and to remove public gold reserves as competition. Gold is then withdrawn after an appropriate time, replaced by liens, and paper based underwriting to paper based currency. As debt has become unmanageable, gold is then returned under a different guise, using the poor intellectual and “truth and enlightenment class to promote its validity. ….. the truth movement of today is completely and utterly entranced, ignorant and spellbound as it was every other time since the days of the Roman Emprie and Julius Caesar — hence the curse power of gold.”

      It is very sad that most of the secular world has made gold its god and they have rejected the true living God. But, that’s OK. God is so patient that God even lets the pagan unbelievers have their own government over all the other pagan unbelievers. In the end, James 5 of the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible tells beleivers that in the end the rich will have their gold cankered and moth-eaten due to a supernatural Act of God that will rust their gold like Swiss chees and in the event all of the wealthy who have not paid the hired hand will also end up with nothing. Essentially, what God is saying to the rich through James 5 is ‘Thanks for playing; but you lose you wealthy ones who tried to accumulate wealth in man’s world of fiction (lies).’ Man’s world is all a game and perhaps we should consider not playing the game anymore because the game is rigged and we already know who wins and who loses. Don’t let me get in the way of anybody’s lack of success.

      As Shakespeare said, the world is a stage. The script is already written and we are just playing out the last scene and the play ends rather badly. That’s my two cents of counterfeit currency. Thanks for reading. —– Mladen

      • Adask

        November 19, 2013 at 2:46 AM

        I advocate owning gold. I don’t advocate worshiping gold. I don’t advocate owning gold as a guarantee that you’ll live happily ever after. My support for gold ownership is less based on the “intrinsic” value of gold than on the complete lack of value in paper debt instruments like stocks, bonds, 401(k)s, pension plans, etc..

        We live in an age where there are more debts than can ever be paid. As a result, the majority (I’d guesstimate 80 to 90%) of those debts will not be paid. If that guesstimate is correct, those who store their wealth in the form of paper debt instruments are going to lose 80 to 90% of their assets. Therefore, I advocate owning gold–not because gold is of such enormous intrinsic value, but because it is one of the best alternatives to paper.

        There are verses in the Bible that say the day will come when we throw our gold out into the streets as trash. I don’t doubt that day will come. But before we get to the point where we junk our gold in anticipation of facing the Christ, we will have first burned all of our paper debt instruments as fuel to warm our homes or cook our dinners.

        Just as the Bible warns that at some final day, we will junk our gold, the Bible also warns that right now we should place our faith in no man. Trust in man fails now. Trust in gold fails later. Every paper debt instrument is an expression of trust in man. Insofar as we currently trust in man’s paper promises to pay, we are currently ignoring the Bible’s warnings against placing trust in any man.

        The paper promises to pay will fail long before the gold fails. The gold will only fail at the Messiah’s return. Therefore, gold may be your best financial investment in this life. But gold does not deserve to be loved or worshiped as a substitute for God or the Messiah. It’s just a tool. When we finally reach the point where we’re willing to junk our gold, no other tool will work and all other tools will have already failed.

        How else could it be? Will any of us be allowed to take our gold with us when we face judgment?

        Gold isn’t perfect. It’s not substitute for faith in God and the Christ. It’s not even a viable alternative to faith in God and the Christ. Compared to faith in God and the Christ, gold is insignificant. But gold is simply and enormously superior to paper.

        Therefore, abandon paper promises and get gold for the same reason that you would abandon rotten food and instead eat food that’s fresh and unspoiled. Good food won’t earn your salvation. Neither will gold. But good food can help you live another day. So can gold.

      • Pat Fields

        November 19, 2013 at 4:46 AM

        “gold or silver … are simply different things other than counterfeit fiat money that different people put their false sense of security in. It is all artificial and it will all collapse.”

        I’m sorry to have to say, Mark (and sincerely mean no depredation by it), but you don’t demonstrate the faintest notion of what money is or why it exists, so it’s no surprise you find the sentence in question beyond your scope.

        Money achieves a ‘market worth’ through naturally occurring supply-demand parameters, whereby those same parameters surrounding other goods, can be equated on a very real and tangible ground for negotiation. In this relationship, money and other goods at market compete rather through rationality, than decree. I’ll grant that … numerated … coin is ‘fiat’, so much so as Plantation Scrip, but not coin (or even bulk metal) of specific weight and fineness alone … because those qualities preserve rational basis for level negotiation.

        Yes, it’s true that any … thing of natural market worth … can be money, but rationality imbues the classical metals with almost ‘divine providence’ for the role, as their ratios of existence in nature suit them almost perfectly to all the various utilities to which money is put; from simple transaction to conveyance of incontestable Title, to provision for feeble years. Those metals are quite unique in that regard!

        To ‘worship the golden calf’ is a blasphemy, because, like choosing a King’s Rule over God’s Nature, it is to make an idol, of it. This elevates an elite of its owners above humanity, which defies God’s Love for … all. On the other hand, use of poly-metalism (whether simplified or more complex) enables each strata of society independence from irresistible imposition by other sectors and ready mobility through those levels. Any ‘poor’ man can thus rise to the heights of his good works and aspirations. And, if he fall … rise yet again … all on his own.

        The mysterious sentence means that … the American banknote started with a physical expression of 100 copper ‘cent’ pieces. It’s since depreciated 98% from that purchase power. Thus, the Note is physically equated with about 6.5 grams of copper. If ‘God’s Natural Order’ of Rationality is to be resurrected, all the banknotes can be replaced with such coins, and wages, prices, accounts will simply be restated in ‘Coppers’. Quickly thereafter, a copper-silver ratio will reassert itself on the natural basis (even now, as in Pharonic times, the present ratio hovers around 100:1 Troy-weight), with the silver-gold ratio (violently) struggling back to their proper alignment at length

      • Pat Fields

        November 19, 2013 at 6:03 AM

        “We live in an age where there are more debts than can ever be paid. As a result, the majority (I’d guesstimate 80 to 90%) of those debts will not be paid.”

        Al, I really disagree with that supposition. The appearance of debt being ‘un-payable’ is purely a numerical illusion supporting HUGELY irrational pricing of goods at market. As I’d pointed out to Mark, the American banknote has a REAL physical equivalence with about 6.5 grams of copper, presently. If you do the division into above-ground and annual recovery of copper, debts are not only payable, but are so in our lifetimes.

        What’s preventing our ‘getting on with it’, is that banknotes exist with interest cost accruing on themselves! The banknote scheme automatically co-generates currency inflation and debt … each by the other. This is an exponential series or Positive Feedback Loop, where each reverberation of impetus intensifies its effect. Put very simply … the bigger it gets … the bigger it gets.

        Thus, the debt side of the equation eventually surpasses the productive capacity of all economies in toto and ‘Debt Saturation’ ensues which freezes the creation of debt-servicing-currency creation.

        Reversion back to natural money … stops … this interest incurrance, leaving production profits to amortize all non currency imposed debt service. From that point on, debt’s natural limit will again revolve around tonnage of metals recovery, with the rate of interest again ascertained by borrowing demand within the larger environment of economic expansion or contraction. In a word … rational.

        In my years of studying monetary structure, I have to say there’s an almost mystical attribute to the poly-metallic scheme. For instance, the world’s population divided by the amount of silver mined equates to 7.5 Troy ounces per human … approximating the days in the week. The natural 10:1 silver-gold ratio equates with two ‘work-weeks’ of Labor.

        At America’s inception, the average day’s wage was an ounce of silver, yielding about two day’s average respectable sustenance (5 shillings or 1.25 dollars). Because the average growth of human population very slightly exceeds average metals recovery (resulting in what I’ve come to call the Population Demand Factor), anyone meticulously frugal throughout their ‘working years’ could comfortably provision funds for life’s ‘winter season’ in their accustomed fashion, from butler-maid to those of great success.

        I say the ‘great enemy’ is not money, but avaricious politicians, bankers and monopoly industrialists. If we take care to keep our savings from their thieving greedy hands and rather make our expense strictly to our younger fellows in THEIR saving years, we can ‘starve the beast to death’ and preserve civility.

      • Pat Fields

        November 20, 2013 at 12:51 PM

        So, Mark (in all due respect), do you fancy yourself a ‘Pope’, ‘Cardinal’, or ‘Bishop’?

        I’ll decide how to live my life as ‘a good Christian’, thank you. If that means litigating against government usurpation on the principal of ‘loving my neighbor as myself’ then that’s what I’m going to do. In all due respect, Mark.

  2. Anthony Clifton

    November 18, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    I like Willie Nelsons comment about Lance Armstrong using drugs…

    apparently at one time someone once said in plain language that even the most simple minded

    could wrap their mind around…

    where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    H/T Kenny

  3. Mladen (aka Mark)

    November 19, 2013 at 1:48 PM

    I want to thank both Pat Fields and Alfred Adask for explaining their point of view and I respect both opinions and it allows me to better understand your beliefs and why you say what you say.

    I am especially encouraged to know that Alfred Adask has a Christian Bibilical perspective on things. And, we are all doing our best with what we know and what we believe “In this life” as Alfred says. Whether people put their faith in man and man’s artificial government, or whether people put their faith in God and his real government, either way it is based on faith.

    Just so that you know, Pat, I did attend the University of Waterloo and earned a BA majoring in Economics, with a minor in Accounting. But, I no longer believe in any of the malarkey that I was indoctrinated with at university by secular theorists using disproven theory after disproven theory. I’ve heard enough “Marginal” this and “Marginal” that that it’s coming out my gazoo.

    When a lawyer tells me that nobody owns anything I believe him and due to my own independent research I know exactly why nobody owns anything. And, when a hedge fund manager admits to me that it is all gambling and fraud I believe him and I have researched to understand the fraud.

    The fraud begins on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE because that is what creates the ANIMAL that Alfred Adask talks about. That is the false offer and the lie from the father of the lie. That is the civilly dead instrument that allows the living to imitate and energize the dead. And, that is the dead that the synagogue of Satan’s courts are “Summoning”. The courts just do not know what “Ignoramus” will show up to imitate the dead. Whoever shows up is simply guilty by appearance. It is not what goes into our mouths that hurts us, it is what comes out of our own mouths that dams us. To be clear, the ignorant dam themselves.

    • Pat Fields

      November 19, 2013 at 2:16 PM

      “The fraud begins on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE”

      Mark, that’s exactly correct. A fraud by meticulous obfuscation of material fact necessary to arrive at a knowledgeable and reasoned decision, liable to judicial compulsion of performance. Because of such demonstrable fraud, any claims made under those instruments are null and void, ab initio.

      Down the entire list of documents and instruments, unless full disclosure of all facts affecting rights and civil standing of Person are made known, they are all fraudulent and defeasible At Law. The ‘trick’ is to personally litigate and maintain Process according to Common Law, preventing slippery magistrates from slyly shifting one’s case into Civil or Admiralty Process.

  4. Mladen (aka Mark)

    November 19, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    Pat, there are actually two ways to go and the secular court system is just one of those two ways. Also, the problem with the secular court route is that 99.9% of the ordinary people have no idea of what to say and what Rules of Civil procedure to follow because the fact is that they do not know the millions of rules that they are presumed to know as experts in law whenever they consent to being members of “Civil” society or “Citizens” of it. I have found that even most lawyers do not have a clue as to what is really going on in civil courts and civil society. But, that is no surprise because the few guys at the top running their clever deception on the rest of their fellow mankind do not tell the judges and lawyers and police officers how their piece of the fraud fits into the overall fraud and so nobody really knows anything about anything and that’s how the controllers continue to perpetrate the fraud. Very few people have woken up to the reality and the truth is far stranger than fiction.

    The other alternative is to not to participate in the problem and not to be a member of civil society and not to be a secular citizen and to seek first the Kingdom of God. Based on my research, I believe that there is a remedy “In this life” as Alfred Adask has termed it. We explain this on our ChristianRemedyInLaw channel on YouTube and we will be implementing the remedy ourselves in the very near future. The most recent five videos (#61 in 3 parts & #62 in 2 parts) totalling only about one hour explain this remedy. We will be recording some short new and more simple and more blunt explanations over the coming week and I’ll post them to our YouTube channel once I have time to insert clarification and sources for any statements in our videos. Our most common source is the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible.

    • Pat Fields

      November 20, 2013 at 4:11 AM

      “99.9% of the ordinary people have no idea of what to say and what Rules of Civil procedure to follow”

      ‘Civil Procedure’ is internal to the agency of government. From my perspective, folks are better off to challenge the presumption that they ARE any ‘part of the government apparatus’ when ‘accused’, by filing Counter Complaint in Common Law Process and prosecute the matter accordingly.

      “The other alternative is to not to participate in the problem and not to be a member of civil society”

      God commands we ‘love our neighbor as our selves’, so to shirk the struggle against evil by withdrawal from society while one’s neighbor is plundered and incessantly vexed, is to disobey His Word.

  5. Mladen (aka Mark)

    November 20, 2013 at 11:12 AM

    In all due respect, Pat, did we read the same Bible. The consistent message from the Holy Bible is for God’s children to be separate from gentile (pagan, heathen) unbeliever secular society. I provide just two of many scriptures that advocate God’s children to be separate:

    James 4:4 [King James Version]
    Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

    Revelation 18:4 [King James Version]
    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    To ‘Be ye separate’ is the most consistent message of the Holy Bible. Christ Jesus said that His kingdom (the Kingdom of Heaven) is NO PART of this world. No part means no part.

    In all due respect, if our fellow neighbour is, as you say, “Plundered and incessantly vexed” by secular society or secular government it is only because our fellow neighbour applied, volunteered and continues to consented to be part of the fraud of implied or expressed social contracts that are fraud, that are voidable, and he/she has simply chosen to not void fraudulent voidable contracts due to either his/her ignorance (lack of knowledge) or apathy or lack of true faith in God. It is all about faith, either in God or man (also including man’s government), and every individual has a free will choice to do or not do something that either leaves him in the worldly system of things or gets him/her out of it. Hence, Revelation 18:4 and God’s admonition to come out of the worldly system of things. God has so much patience that he even allow the unbelievers to have governments for other unbelievers. But, staying in the membership of unbelievers is not God’s will for His children.

    In all due respect Pat, I disagree with your opinion. A true Christian would set a good example by not being part of the secular worldly system of things despite how difficult his/her life may be out of the worldly system of things. In the Old Testament a true Christian would not live in Sodom and Gomorrah and this is no different today. And, if an individual applies, volunteers or consents to be a member of any secular nation, which is to say they have chosen to be an enemy of God according to James 4:4 (KJV), they are also breaking every single one of the Ten Commandments of God. Do you not see the hypocrisy of calling oneself a secular citizen or civilian while trying to play both sides of the opposite coin?

    If you were right, Pat, then you would be claiming that God allows rape, theft, murder, homosexuality, idol worship, adultery, etc., and that is just plain wrong. That’s man’s world where anything and everything goes. That is definitely not God’s Kingdom of Heaven which is to come to earth only after the return of Christ. In the meantime, we can choose to be separate and there is nothing that anybody can do to force us to believe in lies and fraud. It is a personal choice.

  6. Mladen (aka Mark)

    November 20, 2013 at 2:40 PM

    This is my response to Pat Fields’ post from November 20, 2013 at 12:51 PM in which he asks:
    “So, Mark (in all due respect), do you fancy yourself a ‘Pope’, ‘Cardinal’, or ‘Bishop’?”

    Pat, I am NOT a “Pope”. I am NOT a “Cardinal”. I am NOT a “Bishop”. I am not any secular false-Christian title of false-nobility.

    If you read the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible scripture at Job 32:21-22 it says:

    Job 32:21-22 [King James Version]
    21 Let me not, I pray you, accept any man’s person, neither let me give flattering titles unto man.
    22 For I know not to give flattering titles; in so doing my maker would soon take me away.

    If we consult STRONG’S CONCORDANCE for the law of language to define the original Greek word in this scripture for the word “Title”, STRONG’S clearly defines “Title” as SURNAME! Therefore, if we replace the word surname for title then Job 32:21-22 reads like this:
    “21 Let me not, I pray you, accept any man’s person, neither let me give flattering SURNAMES unto man.
    22 For I know not to give flattering SURNAMES; in so doing my maker would soon take me away.

    In other scriptures we are told that a God is NOT a respecter of “Man’s person” (see Galatians 2:6 for an example).

    My research has led me to the FACT that there are two opposite names in what makes up the combined (merged & confused) “Legal Name”, which is mask, or “Persona”, for an artificial “Person”. This “Legal Name” for the artificial “Legal Person” is birthed by an instrument known as the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, but this does NOT register a real man and it only represents the artificial “Legal Name” of the artificial “Legal Person”. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE identifies a “Thing” that is civilly dead from the beginning. I have several letters from the Province of Ontario and one from the Province of Alberta, both part of Canada, in which their Registrar General and their Executive Director plainly state that they “DO NOT REGISTER PEOPLE” and that the BIRTH CERTIFICATE “DOES NOT IDENTIFY A LIVING INDIVIDUAL.” Those are their words, not mine.

    Therefore, if any individual is ignorant, which simply means that they lack knowledge of the facts, they are also an “IGNORAMUS”, which” BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY (5th edition) defines as:
    “IGNORAMUS. Lat. “We are ignorant;” “We ignore it.” Formerly the grand jury wrote this …..”

    In case I was not clear up, the bottom line is that the “Legal Name” for the dead artificial “Legal Person” consists of two opposite names, and these two opposite names should never have been placed together in the first place because to do so invalidates a fundamental inalienable right! This is how the colour of law creates an animal, which has the colour, or “Hue” of a man, but it is NOT a man, and we call this artificial animal a “Hu-man” [it has the colour of a man, but this artificial “It” is NOT a man].

    Now, please pay attention to the following important FACT. I have a court transcript in which the JP says, “There is no provision in the Canadian legal system which allows an individual to transfer his given names to anyone, whether to a person, a corporation or a trust. Any document purporting to achieve that goal is in and of itself invalid, and having such a document notarized does not validate the document.” What the JP was referring to in the case is the long form STATEMENT OF BIRTH and the short form (wallet-sized) BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Again, to be perfectly clear, the JP was stating that both the STATEMENT OF BIRTH and the BIRTH CERTIFICATE had no right to transfer the “Given” [FACT] name(s) (which is the INALIENABLE God-given Christian name) to anyone, whether to a person, corporation or a trust. I believe this applies worldwide. Therefore, what the JP was disclosing unintentionally is that the “Given” [FACT] Christian name cannot be transferred (conveyed) to anyone, whether to a person, corporation or a trust. Why is this the case? Because the “Given” [FACT] Christian name is your one-and-only property and it is also the copyright and/or intellectual property of both you and God! Among other things (like being a history book, a book of hygiene and guide to good food), the Holy Bible is a law book.

    What does all this mean? That means that the artificial man-made Constitutions (made up, pretend, artificial, not real, imagined nations, or imaginations) have NO JURISDICTION over the “Given” [FACT] Christian name! Therefore, they need you to apply, volunteer and consent to use [rent/lease via licences] their artificial dead “Legal Name” for their artificial dead “Legal Person” in order for them (artificial legal fiction [lie] government, whatever form, Federal, Provincial/Sate of Caesar/man-god government) to have jurisdiction over you because you are using their copyright and/or intellectual property. However, to create their alleged property they trespassed and used the “Given” [FACT] Christian name that they had NO JURISDICTION over. This is an implied or expressed secular social contract that is voidable; but it is not void until you take action to elect to void it.

    In creating the FRAUD instrument known as the BIRTH CERTIFICATE for their civilly dead artificial “Legal Person” they committed the tort (damage) of copyright infringement and they used the intellectual property that only belongs to you and God. Also, since the substitute death and blood of Christ Jesus already provided a remedy or pardon for all that accept it, and they already killed Christ Jesus, to kill a Christian again would be double jeopardy and against their own law. Therefore, they broke their own secular law by creating a civilly dead estate and dead entity via the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and they symbolically killed every child on paper, just like they killed Christ Jesus for real. Can you see the parallels? This is no accident. This is not random chance. This is intentional FRAUD.

    Because you did not know that this happened you failed to object, and failure to object is fatal! Just because you did not know this is no excuse since you used their “Law” name, or their artificial “Legal” name, and ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you become their “Joint Tenant” by applying, volunteering and consenting to comingle your God-given inalienable Christian name with the unnecessary addition of their anti-Christian, overhead, accusation, insult, debtor surname, then you have ignorantly extinguished your God-given inalienable rights until such time as you take action to void the voidable contract. Remember, ignorance of the FACTS is an excuse and it provides for an equitable (fair) remedy.

    If you change your God you change your law. If your God is the true God then your law is the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible and God’s Ten Commandments. Under God’s law there is grace, forgiveness and pardon.

    However, if you want to stay ignorant and act like an ignoramus then you are free to be a voluntary slave by applying, volunteering and consenting to be a secular citizen (aka secular civilian) of one of 196 pagan unbeliever nations and you are free to worship their god of mammon (money, profit, gain) [see Matthew 6:24].

    As sad as it is to say, if you believe in the lie of Satan the devil you can try to be your own god by joining a pagan unbeliever nation to call yourself a Canadian, American, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian or any of the other dis-united nations of man’s pagan unbeliever world and you can worship their pagan flags, their pagan worthless counterfeit currencies, and you can be an adulterer and make idolatrous images of yourself on Driver’s Licences and Passports to ID yourself and an idolater of their pagan idea of being your own god. Also, if you are a secular citizen or civilian you are also breaking every single one of God’s Ten Commandments.

    Again, if you wish not to be part of the collective and if you wish to get out of the FRAUD of the pagan unbelievers, you must take action to void a voidable contract. You never owned the surname and all you can do with property that does not belong to you is to abandon it. However, the key is that their system of fiction (lies) and FRAUD never had any right or jurisdiction over your property either, and you must void the voidable contract and demand that they remove your God-given [FACT] Christian name from all of their records from the beginning (ab initio) —– going back to the origin of the FRAUD, which is the fraudulent STATEMENT OF BIRTH and the fraudulent BIRTH CERTIFICATE. It’s all FRAUD. And, the fraud is in the “Legal Name”!

    You unwittingly and ignorantly extinguished your inalienable God-given Christian rights and squandered your inheritance when you ignorantly applied, volunteered and consented to join pagan unbeliever secular society for meagre less rights and meagre lesser privileges under the ANIMAL creature known as the “Legal Name” for the “Legal Person”, which is artificial (not real) and civilly dead! Neither animals nor the dead can inherit anything. It’s the same as the ridiculous 500-year-old Vatican’s “Doctrine of Discovery” that allowed false-Christians to slaughter the original or native peoples of Africa, Asia, and North and South America because if they were labelled not to be Christians they were considered to be pagans or animals and they were allowed to be killed because animals were not Christians and animals were not created in the image of God.

    Well, guess what. Satan is a crafty deceiver and he influences the whole pagan secular world and through it’s mechanisms they have facilitated a worldwide FRAUD via the un-united nations (UN) and the VITAL STATISTICS ACT and they birthed an artificial, dead, ANIMAL through their BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Did you use their property to identify yourself as an animal? Are you carrying your derivative animal identification in your wallet in the form of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, or CITIZENSHIP CERTIFICATE, or Driver’s Licence, or Passport, or any other derivative instrument from the original FRAUD, being the fraudulent BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

    You must separate yourself from pagan unbelievers if you want to re-instate your God-given inalienable Christian rights. You must void the voidable contract and remove your God-given Christian name from their pagan world of legal fiction (lies), fraud and unbelief.

    Or, you can do nothing and remain part of the problem and bitch and complain within a system that you applied, you volunteered, and you consented to be part of and don’t blame anybody else for your decision.

    God is truly patient and gracious because the United States of America and Canada and all of the other pagan dis-united nations of man’s world are merely a system of de facto fiction (lie) sovereignty for fiction (lie) people who do not believe in God and who have no covenant with God because they have betrayed God and they have their own pagan government for their own pagan unbelievers. This is absolutely wrong and there is no way to rationalize anything wrong.

    Murder, theft, rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, and such obvious other things that are absolutely wrong cannot be rationalized to be right in any way whatsoever in God’s world. Of course, in man’s world of pagan unbelievers anything goes and you can chose to live under the Canadian or US government or any other pagan nation is you want to chose to lie, steal, rape, murder, and put your weenie in the bum of another man in opposition to God’s law. You certainly do have free will and God allows you to chose to be a pagan unbeliever if you so chose to be part of secular pagan society and their government and their fictional nations.

    Just please, please do not try to rationalize or justify any pagan unbeliever nation and mix it with God. The preamble to the artificial man-made Constitution of Canada recognizes the Supremacy of God —- they just choose to ignore it and instead they follow man-made “Rule of Law”. Similarly, the United Sates of America was NEVER a Christian nation and your foreign-born Muslim President Obama is on record as saying that the USA is NOT a Christian nation now, as it was not from the start.

    Why must man complicate things so much. God’s will was never for man to create any imaginations. God created everything. Everything is already here and the only thing that man ever does is to rearrange what is already here. The only thing that man ever created is the concept of debt. Isn’t it ironic that the whole world is bankrupt? Isn’t it ironic that all forms of money are debt? And, isn’t it ironic that you cannot purchase or pay for anything with debt? After, all, did God not say that the land shall NEVER be sold forever? But nooooo. Man wants to be his own god. Man wants to be an owner. Well, isn’t that just nice? No it is not.

    And, God gave man free will to choose between good and evil. It is so easy to do what is evil. It is difficult to overcome evil and to choose and do good instead. When Eve did the one thing that God forbid, which was to take the fruit (knowledge) from the only forbidden tree of knowledge of both good and evil, because Adam and Eve believed Satan instead of believing in God, man entered his journey of discovery to find out if man could govern better than God. We failed.

    We truly are animals and if we stay under the label of an animal, which is the “Legal Name” that is birthed or created by the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, than we truly will die like a beast.


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